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  1. Oh I didn't realise I was being propositioned for a specific guild! Maybe some other time If I was you'd, I'd be worried for everyones safety.
  2. Glad you liked it! Alyssum helped me a lot with grammer and capitlisation (I'm really bad at remembering 's and punctuation around speech marks, they're good at them). Ladymxdnight helped with the plotting and pacing of a lot of it. For example, I originally had them appear inside the Oathgate building until Lady pointed out that the platform is a wide open space that, in Thaylen City, had been converted into a statue garden so I had to rewrite that whole section. And I've never thought about it really. This is my first time writing something this long and complex. Most of my writing projects never break 5k (Tragedy is now up to 13k).
  3. Chapter Five: Smoke and Ash Big thank you's to @Alyssum314 and @ladymxdnight for helping with this chapter!
  4. Rig McAffrey is a nod to Anne McAffrey who wrote the Dragonriders of Pern series to which this seems to have a few homages to (The caverns analogous to the Keeps, the waves of Krell from the sky are like the Thread, the characters been descendants of ships that landed on the planet, even the cytonic teleportation and the "nowhere" seem to be homages to the teleportation in the Pern books).
  5. I am in favour of referring to these books as the storm-lite archive! I will go into this in detail on next weeks Shardcast about this but I felt there were unsatisfying answers. My biggest issue was probably the explanation of Detritus. The reasoning behind the planet being how it was being "We found it that way" felt very... unSanderson. The planet basically arbitrarily existed to allow the story to happen and seemed generally unconnected to the rest of the story. It's not bad, it's just... a boring explanation. Maybe we will get more information on Detritus in the future but in Skyward, I felt the explanation was disappointing.
  6. I get what you're saying and I probably could have included a few more nicer moments to contrast the bad. I still let Renarin beat the thunderclast, I couldn't off him without at least giving him that but I will take this into account for the next couple of chapters (It looks like this will only last 2 or 3 more chapters). Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I'm not even going to hide the fact I goddamn love Taln. I would have had him singlehandedly save all of Roshar this chapter but I felt that would have gone against the spirit of this fic. I'm glad I had the desired affect!
  7. Apologies for how long this took to get out, I normally wait until I finish the chapter after the one that needs posting so that I can clear my head for when I do a revision. I've been really struggling with Chapter Five so I just never got around to posting Chapter Four. It's been done for ages. I apologise. Anyway, enjoy.... Chapter Four: Herald of War
  8. So the cats out of the bag! I mentioned in my review that I felt that some of the reveals weren't my favorite. I'd love to know what people's thoughts on the information we get regarding the following mysteries was and how people liked them, warning, this list spoils what answers we get: We're doing a podcast on skyward soon and I'll go into my specific opinions on that. More questions! Who is everyone's favourite wingmates? What do people think about Spensa as a character and the growth and changes she goes through throughout the book? Just gimme opinions in generallll!!!
  9. Skyward is out right now, on ebook platforms and physical editions! Skyward is the first of a quadrilogy of books by Brandon Sanderson. This Top Gun/How To Train Your Dragon mashup is a YA sci-fi story that tells the story of Spensa, the daughter of a coward, and her battle against both the alien Krell and the very Defense Force she is trying to fight for. Until Brandon Sanderson, I was mostly a sci-fi guy, with Brandon being my first foray into fantasy. As such, I was very excited for my first ever Brandon sci-fi (I haven’t read much outside of the Cosmere). Brandon has said before that he doesn’t see much difference in the way he writes his fantasy and his sci-fi, and I have to agree, Skyward is a Brandon Sanderson novel through and through. I really enjoyed Skyward. I really, really enjoyed it. It’s extremely well paced, there was only ever one moment I felt we were about to get to a boring part but luckily something exciting happened and the book moved onward as brilliantly as before. The characters of this book are all distinct and easy to like. Spensa is definitely a highlight for me. I don’t think I’d be exaggerating when I say I think Spensa feels like one of Brandon’s most well fleshed out characters with one of the best arcs out of any of his books previous. If you’ve read the preview chapters, you probably think I’m insane for thinking this but I truly feel this way. The gulf between who Spensa believes she is and who she actually is is massive and the character growth she goes through during the book is amazing. Her struggles to fit in as a teenager is something everyone can identify with and provide a great framework for the rest of the plot. The person Spensa ends the book as is a very very different character to the one she starts out as and I love it. I found Spensa’s wingmates started a little hard to distinguish to begin with but each one gets enough time to shine eventually--Kimmalyn being a personal favourite of mine. You get a good sense of them, and when they are put through pain, you feel it. The combat sections throughout the book were fantastic too. Not just because they are written in Brandons cinematic style that make them easy to follow and exciting, but Brandon also does a fantastic job of instilling every combat sequence with a sense of dread. Every time Skyward flight takes to the air, you’ll find yourself filled with a creeping sense of anxiety. Really, if anything, Skyward is one of the most emotive books Brandon has written. Nearly every other chapter hits you with an emotional impact. There are big character moments and plot reveals, and the book never lets up the pace. Unfortunately, it’s those plot revelations that I think this book is at its weakest. Skyward starts off by setting up several major mysteries to be answered throughout the book and I unfortunately felt that they didn’t always pay off as well as they could. This may just be because of my incredibly high expectations on Brandon’s worldbuilding but I felt some answers were kind of unsatisfying. In the end, I came away from Skyward excited for the rest of the series. Not because of the world, but for the characters. The ending makes the book stand on its own, but leaves the series incredibly open for where it could go, and you'd have to be a psychic to try and predict where this series is going. Enjoy your time with Skyward flight, it might not last as long as you first think. Check out Skyward discussion in our spoiler board, or #skyward_spoilers in our Discord server.
  10. I'm with the idea that Spensa will most likely get kicked out completely of the academy at some point and she and her ship will become operating basically autonomously.
  11. Hey Jemma! As someone who bought one of your Sky Overseer prints back at ECCC earlier this year, I'd love to be able to order some online!
  12. Why even mimic? Kal has said he didn't need to renew his lashings when he lashed things in front of the storm so he could just lash the ship and it could ride the front of the stormwall forever.
  13. The body thing definitely clicked with me as something important. I'm of the opinion that the Krell might be in a similar position to the humans but in space. Their actions aren't the actions of an overwhelming space force. These bit and bob attacks with only a few ships attacking locations with lifebusters and such, the almost half complete ships. I reckon the Krell fleet (If it can even be called that) is in just as bad a state as the human ships. I think they are most likely scavenging material from the debris ring and building ad hoc ships as they need them. I'm also wondering that if the ship that Spensa found has an AI, maybe AI tech is something that was a bit more prevalent pre-detritus landing (Do we have a name for the battle that resulted in the humans getting into this situation yet?) and that the Krell could be an AI enemy, flying AI ships it's thrown together in some futile attempt to complete it's mission parameters. And finally, whilst I'm feeling pretty good about this theory, it provides no explanation for why they can't take the fight to the Krell in space. That ones a big mystery to me.
  14. I wonder if he'll avoid calling it that as he was trying to avoid a eighth book in a row called X of Y with Oathbringer. I just came up with "The Dawnsong" out of nowhere and that's my guess now.
  15. I imagine it would. It seems the "strength" of an allomancer can really only be attributed to how much investiture that allomancer is being given from Preservation (This is not the same as the skill of an allomancer. If anyone has any suggestions as to other explanations as to what makes one allomancer stronger than another, I'd be curious to hear them). As a stronger allomancer is receiving more investiture for the same metal burnt, then they would be able to fill a metalmind quicker and would therefore be more efficient at compounding.