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  1. Elsecalling could possibly allow targeted nuclear strikes from the Cognitive realm, where an Elsecaller could reach out from the Cognitive realm and Soulcast a critical mass of rock into plutonium, causing a runaway reaction.
  2. I suspect there is more here. Just remember, never believe anything a Herald says. Ever.
  3. Kaladin will take up War in my opinion is foreshadowed by several things: 1. Kaladin is the "son of Tanavast" and has connected with Odium in RoW. 2. Dalinar describes him as "our best soldier", suggesting that he is good at War. 3. Kaladin is a total hard-luck case. He just realized that there are more important things for him than fighting, so becoming the embodiment of War would fit perfectly with his storyline.
  4. 1. Why are we assuming Rosharans are antagonists? I thought this was going to be more "culture clash" than "good vs. bad". 2. I think that Cultivation is foreshadowing how Dalinar can win the contest. Rayse was clear that he followed the spirit of oaths, not the letter. Taravangian is scheming to find any way he can to escape the contract he signed, or to find an alternate condition between winning and losing. What if the way Dalinar can to Bind Taravangian to Honor? Taravangian is good at passionate and scheming. He is not good at the direct, face to face conflict of War. This might set up a conflict between the Shard and its holder that could allow Taravangian to be killed, and Kaladin to take up the Shard of War.
  5. I think the gem archive proves this. Chapter 68 of Oathbringer: Chapter 70: Chapters 80-81: Given that the first two are from drawer 1, and the last 2 from drawer 30, it seems to strongly indicate that the Sibling was withdrawing prior to the capture of BAM. I am assuming that the drawers are in chronological order.
  6. I had assumed that the second advance meant it was the second land they conquered.
  7. odium

    I would counter with the epigraph from RoW, chapter 26: Harmony draws a clear distinction between what happened on Scadrial when and what happened when Odium destroyed Dominion and Devotion. Given that Harmony has the knowledge of two Shards, it seems that he sees a clear difference in the two.
  8. Important to note: the essay mentions the final shattering happened "elsewhere". I can see a scenario where Odium attacks and mortally wounds Ambition, who then flees to Mercy seeking help. Mercy decides to Shatter Ambition instead, either as a mercy due to her wound or as a mercy to the rest of the cosmere.
  9. odium

    I have to philosophically disagree with you here. If I shatter a glass, the pieces all still exist, but I would say the glass does not. While it could be put back together, it would not be the same glass; something has to fill the gaps between the pieces.
  10. I think this is the result of Nightblood killing in all 3 realms. He simultaneously destroys the Spiritual aspect and the Cognitive aspect. When the collection of atoms making up an entity no longer sees itself as that entity, and the Spiritweb is destroyed, there is nothing left to hold the atoms of that entity together. Since most entities we have seen appear to be carbon-based, the smoke released from this is black from the esoteric release of carbon. Alternately, the black smoke may be the leftovers from an entity's Spiritweb after encountering Nightblood's corrupted Investiture.
  11. odium

    What is your source for this? I always took this to mean that the Shard itself was damaged, where a chunk of power might have been ripped off.
  12. I'm going to do some wild theorizing here, so hold on: First, spren exist mostly in the Cognitive realm. When they bond a Radiant, the spren is pulled into the physical realm. This mechanism is clearly still working. Second, when a Radiant dies, the spren either returns to the Cognitive realm or bonds a new Radiant. We saw this with the one Honorspren in WoR. Third, when an oath is broken, the spren's body materializes as a Shardblade. At least part of the Cognitive aspect returns to the Cognitive realm as a deadeye. We see this with both Maya and Testament. Fourth, this separation of physical and Cognitive did not occur prior to the Recreance. The spren expected pain, but not death. Fifth, this is roughly the same time at which Cuseicash the Protector began to appear. This megaspren appears at the same time every day, and looks toward the Origin. It drains something from each person who views it. Sixth, this is similar to the Shaod, where the Elantrians were trapped midway through transformation. Seventh, this all began at approximately the same time as BAM was captured. Eighth, Honor's tone was silenced that day. Based on this, we can draw a few conclusions: 1. Whatever happened has blocked the ability of a spren to fully transition back to the Cognitive realm when oaths are broken. 2. This is related to the capture of BAM. In order to do this, Melishi had to understand BAM to a very large degree. 3. At roughly the same time, Cusiecash began appearing and displaying a series of faces. This spren faces the Origin, which is connected to the highstorms and by extension to Honor. 4. Therefore, we can conclude that the capture of BAM somehow damaged the Connection of all spren to Honor's tone. 5. My theory out of all this is as follows: Melishi swapped BAM's Connection to Odium for Honor, and used that to imprison her. When doing so, though, Melishi unknowingly damaged the conduit that Connected the spren to Honor, prohibiting their return to the Cognitive Realm. The part of the spren that was not able to return formed Cusiecash, where they display the faces of their Radiants. These spren are trying to draw out Investiture to rebuild the Connection to Honor. The Recreance occurred because this severing also removed Honor's restrictions on Surgebinding. The spren, seeing what was to come and what had happened on Ashyn, chose to break their bonds rather than allow unchecked Surgebinding.
  13. This was the WoB I was thinking of, just needed to dig it up. Pretty clear that CSs are tied to their systems.
  14. Agreed, but what about all the regular Breaths? And what about his Connection as a Cognitive Shadow?
  15. I have to disagree with this, the Investiture is connected to Endowment, and she is connected to Nalthis. I wonder, though, if with enough Breaths Vasher could Awaken a rock or other item with a Command such as "Become as Nalthis and Connect me." He could then take that object with him as his Connection