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  1. By molecular life, do you mean bare self-replicating nucleic acids? Or are you talking about single-celled organisms? For any photosynthetic organism, a speed bubble is likely to be difficult because they will be photosynthesizing at a higher rate relative to oncoming solar energy. Effectively, sunlight could become an issue because the photons would be accelerated on reaching the edge of the speed bubble. Therefore, they will be more spread out, which means a less regular supply for plants. The other possibility is that the speed of the photons remains constant, but the reactions in the plants would be sped up. This effectively results in the same issue. If photosynthesis is constant (sunlight is still not limiting), then plants would be able to generate sugar faster, and produce more oxygen. This would result in a higher atmospheric oxygen content, altering evolutionary paths and possibly creating a more severe "snowball planet" effect as carbon dioxide is more effectively removed from the atmosphere. I also think that a planet-wide speed bubble would require a mass of Investiture that can only be achieved by mechanizing Dalinar's ability to open Perpendicularities. Tl;dr: The effects of a speed bubble on sunlight would likely warp the path of evolution, assuming you could get enough Investiture to do such a thing.
  2. When a Sleepless leaves, he really bugs out. Why can't Shallan make winter clothes? Because she's a Light weaver. Why did Dracula go to Roshar? He was looking for Night blood.
  3. We might see this in flashbacks in books 6-10
  4. theory

    I really like this theory. I think these craters were originally domes to shelter the Heralds while they shattered the Plains.
  5. Also, one of the biggest delays for the Alethi was ridging the chasms. This is irrelevant for the Parshendi because they jump the gap instead.
  6. You didn't miss a detail, I missed a key or two. I meant to type wasnt
  7. I was thinking about the effects of Ba-Ado-Mishram's imprisonment on the parshmen and realized how in some ways they are similar to the Heralds. 1. They were both Connected to a "God" The Heralds to Honor, the parsh to Odium/BAM 2. That Connection was severed. Honor died, BAM imprisoned. 3. That severing had effects on the Connected entities. The Heralds seemed to invert their personalities, the parsh lost their identity. 4. That Connection can be restored. For parsh, the Everstorm does the job. Talk and Ash were clearly Connected to Dalinar when he opens Honor's Perpendicularity. 5. Restoring the Connection seems to reverse issues. Listeners can hear Rhythms again, Taln seems sane. Conclusion: Both the Heralds' insanity and the parsh slave form are a result of severed Spiritual connection. Thoughts?
  8. Honor's death is the catalyst that allowed these things to happen. His absence may be what allowed BAM to use Voidlight and Forms of Power. He was there to counsel Melishi on the wisdom of imprisoning BAM. Perhaps Cultivation saw the path the KR were heading down and used the False Desolation as a "pruning" that allowed humanity time to grow and change before the KR returned and a new Desolation occurred.
  9. We did, but the OP was asking about using a Radiant spren to change to a new Form.
  10. I bet you could split and store sight by color groups, and taste by receptor. You could draw on taste to detect minute concentrations of things, like a shark. Imagine if you could boost your red-green color vision to detect changes in blood flow.
  11. I wonder how Ambition would pair with two shards locked into immobility. Could be fun!
  12. I'm not sure it could be stored in a zincmind, either. From the Coppermind: If we are agreeing that perfect pitch is a proceesing-related phenomena, then you would still get the note right every time, it might just take a bit longer.
  13. @Aspiring Writer I misunderstood the question. That being said, once the shard is put back together, there seems to be no reason it could not be picked up. It would be basically the same situation under which Sazed picked up Ruin and Preservation.
  14. This is an interesting question. If you got perfect pitch from the Second Heightening, then you could store the Breaths in a metal mind. But what about normal perfect pitch? Perfect pitch is not a function of the ear; people with perfect pitch do not hear differently than the rest of us. Rather, their brains process the information differently. Therefore, perfect pitch would not likely be able to be stored in a tin mind. The analogy here is muscle memory not being stored in a Coppermind. Perfect color awareness is trickier. I would argue that the answer here depends on how this awareness works. Peolpe with perfect color awareness are likely to have tetrachromacy. Research suggests that tetrachromacy would allow the eye to have a fourth absorption peak around 380nm. Given that the lens absorbs most light between 300-400 nm, it is not clear if this fourth cone is significant to perfect color awareness. In addition, it is not known if the optic nerve has capacity for a fourth pathway. If perfect color awareness is a result of eye structure, then it is likely able to be stored in a tinmind However, perfect color vision may be a result of processing in the brain, rather than a change in input.