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  1. Kaladin isn't meant to be the focus character of Words of Radiance - that's meant to be Shallan's focus book - Way of Kings was Kaladin's focus book. The focus books are denoted by the flashbacks that characters experience - there are only Shallan flashbacks in WoR, and only Kaladin flashbacks in WoK (save Jasnah's and Szeth's POV in the prologue, which could technically be considered a flashback, since the events of that are 6 years prior to the current events). So (although I don't like it), we're getting Kaladin-focus in a book that's meant to be dedicated to Shallan's character.
  2. It's called a 'havah', and both Shallan and Jasnah wear it. Page 38 (in the paperback version), Chapter 1 "Like Shallan, Jasnah wore the havah, a Vorin dress of distinctive design. The hemline was down at her feet and the neckline almost at her chin. Some of the Thaylens - when they thought she wasn't listening - referred to the clothing as prudish. Shallan disagreed; the havah wasn't prudish, but elegant. Indeed, the silk hugged the body, particularly through the bust - and the way the sailors gawked at Jasnah indicated they didn't find the garment unflattering."
  3. "Why are you buying the book with the angry woman on the cover?" Upon buying Hero of Ages. "From now on, stop reading these weird fantasy books"
  4. Interesting theory, but they 'sent' him a spren? How would they do this? As far as we know, spren are either sent by other spren (Pattern) or decide to go on their own (Syl). I'm not sure the Truthwatchers as an order would be able to compel spren to bond other potential Truthwatchers - if Kaladin told Syl to get other honourspren into the physical world, do we have any indication she would be able to do that, let alone even have contact with other honourspren?
  5. I don't think it's necessarily that so many of us react negatively to Dalinar in his flashback, it's that we now realise just how far Dalinar has come since his youth. It's one thing being told 'you used to be a brutal warlord who killed people that disagreed with him, and now you'd rather be friends' and quite another to see a character use civilians to pressure his enemies.
  6. I think this is excellent - connects orders to actual mental issues. Highly interesting to read, but I wonder what you would say about Adolin? He's frequently the topic of debate here, and specifically what order he would be a candidate for. Here's a couple of things to consider about Adolin He's impulsive He lashes out against Dalinar in the map room in WoK, when Dalinar's sanity is under question He kills Sadeas in WoR He wants to help people around him succeed He's a soldier by circumstance He takes on multiple duels and duellists in order to advance Dalinar's cause (win Shards for me, son) He likes to remember the forgotten His mother - literally forgotten by Dalinar - through the necklace His Blade - talks to it ahead of every duel The stable boys he jokes with in WoR on the trek through the Plains Puts himself in prison for Kaladin He's very attached to his parents and family Quite close to Dalinar Allows Navani to mother him (irregular at his age) He's refined in a societal context Used to love picking out outfits for the next day Looks at men's fashion folios Hates hunting (barbaric) Dislikes menageries (considers them 'low') Loves duelling (staged combat) Makes a soldier's uniform look stylish (You could argue that's because he's handsome) These are a couple of things people point to when arguing for Adolin to join a KR order (typically either Dustbringer or Edgedancer). Could you conduct an analysis like you did for the others above for Adolin?
  7. The do have the Words of Radiance, which should yield some information about different orders - although I don't think this means that Adolin could identify his Blade or himself as Edgedancer or any other order. The first oath is commonly told to people - and I suspect that this one might be in Word of Radiance. But nobody was told any words other than the first oath - Syl prompts Kaladin several times, but she is unable to tell him the oath. The same would go for Adolin, who cannot directly communicate with his Blade. So, being close to almost every other Radiant we know of, I think it's a good guess Adolin could find out the first oath, but after that, he would be on his own. As an aside, we don't even know if Adolin wants to revive his Blade, or if he knows that it's possible. He questions what his role might become at the end of WoR, but so far as I can see, there is no indication that Adolin wishes he were a Radiant. If he wanted to become a Radiant, I don't think he would know where to start - the other Radiants had a spren following them, Adolin doesn't know enough about the Nahel bond to even know where to start with reviving his Blade. All of that leads me to believe that, if Adolin revives his Blade, he'll either do it almost on accident or in any case not with deliberate intent of reviving his Blade, or that he'll be instructed to revive his Blade because of some need. Unless the Words of Radiance book has a useful checklist of things to do a la: 'Here's what to do if you accidentally killed your Blade', I don't see how any other Radiant we know could help Adolin either.
