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  1. Welcome to the second Guess the Sanderson challenge on the channel! This time, it's Ben and L doing the guessing and the sandersoning. Let us know how you guys get on down in the comments below. We intentionally hid the books before the guesses so you guys can play along! Enjoy!
  2. Round up, round up! Come one, come all to the amazing Two-Armed Brits Chouta stand! This time, we'll be going through the lovely menu of chouta flavours that we were provided from the Way of Kings Leatherbound Kickstarter exclusive drinks coaster. We decided we could definitely give making these a go. Let us know how you think we did! Leave a comment down below on what you'd do differently!
  3. Come one, come all to our newest Overlady Reads, kind of! This time we'll be delving into one of Brandons Deleted Scenes, the Mad Prince chapters, and finding out who this mysterious and eccentric character is. What was cut? What replaced it? Were these scenes used elsewhere in the Cosmere? We answer all these questions and more! Apologies for the length of time between this video and the last, our lives have become rather busy these past few weeks and we've struggled to find time to put this together for you. Let us know what you think and we'll see you all next!
  4. Welcome to the video where my wife and I make some bad decisions! We decided it would be fun to try and recreate the Wines of Roshar based on the description Nazh gives in the books. This ended up with... mixed results. Tell us what you think of our monstrosities in the comments down below! And for those of you looking for the recipes, here they are (Spoilers for the video): Pink Rhubarb & Raspberry tonic water Orange Ginger Beer One shot of Kumquat Liqueur Yellow Two shots of Limoncillo One shot of Vanilla Vodka Lemonade for mixer Auburn A quarter glass of Chianti One cinnamon stick Two star anise Like Four balls of clove Some??? Juniper berries Nutmeg Ground ginger Orange juice for mixer Red Two shots of Red Berry vodka Two shots of Blackberry & Raspberry vodka Some Moonshine Lemonade for mixer Sapphire Rim the glass with Honey Two shots of Nut Vodka Two shots of Bombay Sapphire Two shots of plain Vodka WKD Blue Blue Two shots of Raspberry vodka Two shots of Red Berry Vodka Two shots of gin One shot of Raspberry Moonshine Blue Raspberry and lemon juice for mixer Violet Half a bottle of Palma Violet gin Two shots of plain gin A dash of lemonade
  5. Welcome everyone to our Let's Play of Call to Adventure, the Stormlight Archive edition! In this episode, we'll be playing a competitive game of Call to Adventure, the Stormlight Archive edition. Hopefully you've watched last weeks episode so you understand what's going on! If not, go watch that! Alternatively, don't watch that and just watch us play a lovely game of Call to Adventure, the Stormlight Archive edition. Enjoy!
  6. Welcome to our How to Play: Call to Adventure Stormlight Archive edition! Have you been wondering how to play Call to Adventure Stormlight Archive edition? Do you own the game but don't know how to read? Maybe you're just curious about the game and want to know how it's played before you buy! Maybe you just want to listen to me and Lucy blabber on about a board game. Whatever you are, come watch our video! Join us again next week where we'll be playing a game of Call to Adventure Brandon Sanderson the Stormlight Archive edition!
  7. I'm a huge fan of the Dustbringers and believe it's the order I would be (Despite the quiz giving me Windrunner and Lightweaver???). I hope we get more Dustbringer stuff before Ash's novel. Brandon recently said in a livestream that he's still not 100% on how they work which is super interesting to me. So here's my interpretation, not your traditional fire magic, focus on self mastery and controlled release of... Passion, for lack of a better word And yes, even though I love Dustbringers, I still use Dustbringer instead of Releaser. There were disagreements in all the Radiant orders on things and I like to think some Dustbringers liked the name/reputation they had, which is kind of what I was trying to portray with Andraya
  8. Oh yeah. Most of my fics are "Brandon said it's going to take him decades to get around to writing things so I'm going to write it for him on how I imagine it will play out". There's a lot of assumptions here about how Division works but I'm quite happy with it. She made the end of the axle slick for just a moment to help slide it in place. I tried to think of a better way of putting it but "slick" is an awkward word to use sometimes. Thanks!
