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  1. I want to throw a huge thanks to all of the friendly folks at the Philly signing who stopped to chat with me (regardless of whether or not you wanted Alcatraz signed). This community is way beyond excellent. <3
  2. I've thought about this one for a while, and I think I've finally figured it out: My Talent is that I freak out when I see a bug. There doesn't have to actually be a bug there, I just have an automatic knee-jerk reaction to my brain thinking there's a bug (which actually happens...). The Talent, then, proactively teleports me to a minimum safe distance away from said bug. ...which would be bad if I was in a car. Or on a plane. Still, if there was a huge chasm that I couldn't cross, I could trick my Talent into warping me across if I thought I saw a bug on the ground next to me. ;]
  3. Oh gosh, this thread. This I will have to get in on--if only to remember what scenes to bookmark if I ever want a good laugh at some point in the day. ;] The entire Hamlet sequence in Book 4 has to be one of my favorites but there are so many gems in each book. One I came across recently was in Book 2, Chapter 16:
  4. I saw HTTYD2 recently. I also recently finished re-reading Words of Radiance. These things just naturally mix...

    © Art © H. Lazo (Art-Zealot)

  5. If any of you haven't read Sanderson's Alcatraz series yet, I have no idea what you're waiting for. ;] Originally in my DeviantArt Gallery.

    © Art © H. Lazo

  6. ^^ Thanks much! Sazed has always been tricky for me, but I'd love to try. If/when I get around to it, I'll be sure to post it.
  7. I would totally keep that until July... Wicked, and so well done!
  8. Holy cow, I want one! Nicely done. Thanks for starting this thread; I've got some fanart of two Mistborn from Final Empire. The first is Shan Elariel. And the second is the mysteriously powerful Kelsier. I haven't gotten around to doing one of Vin. There are plenty of nice renditions at DeviantArt, in either #MistbornFans ( or my own group, #SandersonFans (