  8. This is getting tastier and tastier
  9. I agree that, due to the importance of Stormlight Archive in the Cosmere (and since there's actually a fair bit of Cosmere knowledge we have from SA), this would be the biggest sacrifice - which is why I would only support taking out the Cosmere in a live-action adaptation. If we get a Mistborn, Warbreaker and Elantris adaptation, too, then including the Cosmere would be absolutely fantastic - I relish every easter egg I find in cinema/TV. And since this is Fantasy Casting, I will concede that speaking about a realistic case isn't entirely appropriate. However, in a hypothetical live-action Stormlight Archive TV show, I think it must be expected that many scenes that add worldbuilding and detail would go.
  10. Well I'm sorry if I've given offense, but I am not a fan of the anime genre. And I seriously doubt that we need the Cosmere in a Stormlight Archive adaptation - unless other Cosmere works are also being adapted, with the same level of detail. So, unless we also get a Mistborn, Warbreaker or Elantris adaptation, I think anything that is in Stormlight Archive and relates directly to the Cosmere could go. In addition, what is Ashir and Geranid's viewpoint adding to the main plot? From what I can remember off the top of my head, what we learn in that interlude is that you can measure flamespren - when is that relevant? When is Axies relevant? Shallan hears about the spren forming a giant gust of water, but does that ever become important to what she does? Ishikk is the same - we learn about the Purelake, but the only other time we hear about the Purelake is when Dalinar thinks to himself that he's been there in the past. Unless these interludes specifically become relevant in future books, I don't see why, in a non-anime adaptation, they would stay in - realistically speaking.
  11. So in a TV show adaptation, you would say leave the interludes in? The interlude with Lift, who probably would not become relevant for several seasons? It doesn't matter how close you want to stick to the books, some scenes will be reordered or taken out (of the first season anyway). I would put all of Kaladin's battlescenes with Amaram's army in one episode for example - any audience member (even fans of the books) would get confused otherwise. Scenes that are 'non-critical': Ashir and Geranid's viewpoint (discovering that flamespren are measurable) - they add nothing to the main plot Axies the Collector - again, adds nothing but worldbuilding, which we don't need as much, at least not in Season 1 Ishikk's scene on the Purelake - adds nothing to the main plot Anything exclusively Cosmere related would go, realistically.
  12. Small side note: Stormlight Archive is gory - it might not come through that much in the book, but when Dalinar and Adolin lose the Thrill, they're absolutely horrified by what they see. Entrails all over the place, broken bodies and smashed in skulls from where Adolin punched them (this is when Dalinar loses the Thrill). Plus, Kaladin does a lot of field medicine, so you cannot get away with a bloodless adaptation. And the bridgemen charging at the Parshendi? I think there needs to be an element of danger that firstly, animation can't really convey for me and secondly, that works better if it's realistic - I typically find a limitation of The Hobbit franchise is that the weapons are all entirely clean, even if the characters have been fighting orcs for hours.
  13. Except for Kaladin (slept on the job that one time)
  14. In the previous highstorm, Jasnah and Shallan had taken refuge in a nearby cave. I assume that's when Jasnah must have communicated with her mother. Although the chapter takes place entirely on the ship, I think the ladies would not have been on the ship for the entire day.
  15. I think Sanderson based the Herdazians on Latinos in general. For the meat, I would say go for chicken but chicken actually exists in Stormlight Archive and is apparently a bit of a delicacy, since it has to be imported from Shinovar. I always assume that a 'cheaper' alternative might be pork or beef, although in our universe, chicken is cheap, and inexpensiveness if what you might want to go for with a dish made entirely out of soulcast food. I agree lavis would be barley or in any case something corn-like (my cooking and agriculture knowledge is embarrassingly non-existent)