  9. Hi all! I'm back at it again with a stormlight fanfic. This one isn't depressing, I promise! It's an idea I've had in my head for a while and really wanted to get down. Spoiler warning: This fic spoils some elements of Rhythm of War. It doesn't actually spoil Rhythm of War but it uses information we learn in RoW in it. Let me know what you think! Enjoy! Dustbringer Shout out to @Greywatch for betaing!
  10. Welcome to the Overlady Reads Dawnshard! In this video, we'll tackle the final book in the Cosmere so far and talk Chiri-Chiri & Rysn with a dash of Lopen. How did you guys find Dawnshard? I thought it was short, sweet, juicy and delicious. Lucy disagrees! What did you guys think? Let us know down below! This is the last video in the Overlady Reads series until Stormlight Archive 5 (Unless I can convince Lucy to read W&W4) so I hope you guys have enjoyed the ride and look forward to what we've got planned in the new year!
  11. Welcome to the Overlady Reads Rhythm of War Part Five!!!!! It's time for us to talk PART FIVE of Rhythm of War! Which means if you haven't read Part Five of Rhythm of War, you should not watch this video, begone, non-Rhythm of War Part Fivers! AWAY WITH YOU, DIVERT THY EYES Right, so, it's Part Five time. Normally I'd put like a little rundown of favourites bits or highlights of the episode in the description but this Part Five? Come on, the whole thing is my favourite bit. You know what happens, I know what happens, let's just jump straight into it. Enjoy a bit of our theorycrafting for Book Five whilst you're at it, and let me know what your favourite parts of Part Five were, as we as your top theories for Book Five!
  12. Welcome to the Overlady Reads Rhythm of War Part Four!!!! As with the other weeks, this is a spoiler warning for Rhythm of War Part Four. To click on this article is to summon spoilers unto your eyes, the likes of which have never been seen before! I bid you now, TURN BACK, TURN BACK, RETURN FROM WHENCE YOU CAME. Unless you've read Part Four, in which case that's fine. So, let's continue with Kaladin and Navani being miserable in the tower. And miserable they are, Kaladin even gets stuck on Braize for a little while! We finally return for the climax of Adolin and Shallans story, the trial to end all trials! (Just kidding, it's a sham trial that was more politics than justice). We also finally get to discover what's in Gavilars black sphere and quite literally no one could have guessed it before this book BRANDON. Let us know down below your favourite parts of Rhythm of War Part Four below!
  13. Welcome to the Overlady Reads Rhythm of War Part Three!!! As with the other weeks, this is a spoiler warning for Rhythm of War Part Three. Do not click this unless you have finished Rhythm of War Part Three, it will be spoiled for you!!! This part is pretty miserable for Kaladin and Navani. Kaladin is having to deal with being trapped in the occupied Urithiru whilst Navani is having to deal with the nefarious Raboniel. Who is great by the way, how great is Raboniel? We get some good flashbacks in this part, with a bit of drama from Venli and Eshonia. Venli's story continues as she discovers Rlain still lives and starts making her first steps down her Radiant path. Let us know down below your favourite parts of Rhythm of War Part Three below!
  14. Welcome to the Overlady Reads Rhythm of War Part Two!! So Rhythm of War is finally out for you all to read and we're back at it again with our one week, one part video series! This week, we discuss the events of Part Two and we jump STRAIGHT INTO SPOILERS so if you haven't read Rhythm of War Part Two, TURN BACK NOW Okay, now that the plebs are gone, let's get on with the show! Join us as we discuss the super happy fun times in Shadesmar and the BATTLE FOR URITHIRU. Shallan and Adolin go on a fun little adventure to find the spy in their midst whilst journeying to Lasting Integrity. We also get some nice downtime with Kaladin and friends before IT ALL GOES TO HELL AND THERE'S A HUGE BATTLE FOR THE TOWER. DAMN THIS PART HITS HARD! And, of course, you can't have a video talking about Rhythm of War Part Two without mentioning FOUR NEW SHARDS. FOUR. NEW. SHARDS. Let's just say, we take a while to actually talk about the chapters... Let us know down below your favourite parts of Rhythm of War Part Two!
  15. We knew we'd forgotten something big and turns out we were right And Lucy is not on the Shard and I don't know if she'll join any time soon. In terms of Dawnshard, I've read it but Lucy hasn't. We'll be doing an episode on it after RoW Oh god, that'd be pretty insane! I've seen Formless cause a lot of people to theorise that Shallan isn't quite what she seems