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  1. Shallan interacts with the Cognitive Realm, but does not go there physically when Soulcasting. This is why she could not get out at on her own. Jasnah is able to move in and out of Shadesmar physically. This is the difference.
  2. 99 days, and the Sanderstorm comes.
  3. I thought it was a fun thought experiment.
  4. Division should be capable of instigating fission by dividing uranium nuclei. Edgedancers could use their surge to be awesome chefs where nothing sticks to the pan. Progression could grow farm animals really fast. Illumination could create a mobile rock concert.
  5. I agree, when I read it the first time I dismissed it, but as I looked at the evidence and did a reread, it seemed to hold up at least so far.
  6. I think it is more likely that the Odium aligned "God spren" might be Ba-Ado-Mishram. Ba had the ability to Connect Odium to the Singers (to provide Voidlight), as well as being noted as a general. If you ascribe to the dashes to intelligence theory (the more dashes in the name, the more intelligent the Unmade), then the Dustmother is on a level with Neragoul or Ashertmarn. They would lack the complexity of a Re-Shepir or Sja-anat, or presumably Dai-Goranthis.
  7. We know that magic systems can create similar effects. We know that Scadrian FTL travel largely is based on cadmium or bendable speed bubbles. It is at least strongly suspected that Rosharans will develop FTL travel as well. Using Surges, how could Radiants manage FTL?
  8. You just invented Sel's first trash compactor!
  9. Well I'd say that about settles that.
  10. Yes, the bond to the stone.
  11. Based on his internal dialog in Oathbringer, it seems as it was psychological. However, that could be a result of his dying and being resurrected possibly breaking whatever bond existed. So I guess the answer is that we don't know.
  12. My theory: Hoid is working to aquire as many magic systems as possible. We know that he cannot attack other beings. In addition, he spends a lot of time in disguise/hiding. He also has a clear goal that he would let worlds burn to achieve. He also turned down the chance to be a Shard, so it is likely that power alone is not his motivation. If he isn't seeking power to rule, or power for power's sake, why does he want power? I think he wants power to protect something or someone. But from what? We have a WoB that someone is using Hemalurgy to try to get all the powers they can. Given that this person is literally willing to murder for powers, they are unlikely to be benevolent. I believe Hoid refused a Shard to give himself the freedom to move and counter this other individual. He has access to Fortune allowing him to know where he needs to be to "flap his wings" and change the outcome of a situation to favor his goal.
  13. Interesting WoB. I am starting to suspect that the Sibling is either malen or femalen, which would make it a Parshendi spren. We know from Syl that some of the oldest spren have four genders. Is it possible that the Sibling was hurt by whatever Melishi did to end the False Desolation, and withdrew from Urithiru following that act? Crazy tinfoil hat theory: the Sibling and Bo-Ado-Mishram are both Godspren in Parshendi non-mateform genders. This would make four Godspren to correspond with each of the four Parshendi genders. The Sibling was bonded to Melishi when he imprisoned Bo-Ado-Mishram, and he bound the Sibling to keep Bo-Ado-Mishram captive.
  14. Honestly, the discussion has to begin and end with Dalinar. He was able to bind Odium to an agreement, as well as unite three realms and form a Perpendicularity. While Nale has sworn the Fifth Ideal, even the Stormfather remarks on Dalinar's power level.
  15. I was just assuming that they were Scadrian. Obviously if they are from another world, all bets are off.