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  1. Her wish was to not change. She assumed that meant she would not age as a result.
  2. "Then knight will reign, for the choice of Honor is life."
  3. I can't find anywhere in the released text or WoBs that supports this claim. Instead, as suggested earlier, Sigzil talks about his Oaths ending. If there is something I missed please let me know.
  4. He has to Connect to the planet first. He is not Nightblood who absorbs investiture all willy-nilly. Nomad needs Connection to skip as well as to speak the language.
  5. 2 theories: 1. The "gun" is a laser housing. In that case the shape would allow aiming and a lens in the barrel could act as a focus. We know that Lightweavers will develop lasers and that most abilities can be copied with fabrials. 2. This some kind of rail or coil gun that launches a mechanical Division bullet.
  6. Well damn. It was a fun theory while it lasted.
  7. Do we know Dalinar is not holding a Dawnshard now? He experiences the warm glow that Rysn also describes at Urithiru when he is looking back on his childhood. In addition, something (not the Stormfather) is yelling in his head to "unite them" right before he opens the Perpendicularity. Lastly, there is a recent WoB that we have seen another Dawnshard on screen. There aren't a lot of choices for that individual, and Dalinar fits the bill.
  8. 1. It will not be Moash-it will be an infant or a small child. "Then Night shall reign for the choice of Honor is life." There is another Death Rattle about holding a knife to a small child and how all who live want to let the blade slip and with that gain us further breath to draw. 2. Remember why Kaladin is going to Shinovar: he wants to try to heal Ishar so Ishar can help Dalinar master his powers. This suggests that somehow Ishar gets back to Urithiru in less than 10 days. This is a very tight timeline!
  9. That last piece aligns nicely with that Death Rattle as well-the tower, crown and spear being Dalinar's house symbol, position, and Kaladin's preferred weapon. The "fallen title" would be champion of Honor, meant for the Son of Tanavast.
  10. I agree. I envision the Dawnsingers using the Surges directly, without needing spren mediators, or working with varying spren to accomplish a task. After Ashyn and the humans' arrival, Honor placed restrictive limits on Surgebinding, perhaps even banning it entirely. For a time, spren preferred humans because they were mentally farther from the Cognitive Realm. Singers, feeling betrayed, turned to Odium who claimed he could give them the passion and emotion spren sought in humans. As humans moved out from Shinovar, conflict between human and singer became more common. As the conflict grew into all-out war, Odium created the first Fused. In return, Honor created the Heralds and the Honorblades, allowing the Heralds to Surgebind again. The spren followed Honor's lead and bonded to humans just as Heralds did to Honor. As a result, spren became the Investiture conduit. At this point, humanity existed in a near constant state of war. The Singers felt rejected by the spren and did not even attempt bonding. This state of war finally ended with the Recreance, which destroyed the Singers' minds. As a result, bonding a spren would be near impossible. It is quite possible that bonding with a Singer was thought to be impossible to both humans and spren, and so was never attempted. Honor's death has also seemed to remove many restrictions from Surgebinding, which may also play a role.
  11. Yep, that's what we do here!
  12. There is some reason to suspect that there are or were multiple Dawnshards on Roshar. Honor tells Dalinar that "without the Dawnshards...".
  13. This is what I meant by "2-D". I guess "projection" would be a better term. I was kind of mixing up terminology. Physical is a series of spheres separated by space, Cognitive is a series of projections of spheres stitched together, and Spiritual is a point. Don't know how to describe Spiritual dimensionally, as it's not clear how time works there. Foresight suggests that time is not the same there but it is not clear if the Realm itself is outside time.
  14. Interesting side note: the WoB you cited in OP suggests that the Spiritual Realm is in fact one-dimensional. This explains the lack of location concerns and explains why instantaneous transport could happen through the Spiritual Realm. The interesting part is that the vast majority of Investiture is in the SR, a single point or singularity. The fact that Investiture can reside outside the SR suggests that something caused this concentration. Is it possible that the Shattering was a collapse? The Dawnshards used to pull all Investiture to a single point and caused Adonalsium to rupture due to this concentration?
  15. The more I think about this and listen to the discussion I am forced to wonder if Aux and Nomad at some point underwent a Realmatic exchange where Aux is a Physical being and Sig is a Cognitive being. This would explain why so much of their relationship seems to be inverted.