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  1. I've thought about this one for a while, and I think I've finally figured it out:


    My Talent is that I freak out when I see a bug. There doesn't have to actually be a bug there, I just have an automatic knee-jerk reaction to my brain thinking there's a bug (which actually happens...). The Talent, then, proactively teleports me to a minimum safe distance away from said bug.


    ...which would be bad if I was in a car. Or on a plane. Still, if there was a huge chasm that I couldn't cross, I could trick my Talent into warping me across if I thought I saw a bug on the ground next to me. ;]


  2. Oh gosh, this thread. This I will have to get in on--if only to remember what scenes to bookmark if I ever want a good laugh at some point in the day. ;]


    The entire Hamlet sequence in Book 4 has to be one of my favorites but there are so many gems in each book. One I came across recently was in Book 2, Chapter 16:


    "If it wasn't for you, I'd be floating around with burning eyes, offering illicit books to people as if I were a drug dealer looking for a new victim."

    (Hey kids, want a taste of Dickens? It's awesome, man. Come on. First chapters of Hard Times are free. I know you'll be back for Tale of Two Cities later.)


  3. Holy cow, I want one! Nicely done.

    Thanks for starting this thread; I've got some fanart of two Mistborn from Final Empire.

    The first is Shan Elariel.


    And the second is the mysteriously powerful Kelsier.


    I haven't gotten around to doing one of Vin. There are plenty of nice renditions at DeviantArt, in either #MistbornFans ( or my own group, #SandersonFans (