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  1. Okay, I have listened to the podcast and come to a conclusion. I hereby declare that, as I gave @Greywatch a point for getting an answer at the same time as @WeiryWriter, I shall grant @thegatorgirl00 a point as well as @Chaos for the final WTCC on the WTCCcast. As I still do not recognise @Chaos's half point as a legitimate point, this means that the final scores were Shannon: 1 Grace: 4 Eric: 5 Ian: 9 Thank you for listening to this announcement.
  2. Excellent post my dude. We've spoken on Ancient Roshar and the nature of the magics a few times and this is a great summary. The two bits I particularly like are regarding Nale never drawing on Stormlight from spheres (How have I never noticed this?). I've always strongly suspected fifth level Radiants would not leak, but being able to use Stormlight like the Fused use Voidlight would definitely be a big bonus. Second is regarding Voidbinding. It would make sense that whatever magic system was used on Ashyn, it would be related to Odium. He may not have been the original source but he may have corrupted something like he has with Roshar. I really really like the idea of "giving in" to Odium causes him to take something from you (Your guilt, your pain, your whatever) and this creates a void in you that he fills with Investiture to grant powers. I like this. It may not work like this anymore (I don't think this is what happened with Amaram) but I like it a lot.
  3. The way it's been described, Cohesion makes things soft (Put your hand in stone and make a handprint) and Tension makes things rigid (Turning cloth into a blade or a pool noodle into a deadly bludgeon). Make stairs in stone would only be using the Cohesion surge as it would be making the stone soft, reshaping it, then you would only need to stop using Cohesion for the stairs to go back to stone. You wouldn't require any Tension. I had headcanon'd it to them both being used to mold the stone from a distance (Micro tensions and softenings to cause movements, like how a worm or a snake moves) but Dragonsteel confirmed it to be a mistake so yeah, it's a mistake.
  4. I can confirm I'm not not wearing a bathrobe
  5. Some facts about Costco memberships: Some warehouses allow you to enter with guest pass to browse and not purchase. Someone can call the warehouse and verify if this is the case. Costco also allows you to get a full refund on your membership for any reason at any time. If you want to just sign up for a card beforehand then cancel it on your way out, you can do this.
  6. Hi! Good to hear you're interested in sending in a WTCC! To answer your questions, there isn't a list of already used characters. We don't mind if people send in repeat suggestions, we've had quite a few characters sent in multiple times. Most people don't send in the same clues so as long as you are creative, you should be fine. Plus, if we started limiting it to only one entry per character, that'd give the guys on the podcast an extra clue (it's a character that has not appeared in a previous WTCC ). I'm regards to a style guide, nothing solid. As long as it includes all 5 clues (you can number these if you want but if I think they might be better in a different order, I might switch them around) and who the character is (You'd be surprised at how many people send in clues and no answer). If you don't want me to read your name, put your username in the email and we'll read that instead. You can put multiple entries into one email but we recommend you send them in multiple emails. Hope this helps!
  7. I see your point, Alderant. Why don't we let the OP decide what they want their thread to be about before we jump to conclusions. For all we know, @Kadalmight be looking forward to discussing Adolin with people who don't agree with them. This is their first post after all, so they may be unaware of the history behind this discussion. I know I try to ignore it as it doesn't really interest me, I just disagreed with their application of Mary Sue phrase. So instead of turning this thread into an argument about what can and cannot be said in threads, why don't we continue discussing Adolin? If you would like to discuss this matter further, you are welcome to PM me.
  8. Most of what you said was subjective so I can't disagree with that. However, saying he's a Mary Sue because he's good at fighting is kind of not how that works. Dude was born into wealth in one of the most warlike countries on Roshar, with a Plate and Blade waiting for him. His calling is Duelling and he takes it very seriously. Him being good at fighting makes sense because it really should be the only thing he was good at. And it is. He has basically no other skills beyond fighting. He didn't know how to handle Sadeas so he did the only thing he's good at, he killed him. Dislike him for being a jock, dislike him for how Shadolin played out, dislike him for being privileged and for his personality and such. Those are fine, they are your opinions. But he is not a Mary Sue. He's pretty much only good at fighting because he's been trained to do that for the majority of his life. He's naive, ignorant of others feelings and self doubting. He has flaws, not on the level of other characters but he is far from perfect at everything.
  9. Cracks knuckles I think it's about time I immortalised this somewhere other than discord: I really love The Emperor's Soul. It's my favourite Cosmere book. It's such a matchless work of art that, when I finished it, I closed my copy and dropped it into the fireplace.
  10. @Agent34 The atium metalliser provided the ability to tap an metalmind that stored Allomantic atium (Essentially, reverse compounding). I'm glad you picked up on that Noon is basically a mixture of every fan theory and headcanon possibility I could think of.
  11. @Marzipan, I'm not planning on writing more with Noon but I quite liked the ideas here so I might return! I am planning other little projects
  12. You absolutely have my approval for this! Please go ahead! I'd be honoured
  13. Yeah, that's the basic idea! These would actually be extremely powerful medallions since the only example we've seen of telepathic communication is around third/fourth Oathed spren bonds. If you imagine two items Connected as strongly as a Radiant and their spren, you're on the right track.
  14. Hello people! Riding on the coat tails of my writing binge with Tragedy, I decided to keep up the momentum and jump straight into my next project. This is a nice short one off piece because I was tired of waiting for Brandon to write something like it. Showdown at Noon Huge thank you to @WireSegal and @ladymxdnight for their help on this!
  15. Thank you all for your kinds words! I did this! I see what you mean haha Hey, please point them out. I'm gonna upload this to AO3 soonish and if I can fix a few typos before I do that, I would really appreciate it! Yeah, you're not wrong with Oathbreaker being very cheesy. I agree. @WireSegal had the amazing idea to have Odium corrupt Oathbringer and turn that into Oathbreaker and I wish I'd done that. Amaram is a good point. My idea was that Yelig-nar had pretty much entirely consumed Amaram at that point and so there wasn't much Amaram left by that point. I didn't go back and reread the Amaram battle section and I probably should have. Glad you "enjoyed" anyway!