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  1. I was hoping for some major hints for the cosmere but if it's that I can accept it. Especially if we see it correlate to future vessels.
  2. My bad. Sorry for sending everyone down this tangent. What I was trying to get at is that if we think deadeyes return to shadesmar in the place they were before being summoned then Testament could have been anywhere. It's odd that she was at Lasting Integrity waiting for Shallan when she arrived. Unless we think there's another reason Testament wanted to go to Lasting Integrity.
  3. What is your point? The true spren turned into deadeyes but their blades are still there. If the plate was made of spren what happened to them? And if the deadeyes can be revived what will happen to the plate?
  4. So she doesn't have a plan for the Cosmere but she's focused on doing her thing whatever that means. So she could be focused on Nalthis because Brandon's first response is ambiguous or she could have plans off Nalthis but not for the whole of the Cosmere.
  5. So we learned that after Ba-ado-mishrams imprisonment the radiants and their spren decided to break their oaths. This is what created the all the shardblades. So what about all the shardplate? In RoW we learned that shardplate is made of numerous lesser spren, the non-sapient ones like windspren, flamespren and gloryspren. They couldn't decide if they wanted to be sacrificed and no one, spren or human, seems to care about that. I wonder what happened to the spren though. Is there a dead eye equivalent?
  6. My interpretation is that the centre star is Adonalsium, the 4 waves are the dawnshards, and the hypothetical 16 stars around the outside are the shards. What's interesting is that only three line up with the wave in the image.
  7. The title says it all. The image is one we've seen before and speculated about but this one has an additional layer around the outside. There are six suns visible going clockwise from 11:00 to 3:00 and possibly one more after that. The way they are aligned allows for 16. Any thoughts? Just creative license or is there a meaning to this.
  8. Am I misremembering it. Where does Shallan see Testament?
  9. I meant the barge. OK so Testament has been in the village for a year or two waiting for Shallan to show up?
  10. Maybe that's what happened. It's too much for me to believe until Brandon says otherwise and then I still won't like it.
  11. Correct. As I interpreted it they disappear but return to the place they were before summoned, which is why the honor spren keep deadeyes in lasting Integrity. So how could Testament be on the ship? Because she was in Lasting Integrity.
  12. So you're one of them... I was thinking when he turned Lift over to Raboniel.
  13. I started another thread to discuss deadeyes movement when summoned and dismissed. Aqua Regia was quick to point out that there would be no point to keeping deadeyes at lasting integrity if they disappeared after being summoned. If this is true the only way that Testament could have been on that ship is if she had already been at Lasting Integrity when they arrived.