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  1. @mathiau, @mdross81, I thought we had already documented all the relevant quotes on this subject in this topic that you both participated in: Edit: I liked it so much, I link it as a reference in the collection of references linked in my sig.
  2. I'll point out that a Regrown Fabrial was used by a Radiant in the Midnight Essence vision in tWoK. As it held gemstones, and the knight later used a sword in a fight, I doubt it was the knight's radiant spren.
  3. Cymatics/Chladni patterns are determined by the edge conditions (shape of the resonance body, and where/how you vibrate it) and the frequency. These are morphing as the frequency changes. Point being, just as Nevani altered the tone of her plates by filing at them to change the shape, you can change the shape of the pattern the same way, and probably get a pattern that more closely resembles the Knights Radiant Symbol
  4. theory

    So pulling back some for some broader perspective...And for that I'll provide a WoB: Ok, so the Highstorm is a driving force for Aldonasium's design for his interesting creation, and Honor as part of the Highstorm is a bit of a recent development. I have to think that part of these unknown ramifications would have to do with the inner-workings of how the Highestorm seems to maintain a quazi stability for both the geology and the ecology of the planet through magical means. So if Dalinar or Kaladin were to convince the Stormfather to change how he blows, that could destabilize the planet's geology and ecology. There are other WoB about how it's a good question to ask how the crem gets into the storms, and that might be related too. On a similar note, Brandon RAFO'd if the Everstorm has crem, and I have to wonder how having 2 storms coming from opposite directions might have ramifications on the planet's long term stability.
  5. Here's a writeup I made that discusses some of the mathematics behind musical notes. Some of.
  6. In this theory I wrote last year, I concluded that the back 5 SA books will have a new big bad antagonist and: Discussions in @LewsTherinTelescope's reference on the events surrounding the Recreance timeline, as well as the fact that we still don't know what the heck scared the Radiants so much they committed the Recreance has me thinking a new WAG. The imprisonment of Ba-Ado-Mishram caused a wound that opened up Roshar to an external threat much like the Scadrial Trellian Incursion. Somehow this threat depended on surgebinding to manifest and the Recreance patched things enough to hold it off until the current times. Thoughts backing this are how Hemalurgy opens individuals to external shardic influence via damage to the sprit web, so possibly when BAM was imprisoned, this caused similar damage. And since the damage seems to have been incurred on Roshar as a whole, the vulnerability was also to Roshar as a whole. This could also explain the nebulous enemy that was still a threat in the Recreance vision at Feverstone Keep. This enemy wasn't Odium or BAM influenced, but was a threat from an external shard. So now that Surgebinders are active again, this threat is already re-manifesting, and reinstating BAM will help, but it'll already be to late. The continued existence of the Skybreakers is problematic to this theory.
  7. I'm actually forming a theory on this right now... more of a WAG. I'm posting it as a response to a theory I made last year because it and your reference above form the context for it.
  8. The words used are enslavement, and it's ambiguous if it's decades before or after. After reflection, I see it as between 2 main possibilities, with one main intermediate possibility. BAM was captured and the connection with the Singers severed and enslaved several decades before the Recreance, making the enemies described in the Feverstone Keep dream something other than the singers. BAM was captured decades after the Recreance by someone holding the Bondsmith Honorblade. The intermediate possibility is that they were much closer together, and the enslavement took decades, or Brandon misspoke or was otherwise missleading. Edit: @LewsTherinTelescope, the header "Either the enslavement of the singers weren't enslaved for decades, or the Recreance somehow was decades after BAM's capture" is worded problematically.
  9. Rest assured, LTT’s already familiar with it. Dude has WoB chops.
  10. I was just considering writing up a reference of all the material that can be used to build a timeline for the BAM imprisonment/Recreance, Tanavast death and found this. You craft a great reference post LTT. Things to add (I hope you are up updating your OP and editing these in) You didn't specifically address Tanavast's death in the sequence but I think it's relevant, and here is one of the best WoB on the subject
  11. You've put a lot of effort into this and make a lot of great points. My major concern about the Kaladin thread is more Doyalist, in that it cuts too close to the chosen one trope, and Brandon has put so much effort into subverting such overworn tropes in SA. If you were spot on, I would think that there would also have to be a proportionate twist that cancels out the vast tropishness of Kaladin being the only begotten son of the planet's 2 pre Odium gods.
  12. This is the coolest theory I’ve seen on where the unmade came from
  13. I've theorized that Roshar was deliberate engineered pre-shattering, with a post-shattering purpose.
  14. My take is that between how badly Ati's identity had been warped by the power of Ruin, and how disorienting it was to fall from that power to a CS, he wasn't very coherent compared to say The Lord Ruler. I would try to compare this and Leras's frayed state to Rayse just before he was killed to try to determine if it is likely Rayse's CS was in a weakend state causing it to not hold out, or if Rayse had a strong sense of self that would have endured after getting killed, but I think @Bejardin1250 nailed it. So I'm pretty sure Nightblood "ate" Rayse's CS making the exercise moot.
  15. Here’s the passage, (earlier her father wipes blood off her face)