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  1. Like Alv said, I think it would be too early for the elim team to give up their second sabotage. One possibility I think we should be aware of is an elim hammer. If we do somehow hit the engineer with our lynch, I don't think it's impossible the elims could try that to get one extra sabotage across by saving their engineer even if it reveals them. Might be too risky this Cycle though. Yeah, same here. It's not that I have an eliminator read on Alv or Devotary, it's that I have mostly village reads on everyone else. Devotary
  2. That was my reason for doubting rather than him completely making it up. Yeah, I was gonna keep it to myself, but with as much discussion surrounding it as there was, I figured it'd be best to clear that up. I was gonna ramp up the paranoia in the next message too... Actually Aman, I'm planning a visit to the Hospital this Cycle anyways, so no need to get me attacked.
  3. I sent the anonymous message. I didn't think the message board would get much use and I didn't particularly care about getting another Aviar(especially as I kinda thought the elims would sabotage twice again, so not much of a chance I'd be attacked), so I thought I'd have some fun.
  4. I didn't request an Aviar at all. It was just completely random apparently. So I don't have an alibi for this Cycle. Really, claiming to get an Aviar or even posting an anonymous message doesn't completely clear someone, as an elim teammate could have done it, and then a different elim(for example, an engineer who needs to be protected) could claim that action in their place without fear of being called out. I believe the claims made so far, but I'd argue caution about making assumptions from this action tracking. I also just got clarification that asking to go to the hospital is not an action. Not sure if that's relevant, but I thought I'd share it anyway. Edit: disclaimer - not sure I believe Devotary's claim
  5. I got the Sak bird C1. And currently me and Ventyl have the PM birds(I did not request it). Sadly they're inactive.
  6. I feel pretty similar to this. I am still leaning village on Mrake and Stick, though I'm not confident about that. For some reason I felt the same way about Mark, but when I looked back at his one post(he hasn't posted since then), I couldn't figure out why. So at this point I'd narrow my pool of who I'd vote for to Devotary, Alvron, Mark, Araris, and Burnt. I'm hoping Mark will show up this Cycle so we can get some more of his thoughts. Since Araris is visiting the Hospital, I wouldn't mind waiting until he has the chance to defend himself before thinking about going after him. Apologies to Ax. I didn't actually think he'd get lynched, but I knew it was possible with how low the votes were. Anyways, I just got off work, and I'm gonna be busy pretty much the rest of the day, so I probably won't be able to post again until 4 or 5 hours from now.
  7. Ok, I've gone back and looked through a couple players to try and get some more variety in terms of who we're focusing on, so here it is: Mark - He's only posted once, but looking back over it, I can't really decide either way whether I'm suspicious of him or not. He mostly just talks about mechanics(understandable, it being C1 when he posted), and guessing distribution, which I don't think gives us much. Ventyl - One post which was just naming their character. They are playing another SE game right now I think, so that could definitely account for some of their lack of activity here. But we need you too! @Ventyl, any thoughts on the game so far? Shane - Has only posted once to say he was busy. @shanerockes Anything is useful at this point, so don't feel like you have to reread everything and form opinions about everyone. If you could just post any thoughts you've had or initial reactions to posts or ideas, it could help us get a feel for what you're thinking. Ax's Boyfriend - Has only posted twice, and neither really had any game discussion. He has been active elsewhere on the shard, so I kinda feel wary that he may just be lurking. @Ax's Boyfriend, any thoughts on the game? Opinions on Stick or Drake? @xinoehp512 - Hasn't posted yet sadly. Hopefully they didn't forget about us...? I don't think I want to lynch Aman(inactive), Xino(inactive), Ventyl(inactive), Mark(eh, I trust he'll become more active without a lot of prodding), BR(kinda village read), Burnt(biased reasons), Drake(village read), Striker(village read), or myself(self-preservation). Which just leaves Shane, Ax, Alvron, Araris, Devotary, Lumgol, or Stick. I don't have solid reads on these players and feel some of them may be lurking. I put Stick on there mostly because I'm leaning village on Drake and Striker, but honestly it doesn't feel right to me. Feels like more would be going on if we have an eliminator up for the lynch right now. Of course, there's still some time left, so it could be that a lot happens between now and the end of the Cycle, similar to last Cycle, but even so, I'm not particularly suspicious of Stick myself. I'll switch my vote over from Ventyl(because they're playing 2 games at once) to Ax's Boyfriend. Probably my last post of the Cycle. Going to sleep soon, so, good luck everyone! I'm sure you'll completely change all of your votes and I will have no impact on anything!
