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  1. Ok. You now become useless. just like that nickel. and in a few years the canadian government will decide the nickel is redundant, and since you can't take the nickel out of your back pocket you will be forced to sit on a useless nickel for the rest of your life. It becomes an analogy of your life. I wish that I could time travel with unrestricted freedom.
  2. granted. but everything else hurts you. Including breathing. And existing. I wish my chemistry class would end.
  3. I don't like Odium. He scares me. gives me the willies everytime I read his part
  4. back to the original question, no I do not believe the dawnshards are Shards. They are the only other thing to have destroyed a planet or at least damaged it, but they are non sentient. The Shardcast people came up with the theory that the dawnshards are on Akinah, part of Aimiah. I happen to agree. If you wanna find out more listen to "Aimia and Akinah" shardcast episode. Goodluck
  5. Either Fleet was just used for narrative reasons or he was making reference to a wind runner and hinting at Kaladins abilities
  6. Better question would be could a Larkin take Breath from someone without them noticing. That would be interesting, cause then the Trader girl from the interludes who has a Larkin could steal people’s stormlight!
  7. Order they were published. Or accidentally read them in a random order. That’s what I did!
  8. Ok, we will see how this goes, but I saw that the Church of the Stick is a thing. But very little is done for the Matchsendi, so here is a battleground. Basically I want you to start your comment with declaring a side, then make some witty insult to the other side. Make sure to upvote your fellow Stickbinders and Matchsendi! example comment I am a Stick matches have little sticks on them. Therefore all Matchsendi are just baby sticks. Hah roasted or I am a matchsendi I eat sticks with my tongues of fire. Hah roasted (see what I did there? Fire roasts sticks! Hah I’m witty!)
  9. I liked it I will point out that we really are lacking information on a few of the radiants to really have acurracy. i got Elsecaller which is a little funny since I hate study or pursuit of knowledge. I’ve always identified close to what little we know of the Willshapers. Variety But it was really cool!!!
  10. Granted, sadly you develop an allergy to brass, and get terrible rashes when you are hot. You are forced to live in an igloo all by yourself because you become too grotesque to look at when you are too warm or too close to anything made out of brass. Really dude, just don’t ever go outside. It looks terrible. Your face gets really red and blotchy, you skin gets covered in a rash. You are constantly scratching yourself, you sneeze constantly near brass, and get a terrible rasp in your voice. Your skin tightens and you are forced to slough terribly. You make horrible hacking noises. i wish to have more Breaths than Susebron the God King (Anyone know what heightening Susebron was? 10 or 11? I can’t rememeber what it was)
  11. I don’t think RDG is anyone other than Iron Man! He did all that other stuff, but I don’t think he can “inhabit” any other role than the billionaire, playboy, philanthropist (all things Kelsier hates Btw). He seems too old, and doesn’t really feel suited to being Kelsier
  12. Honestly wish I could come. 11 hour drive is a little daunting tho
  13. Nice I missed that part Ruin said. No, Shards generally don’t use Avatars but they do. They don’t because it is their greatest weakness, it seems to leave them vulnerable. Such as Preservation finally dying when he appeared in the Physical Realm. But doesn’t Vin use one more often because she is new to the power? i strongly believe that either Kelsier has picked up a shard himself, and is just limiting himself to hide, or is strongly associated with one. Brandon’s term to allow “survive” to associate with this shard seems to great of a clue, so I will stand by Kelsier either having a shard or getting one in the near future. If he really didn’t want us to think about Kelsier, then he would have corrected Seonids terminology. btw I’ve enjoyed this discussion.
  14. The only reason he could hold Preservations Shard was because, as Leras says, he isn’t Connected enough with him. So that shouldn’t hinder him from being connected from another shard! The only reason I truly connect Kelsier and The possible survive shard is A) Survive was his fricking motto!!!! He literally says it all the time!!! And B in BoM we see what I believe is Kelsier, so this means he “re tied his string” or got a cool new power (like maybe a shard???) he then supercharges the Bracers with a whopping amount of power! Pretty good indicators he somehow came across a fair amount of power. Oh and he also says he will be back for them, indicating at least functional immortality. All of this could be wrong, of course, if it turns out the guy at the end of BoM isn’t Kelsier heck!! Kelsier is part of Era 3!!! I’m so pumped up now!!!!! My friends are gonna go crazy for that!