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  1. You absolutely have my approval for this! Please go ahead! I'd be honoured
  2. Yeah, that's the basic idea! These would actually be extremely powerful medallions since the only example we've seen of telepathic communication is around third/fourth Oathed spren bonds. If you imagine two items Connected as strongly as a Radiant and their spren, you're on the right track.
  3. Hello people! Riding on the coat tails of my writing binge with Tragedy, I decided to keep up the momentum and jump straight into my next project. This is a nice short one off piece because I was tired of waiting for Brandon to write something like it. Showdown at Noon Huge thank you to @WireSegal and @ladymxdnight for their help on this!
  4. Thank you all for your kinds words! I did this! I see what you mean haha Hey, please point them out. I'm gonna upload this to AO3 soonish and if I can fix a few typos before I do that, I would really appreciate it! Yeah, you're not wrong with Oathbreaker being very cheesy. I agree. @WireSegal had the amazing idea to have Odium corrupt Oathbringer and turn that into Oathbreaker and I wish I'd done that. Amaram is a good point. My idea was that Yelig-nar had pretty much entirely consumed Amaram at that point and so there wasn't much Amaram left by that point. I didn't go back and reread the Amaram battle section and I probably should have. Glad you "enjoyed" anyway!
  5. Here's a little post-word for those interested:
  6. Chapter Six: I'm Sorry Epilogue
  7. Moved to Fanworks at the request of Firerust
  8. You can't ban him, you're the one that made the pun!
  9. I so thoroughly enjoyed this. You have an art for dialogue and character Matt. damnation you for using the "There's always another secret" line, well done. Also hot damnation this moment: You KILLED it here. Loved it.
  10. Well that's the thing, because they are able to burn the beads away immediately without any refinement implies that they are pure atium. We've never had any hints that they aren't pure atium. Again, this is why it's interesting and kind of confusing. The beads also aren't an ore, they form from Ruins investiture leaking into the pRealm via the geodes. They are more similar to clams forming a pearl than any sort of natural process of mining/refining metal.
  11. @SteveD Whilst that may seem to be the most "boring" answer, that would imply that the atium geodes (Assumedly what the atium is being "refined" from) is an alloy and that all the atium affects we've seen (From beads that grant future sight to metalminds that store youth) aren't actually atiums attributes but the attribute of the alloy that your answer implies it to be.
  12. You guys did good, I've got 'em
  13. I mentioned on this podcast that Defending Elysium was Brandon experimenting with how many sci-fi concepts he could fit into as small a package as possible. I tried to mention them all during this podcast but one that I missed (And probably the biggest one) is the story The Road Not Taken by Harry Turtledove. In this story, aliens arrive to conquer Earth only to find the Earth is far more advanced than their civilizations (The alien ships are made of wood and they are still using muskets). The reason for this is because anti-grav and FTL are actually absurdly simple technologies that the rest of the galaxy normally discover very quickly. Humanity simply missed it, hence the name of the book. The book ends with the aliens defeated and the humans reverse engineering the FTL tech. The final exchange has two aliens sat together and asking themselves "What have we done?". With what we learn from Skyward of the human empire, it seems this universe is simply a continuation of this Road Not Taken idea, with the addition of The Eyes, it seems. Hope you enjoy! EDIT: It seems I also completely fumbled the explanation of levels of intelligence/civilisation. I believe the idea is from Joe Haldemans Forever Peace, a story centred around a science experiment that could end the universe. Think the LHC-black hole controversy turned up by a million. The idea goes like this: First level: Every member of a species is able to kill one another, but choose not to. This includes communal animals and rules out things like predators that kill each other on sight due to territorial reasons and such. Serial killers generally wouldn't reach this level. Second level: Every member of a species is able to kill their immediate community, but choose not to. This is generally attained when guns are invented. Once you have automatic weapons, the ability to pick one up and kill everyone around you becomes trivial. Most people in the world have reached this level so you'd generally say we've reached this level as a species. Third level: Every member of a species is able to wipe out whole cultures/civilisations, but choose not to. This is where nuclear weapons, bioweapons, just your general WMD's come in. We, as a species, have not reached this level yet. We have a few people in on Earth with access to these weapons (And unfortunately, those willing to use them) but we aren't even close to everyone having this sort of power at their fingertips. Would you trust everyone on Earth with their own nuclear weapon? Fourth level: Every member of the species is able to wipe out every member of the species, but chooses not to. This is where the hypothetical of the book comes in. Right now, we don't even know of any sort of technology that exists that would even put us in this category. The idea being that each and every single member of the species is able to end the whole species but doesn't. But my application of this to Skyward is that this is the level where Cytonics become very common and each user risks The Eyes coming down and wiping them out, so they choose not to use them too much (Or get locked away). That's what I think they are referring to in Defending Elysium anyway. I always liked this idea and it always stuck with me. The Kardashev Scale is nice (Where civilization is judged on how much energy it is able to harness) but this scale takes into account not just technology level, but also empathy. I should really write up all the various references and ideas in Defending Elysium and where I think Brandon got them from...
  14. He was one of the original 16 Shards so he would have been aware of at least one other planet for sure and knew more were out there. Harmony doesn't know because Sazed doesn't know.
  15. Oh I didn't realise I was being propositioned for a specific guild! Maybe some other time If I was you, I'd be worried for everyones safety.