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  1. Thanks so much for reading Kasia and Robinski. And thanks for the line by lines they will be a big help. I currently (have been all week) out east getting set up for a move, but i will reply to the comments in more full next week (and get critiquing again). I already have a few things in mind for some changes that i will make to keep the tension higher. Cheers.
  2. Here is a place for your comments. All comments and feedback are welcome; however i have one point i would like input on in particular. Does the Tavern scene feel to contrived and/or coincidental? Cheers and thanks for reading.
  3. I enjoyed both POV's but i liked Roamwald more on a straight up comparison as i felt the conflict came though better as he was the one in danger. That said for your story on a whole i think there is a more important question to ask.Is this the only Roamwald POV or will there be more? I am bias to stories with only one POV, and it feels late to be bringing in a second POV big picture wise. So in conclusion i liked the Roamwald scene better but think the Jennie POV will be better for the story. (Yes i am no help) Other note in the Roamwald POV: "They were the last"...that's an ominous but awesome line.
  4. I too would like to submit this upcoming Monday.
  5. Very cool world building. I think there are real world issues with rock spires exciting in a vast ocean not only in formation but in stability. The engineering you described above for the shell city's doesn't seam reasonable to me. assuming the building material is denser then water it would sink to the bottom of the ocean and that should be a considerable depth that they cant use it for foundation (same with the ceramic rod foundation). Also sub oceanic currents would wash away lots of the material. However as this is a fantasy i am able to look pass this and let it go with a hand wave. World-ocean: This sound very Sci fi to me and tells me they have explore the entire world. Titles: I think you have to many titles to quick and with to little description. I have a fairly good memory but i had trouble keeping track of the different titles and which people they refer too. -Does the conversation flow naturally? As mentioned by other the magic system convo while informative, was very info dumpy and seamed forced. I the conversation with her prospective mentor and boss flowed well. -Is there too much/too little description? I think you over described the opening but once on the spire i think it was the right amount. Overall: I enjoyed it. Cool world concepts with what seems like an simple yet deep magic system. I like the mystery component although i wish there was a bigger hook.
  6. Thanks for reading Krystalynn. I'm Glad to know the little tidbits worked for you. Thanks again for the awesome feedback and the encouragement.
  7. I do as well. I find dialogue the hardest part as you get two people talking but forget about the third.
  8. Thanks for reading and the great feedback once again. Thanks again for all the great feedback. The good thing is at least Kang isn't constantly thinking what he is doing in this story.
  9. Thanks for reading Neongray, and making it to the end. Thanks for reading as well EoTFP
  10. Interesting set up. - I see your comment on it above but patrician really stood for me as a "what are they ?" question when reading. -I like the "magic system" and the personification of curses. -I was a little confused on the setting of these scene. i think were underground but its unclear. I am also unsure if this is a more traditional fantasy or modern fantasy tech level as graffiti instantly make me think urban. - Who is sen hamulus i thought they were summoning Carsus Matrax
  11. Starting the first line with a pronoun rather then the pov's name is awkward for me. I felt like you spent to much time telling me how poor they where on the first pages. i liked how you showed the poverty with the flowers after that which was very nicely done and could have stood without the lead up. The temple was over described for me and i found myself skimming until she entered the inner sanctum. On page 9 there is a small blocking issue for me. The priest escorting her becomes a priestess or does he depart after she reaches the alter and a priestess comes along later Intriguing end that had me wanting to find out what the priestess wants and why she is so interested in Lasila.
  12. Thanks for reading. some comment on your comments. Thanks for all the great feedback, and advice. Cheers
  13. As always i enjoyed this submission. It flowed nicely and had a great action sequence. I can't think of anything that didn't work for me. I really liked the resolution of the action, although i am a little surprised at papas reaction at being fine with a "Snatcher" holding his daughter. I though he might have been a little more torn. Nothing of Leon stood out against me and felt in character, although it really says something abut him that he would shoot at a creature holding his niece even when corned And for my submission Nit-pick: Rivers: I think it is very rare for a lake to outflow along two rivers (although i could be wrong) as water flows downhill via the lowest path. Thanks for the Sub.
  14. Hi all, Here is a place for your comments. Grammar warning again. Hopefully its better then the last, but I swear every time I edit it gets worse. All comments welcome as always. Thanks for reading in advance.