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  1. Drawing and visual arts are not strictly one-to-one. You can draw scientific/mathematical diagrams or graphs without it being art. Art is typically something that is inherently emotional, based on feelings rather than science or fact or logic. Of course there can be some overlaps in the two fields; for example, artists may apply mathematical concepts to make their art more realistic or aesthetically appealing. But at its core, art is more about emotions than logic, and Jasnah obviously cares about logic much more.
  2. Sorry for the sort-of necro. Rather than using progression to age someone, could you make someone's cells grow rapidly out of control, essentially give them cancer or something?
  3. What a great prologue! Pretty sure that's actually fairly accurate too. Nice!
  4. At Planet Comicon, Brandon read a snippet from SA4. It's from Lirin's perspective in Hearthstone, so we get a bit of an insight into the happenings around that area. Transcribed here for your reading pleasure Not sure on all the name spellings or the paragraph breaks but I tried, lol. Enjoy!
  5. We have wob to the contrary. Of course, someone else could've "brought" both Vasher and Nightblood to Roshar at the same time, and that wouldn't necessarily contradict anything. But that seems wrong to me. Vasher has lived for hundreds of years. He knows how to worldhop and wouldn't really need help. He probably wouldn't let Nightblood tag along if he weren't actually bringing him himself.
  6. But Surgebinding still existed too... In fact, those who who had sprenblades were all Surgebinders. The blurb probably means that they will become more commonplace rather than hidden, which doesn't exclude sprenblades. I like the Dawnshard idea, but we know too little to say for sure.
  7. A post or two... thousand
  8. You never describe where. On land? Water creature runs out of breath, dies. In water? Land creature runs out of breath, dies.
  9. Objects are either in or out. They don't split.
  10. I'm thinking about going to the Naperville signing. Wondering how many books I should bring? I know he says he'll sign as many as you want, but I don't want to go overboard, lol. I was hoping to get at least 4-5 of mine signed, plus Skyward. I might bring a few of my cousin's as well, that would make 7-8. Think that's reasonable, or too much? Also, what's the most amount of books one person/party has brought to a signing at once? Just curious
  11. It may just be an in-world analog to our golden ratio or Fibonacci sequence. R and P created Scadrial themselves, so they likely had some more influence over fun stuff like that
  12. I'm not sure what you're trying to say by this post. Did you assume Cultivation was working against Honor or something?
  13. Well, we've seen that they totally have boomboxes in white sand
  14. Yes, it was made clear in the books he had multiple spheres. He gave one to Eshonai, then one to Szeth. There's also a WoB on this.
  15. Just wanna put this here. If a platypus could store his special senses in a tinmind (given that it somehow got Feruchemy) then I think that it would be possible to steal animal attributes with Hemalurgy without having to involve other godmetals and hacks and stuff.