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  1. From Hoid's story, we know that the Shin came to Roshar, presumably following the destruction of Ashyn. Do we know if the Alethi and other peoples are descended from the Shin, or were they already on Roshar? The Shin physical differences suggest either a very distant past diversion or a separate migration/origin. I could not find a clear answer either in the books or the Arcanum.
  2. I think that is a very good analogy. A chemical reaction converts her food's glucose into Investiture. This also explains the more rapid spike compared to blood sugar, as Investiture does not need to be absorbed into the bloodstream but can be directly utilized.
  3. I saw an Aviar, but also a mask like Mraize's babsk wears.
  4. I agree that the color would be drained. The Investiture of an electron is a fundamental property of the electron, not related to the incidence of EM radiation. I was using photons to help establish the chain of evidence. There is no need for any object to be exposed to EM radiation at all to use it as Awakening fuel.
  5. My question is, if the pigment is drained, how does that connect to Rosharan gemstones? Gemstones do not contain pigment, but they are still changed to grey. That is one of the reasons I prefer the electron-based changes.
  6. So the first part of this question is, what is color? Color is generated when light strikes an object. The atoms of the object absorb some of that light. The frequencies reflected depend on the energy levels of the electrons. The rest of the light is reflected, and we perceive this reflected light as color. If we accept that "color" is necessary for Awakening, then Awakening must do something to change the absorbance of materials. In other words, Awakeners must somehow change the electrons of the object. We know that light can carry Investiture (see Taldain, as well as Hoid's use of Sand Mastery on other worlds like Nalthis). Since Investiture is not bouncing wildly around off every opaque surface, that Investiture must be at least partially absorbed by electrons. In our universe, electrons have three properties: mass, charge, and spin. Photons also have these same three properties. Since Cosmere photons carry Investiture, they must have a fourth property, Investiture. Therefore, all Cosmere fundamental particles should have this fourth property. How does this tie into Awakening? Awakeners need to access Investiture, and change the properties of electrons. Therefore, they must interact with the Investiture number of the electron. This number, I propose, exists in three states: 1, 1/2, and 0. 1 is a fully Invested electron, and reflects light normally. 1/2 is partially invested, and reflects light as gray due to increased light scattering. 0 is not invested at all, and reflects white due to complete reflectance. Awakening drains the Investiture from electrons in an object. Awareness below the Tenth Heightening can use Breath to change the Investiture number from 1 to 1/2, resulting in a gray object. Awareness of the Tenth Heightening can draw out all the Investiture from an object, changing the Investiture number from 1 to 0, making it white. I think this theory works to explain the "fuel" for Awakening, as well as why it is easy to use it on other worlds. Let me know what you think!
  7. I was just noticing that the number of Nalthis is 5, while Roshar is 10. Awakeners can easily utilize Stormlight, while it is much harder for an Awakener to access Investiture on Scadrial (16). I don't think this is by chance. My theory is that the number of the planet is related to the wavelength of the Investiture on that planet. A type of investiture with twice the number would have half the wavelength, therefore every other wave would coincide and there would be harmonics, allowing it to be used more easily. Note that this theory also suggests that Surgebinders could use Breath easily as well to fuel their Surges. I believe this also ties into the reason Hoid wanted the Moon Scepter. If it can act as a way to alter the wavelength of Investiture (for example by applying a magnetic field in the plane of the waves movement), then it would allow one to access many different forms of Investiture without needing harmonics.
  8. This is true, but the highstorm goes much farther inland than an uninvested storm would be capable of.
  9. There is clearly some kind of realmatic opening in a Highstorm, since both Dalinar and Kaladin saw the glowing figures walking in the highstorm. On the other hand, the screen specifically identified the perpendicularity opened by Dalinar as Honor's Perpendicularity. This would seem to rule out its location being in the highstorm. My theory is that spheres are recharged by the Investiture in the storm. Since storm systems usually run out of energy and fall apart over land, the highstorm must be fed another way. I suspect that is via investiture, rather than heat energy. This investigate is then captured by gemstones. This begs a question, though: Could you destroy a highstorm by simply putting out enough gemstones to absorb enough of its Investiture to cause it to fall apart?
  10. Where does Endowment fit into this? It seems like she has excellent short-range futuresight based on the Returned catching glimpses of the Iridescent Tones and Returning for a purpose. Her affinity for color may also provide short-term futuresight in a conflict with another Shard, since each shard has their own "color" that is characteristic to them. This would likely make it very hard to catch her in a short-term trap.
  11. I have a crazy theory: the Nightwatcher, Stormfather, and Sibling are the children of Honor and Cultivation. We know they had a relationship. The name "Sibling" suggests a family structure. Who else would be able to give "birth" to superspren?
  12. Based on the WoB quoted above, I would say that you would be tied to Sel. Brandon notes 'You would be tied to the thing you are Connected to". While there are ways to change your Connection, it seems to me that being bound to Sel is the most likely outcome.
  13. damnation autocorrect! I hadn't seen that WoB yet. I still think Awakening is the more flexible system.
  14. The Lightspeed Revelation The Long Reveal The List of Reasons Threnody's Lost Revenants
  15. Most powerful: Allowance Most practical: Feruchemy Coolest: Surgebinding Most interesting: Awakening. I picture Awakening in Warbreaker to be the equivalent of 1970s computer science. Once the Commands get figured, what might be possible? Imagine an Awakened supercomputer with the Command "Discover new Commands". This system just seems to have less limits on possibilities than any system besides AonDor.