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  1. So after seeing the trailer for the new movie Interstellar, and all the related articles popping up discussing the science behind it (like this one here) I have been wondering about the whole FTL being built into Allomancy. The science behind these "time warp bubbles" is really complicated so go read the article to get a better idea of how it works, but it talks about positioning compressed space/time before you, and expanded behind, making a kind of jump, or something like that. So I was thinking could this be the key to FTL travel given the presense of space bubbles within Scadrial, and our answer to transporting characters around the Cosmere in a more futuristic setting?
  2. We have received WoB that Endowment is alone on Nalthis. It's the second question.
  3. I remember he said somewhere that the Stones Unhallowed could change dependant on if he gets it out before Rothfuss' Doors of Stone. I don't know whether he meant that seriously.
  4. So I've been intrigued to see how the gender politics would develop throughout book 2, and I actually noticed something that intrigued me. Towards the end of the book Kaladin mentions that the whole "lighteyes" racism thing is probably connected to the fact that the Radiants had lighter coloured eyes themselves. In considering this, I actually remembered a line earlier on (i wish I had a page number) where Syl mentions to Kaladin, "Honor created man." Going on this line of inquiry, I considered what if Honor created man, Cultivation created women and Odium created Parshendi out of spite as his own little vessels of everstorm evil. I got a bit stuck because I remembered that Preservation and Ruin couldn't create, but then I vaguely remember someone somewhere mentioned that was something very specific to their intent. Preservation and Ruin alone can't do actual creation, so it wouldn't be out of the realms of possibility that each of the shards created their own genders, and by extension, made that binary a strong part of their culture.
  5. I actually think it could be Szeth. In my re-read most recently, I noticed similarities between the Wandersail chapter, and what's happening to Szeth. He is bound to the stone, as the people were bound to their king, and when they discovered their king was dead, they went mad after realising the horrors they'd done in the name of the king had actually been doing by themselves. I've always thought Szeth's oathstone had close ties with Honour, as there's a part late in the book where he says something about acting because of honour. Wish I had my book handy. Either way, I'd be intrigued to see what happens with him if he came to discover that Honour was dead.
  6. I find I have a tendency to enjoy most of all whoever is most focused on in the book. So Kaladin was by-far-and-away my favourite. But I remember when reading about Elend in book 1 of Mistborn, and then him becoming a viewpoint later on, I suddenly got a renewed interest. I find that's the same for a lot of readers. I'm looking forward to seeing Shallan's backstory, see how she ended up where she is now. I'm pretty happy. I have a friend at work who isn't looking forward to it at all. I told him it was Shallan's flashback book and he looked as if I'd just bought him a kitten and shot it. Even after I verified that we'll still get Kaladin, just no flashbacks, he was genuinely upset. It was a little funny to watch. That said, he has a rather stupid argument about female lead characters being rubbish, so I have a feeling there might be son (until now) well-hidden sexism going on. I'd love to get a flashback book from him and find out what happened there to make him hate female characters
  7. I'm sure they have a million orders coming through at the moment, but does anyone know if they're replying at all or just sending an invoice email? I ask because I missed stuff in the original email and had to send a second one, and I felt like a massive idiot. Book Depository takes preorders. I did mine today. I ended up getting Steelheart on release day, too, which was great
  8. I haven't even noticed this little tidbit till you pointed it out. Thanks!
  9. Well once we get some sort of timeline for events, we might get some clarity there. I think Brandon has said at some point that all of the books so far (with the exception of maybe AoL) have been Cosmere sequential. So going off that, Odium did his thang on Sel, before moving onto Roshar. Or he made a Day-trip. Depends on when the end of the Oathpact happened in the sceme of things. In truth, I think if he was planning on using Roshar, he would have started his plans in motion already, or at least made some kind of move. @Quiver: Thanks for that clarification. I've really got to go back and re-read Warbreaker... I'd completely forgot about Bavadin in truth. I'll be intrigued to see if he becomes involved in Roshar at some point.
  10. I agree that Odium is being setup as the big bad, but I'm no sure whether he needs to be destroyed. It is possible that Honour Reborn could banish him once he'd been unsplintered. Going off that idea, could a shard intentionally create Splinters? Like not shatter his whole being, but could he, say, slice off a bit of himself and invest it in someone, similar to those being influenced by Ruin in HoA?
  11. So in the Waygate Foundation Q&A during which Brandon wrote a story (it's fun to watch): Odium is weaker than Harmony, but has more of a "warrior" mind. He is, however, scared of Harmony. He has "plans" for Harmony, and he is very much aware of Harmony's power. Could this possibly come into play in the 2nd mistborn series? 3rd? Judging from the state of Scadrial at the moment, with Harmony in play, it would be interesting to see what sort of interraction would happen if Odium came into things. Just thought I'd post these tidbits here, since I thought it was rather interesting. Also, (slightly off topic) he was asked, "Who is the most powerful non-shard entity in the Cosmere?" and he replied, "Hoid", confirming Hoid is definitely not a Shard. At this point.
  12. I should have been more clear in my theorising. The "being told to" bit I did mean to infer that he could have manipulated or influenced, even subtly, into assassinating Gavilar. Either way, i doubt we have all the information. Hopefully we'll get some answers when we read some Parshendi POVs. The voidsphere is something I've been stuck thinking about. If he wasn't having visions, I think he may have been connected to voidbinding (that whole business of voidbinding being to do with seeing the future). The sphere is obviously valuable. Hopefully we find out stuff about it before we get Szeth's POV and flashback book.
  13. So this might come across a bit far-fetched, and I'm sorry if anyone else has thought of this (i did a quick peruse, and couldn't see anything. Basically, my theory revolves around Gavilar's last words, and Dalinar's visions. It is noted throughout TWoK that Gavilar, towards the end of his life, was drawn to the Alethi codes of war, and was taken by studying the Lost Radiants. In TWoK, Elokhar notes that Dalinar was reminding him of Gavilar towards the end (I wish I had a page number reference. It's somewhere around the 250 mark in the HC. i don't have a book handy). My theory is that Gavilar was experiencing the same visions as Dalinar is now. He studied the Alethi codes of war to "Unite them", ("them" being, in this theory, the Knights Radiant), and that Dalinar is just misinterpreting the meaning of it. The visions are a way for Honor, dead though he is, to hint to Dalinar what he is actually referring to. And by having him find "the most important words a man can say", he is setting him on the right path without outright shouting "we need to kill Odium." The reason he would have done it this way, is because he wouldn't want to draw attention from Odium. He would want it subtle, so that Dalinar could find what he needed to do alone. In turn, the reason the Parshendi assassinated Gavilar was because (assuming they are indeed, at least in part, the Voidbringers), he was getting too close to uncovering how to bring together the Knights Radiant. He had discovered the Everstorm was looming, and was close to uncovering a way to bring about the Knights Radiant to fight. Odium caught wind, sent his Voidbringers out, and that was that. I apologise again if anyone has already had this theory. Thought I might voice it and see what happens.
  14. Thank you so so much! It just came out of a discussion I was having with a friend and I'm trying to convince myself I'm not going mad and making things up lol
  15. Already asked Peter on twitter and he said it's best to ask Brandon himself. I know he's super busy though, so I don't care if I don't get a reply haha