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  1. I was looking through Szeth's entry in the Coppermind when I saw that apparently he'd met Lift in Yeddaw after being given Nightblood. However, I don't remember reading this anywhere. What book and chapter did this happen in?
  2. Gotta say Szeth for favorite character. His entire story arc has been very intriguing, and if his character is going where I think it is (as a rogue but overall good element), then I'm very excited. Scene goes to the end of Words of Radiance where Szeth is resurrected and given Nightblood- that entire scene gave me chills. Second favorite would probably be Szeth at the towers of Urithiru- that one clicked with me for no real reasons.
  3. Granted. A gemheart appeared in front of you. Momentarily. You are now being digested. (What? We don't know the specifics of chasmfiend anatomy...) I wish I could die. (Immortality sucks...)
  4. MAXAL! I thought all the people who were regulars before had gone inactive... I was sad.
  5. Well, this place changed... Granted. The cow falls on you (from orbit) as cows can't fly. Everyone ignores your injuries (i.e. slight "splattered-ness") because they now have fresh steak. With free storming ketchup! I wish for someone I knew from the Shard to pop up...
  6. Ugh, Windrunners... Jk. But yeah, I pretty much love Skybreakers. Their ethos- what little we've heard of it- sounds pretty damnation badass, and division sounds so much more useful than adhesion.
  7. Just a moment- I got really busy right after posting that, sooo...
  8. Welp. This seems to have been something of a fail. I`ll post this on Dragonmount, though, if you`re still interested.
  9. Upvote for "NIGH UNSTOPPABLE." I don't know why, but I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe.
  10. Hmm... there doesn't seem to be a lot of interest being generated. We'll wait a day more, then.
  11. I have, yes. I'm just more familiar with the 17th Shard.
  12. Well, I mean, you'll be a depressing character, but it'll nonetheless be fun to RP it.
  13. Oooh! That would be fun. For sure!
  14. Nice! A skilled warrior and leader... Quite useful.