  8. Ok, well, I've gone through basically the entire game(focusing mostly on what happened between my last post of C1 and now), and tbh, I don't have a lot in terms of suspicions. Here's a breakdown of my thoughts at the moment: 1. Xino - Hasn't posted yet? 2. Lumgol - Hasn't posted anything besides hello to begin the game I think? 3. Striker - Village read. 2nd vote on Aman C1 would be a risky thing to do as an elim I think, and besides that, he seems open with his thoughts. As if he's just posting whatever he's currently thinking rather than planning his posts to look a certain way. 4. BR - I wonder if she'd be bold enough to lay out her plans C1 if she was an elim...probably. She mentioned sabotaging the brig and that she thought the elims had an engineer(seemed pretty confident they would). Honestly reading her slightly village, but don't hold me to that... 5. Ventyl - Don't remember much about them. I think they've only posted once early on? 6. Aman - completely inactive 7. Ax's Boyfriend - Hasn't really done much from what I can remember. 8. Drake - Has basically been the driving force of discussion. I'm wary of him, but leaning village right now. Seems bolder than an elim would be maybe? 9. Devotary - I have trouble reading him, so I'll give him a couple Cycles before I try to lynch him haha. 10. Mark - I need to go back and look at Mark actually, because I remember being slightly suspicious of him for some reason. 11. Shane - No read. 12. Stick - Village read, but if memory serves I've not been able to read her very well in the past, so could be wrong about that. Reading her village because she sounds relaxed in her posts. 13. Alvron - Refer to text for Devotary. 14. Araris - Refer to text for Alvron. 15. Burnt - Not sure why, but I'm mildly suspicious of Burnt. I'm against lynching her right now though, cause it's just gut and I haven't played with her in a long time. 16. Lopen - I like to put myself on these lists so the player count is correct. Also, I believe Drake's claim of getting an Aviar, so I'm marking him off my list of who could have sent in the sabotage orders. Which means I've eliminated Drake, Striker, Aman, and myself(I guess I'm fine with telling you all that I didn't send in a sabotage order) from the list. Only 12 people to look at! I'll drop a vote on Ventyl for now, because I think we need more people to speak up. Ventyl, any thoughts on the game? Considering Drake has been posting a lot, do you have an opinion on him? Personally I like to hear players opinions about those driving discussion because of how much influence they can have on who is getting focused on/ignored. Edit: Vote tally Stick(2): Drake, Striker Burnt(1): Araris Ventyl(1): Lopen
  9. Yeah...I was meaning to do a post tonight, but at this point I'm too tired to try and make a meaningful post, let alone vote. I will do my best to be more involved tomorrow, but for now, I'm going to sleep. Oh, one thing was that I did like Drake's attempt to narrow down who could have sent in the elim orders last Cycle. I'm not sure I agree with his results of who was active or not, but I like that line of thought. It might not be a very small pool of players to look at, but if we know there's at least 2 elims in it, well it's at least a start.
  10. Well, that almost certainly means the Saboteurs have an engineer. Which means we've got 4 more Cycles minimum. I'm gonna assume we've got some village engineers though, so hopefully they'll be able to repair a few parts and give us a couple more Cycles than that. Nothing much to say about the lynch at the moment. Nothing stood out to me in particular, but I've only glanced over things, so I'll do another post later once I've got time.
  11. Well...I don't see any good lynch targets. I'd prefer we had a lynch, but there has been very little discussion so far, so I've got zero suspicions. I'll leave my vote on Lumgol I suppose, since I don't want Aman lynched C1, and also the more players that are tied the higher the chance we've got an elim in there, which means they'll have to take some action to protect themselves. I'm going to bed soon, so unless something happens in the next 30 minutes, this'll be my last post.
  12. I mean, it just seems too risky to me, at least early on. I guess you have a point that we can't automatically assume an engineer is evil just because they sabotage something, but like Devotary said, it would require a village engineer to be very confident they'd hit an elim with it to try it, so I'd expect a solid explanation if that happened. Another point why I wouldn't advise it is that we won't get the alignment of those hospitalized, so it's not really a great informational tool. Once we get close to the end of the game though, I'd absolutely be fine with a village engineer going after someone they think is evil(assuming there's enough airship parts still working where it won't make a difference). It mostly doesn't matter anymore, since Rand said we won't be able to tell between the faction ability or an engineer sabotage. I was just thinking that if an engineer was hospitalized and there was evidence that the elims had an engineer, we could have more confidence that that player was an elim and use that information to adjust our reads.
  13. Whoo, Burnt's playing! This should be fun! Anyways, I've only got a couple thoughts right now. To echo Burnt, @Randuir, will the write-ups explain how someone was hospitalized? Also, will it be clear whether an area gets sabotaged by the elim team power or by an engineer power? Obviously I don't think any village engineers are gonna be sabotaging our amazing airship, but it could be helpful to know if the elim team has an engineer or not. One last question: Is there a vote minimum for the lynch and what happens in the case of a tie? (ok that's two questions but I always ask them together so whatever) I do think we should try to get some lynch discussion going. I'll slap a vote down on Lumgol for their controversial post where they said hello and that they were alive which seems pretty suspicious. Actually, I'd just like to hear if you've got any thoughts on mechanics or anything really. Just something to give us an idea of what you're thinking about the game right now.
  14. I'll join! I need to check, but I might actually have a living character from another Sixth of the dusk game I could bring back.
  15. Well played Lum and converts! I was totally wrong about you Lum. The Day I was lynched I had it narrowed down to you or Levitaph, and I was like, 95% sure it was Levitaph. Fura, you had me waffling on whether you were really a convert with that PM, but at that point it just made too much sense to me that you'd have been converted. However, if Lum had been lynched, I may have started to reconsider since you had gone after her quite a bit at that point. All in all, I had a lot of fun trying to narrow down targets for Sja-Anat and who they might have converted(I was right about that at least), and even though I didn't create anything cool with them, I thought the Essences were interesting! I also got my item stolen and was lynched the Turn I got Bonded, so that was kinda sad...but it was a fun game! Thanks Steel and Maill for running it!