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  1. I think the ultimate lead up to the cosmere will be a epic battle between shards. Towards the end I think a lot of the shards will have new vessels, making them able to "use" their "powers." In the end, the only way to reform Ando would be to have all shards shattered from this battle. Hopefully the last one alive is "good" and sacrifices themselves to make it a complete shattering of all shards. The shards combine into one, with no one vessel, just gaining consciousness over time, and I think Ando will have its memories back. I think Andos investure was enough that he has plenty of identity left in the cosmere to reform, maybe with some memory lapse kinda like the kandra and how they lose memory when their spike isn't in them for a period of time. Then of course u would need people to protect this combined investure until it can "mature" back into Ando. Those would be cool stories, people trying to gain that investure for themselves while team guards it. Guardians of the Cosmere anyone!!!
  2. Off topic but this comment made me think of shardplate! What if thats what shardplate is, the spren making a suit of armor out of themselves, kinda like an Iron man and Jeeves (I'm not sure if that was the computers name in his suit lol)scenario. I think it's exactly like that, and since it's a suit there would be enough spren investure left over as a sword or spear, so u dont need multiple spren for blade and plate, u just have to reach the level of, idk how to explain it, mental telepathy with your spren? The next idea leads to that? Had to get the idea out fast else id forget!!! Sorry!!!
  3. Hey peeps, love the shard outta this site! You guys all rock and im proud to be a part of this group. Feel free to say hi!!! Seeing you in the cognitive realm!!!

  4. @Yata u r correct. I confused the "lost metal" with "trellium". And era 2 does happen then correct, but aren't there people from Scandrial already on Roshar. Maybe Ftl isnt the answer but maybe some sort of cognitive realm travel....and they meet earlier...and why isnt Cultivation @Weltalla possible candidate? Kandra have been known to world hop
  5. Just throwing it out there but what if the lost metal in era 2 is a metal Honor or Cultivation spiked the Kandra with as a way of sending a message of assistance. In the final mistborn they reach space travel and maybe show up in the later arc of the Stormlight Archive! Crazy i know but thats kinda my thing lol!!
  6. My bad guys i thought i read a WOB recently saying something along those lines, after a long search ive realized im mistaken! So thank you! Besides me trying to start false facts lol how bout that theory, cause I know you didn't come here just to correct me! Lol
  7. The Parshendi predate humans and shards. Soo...native!
  8. Thanks for the quick response! I dont think what the KR is doing is wrong not do they, it's the problem with believes. People have different believes and sometimes those conflict and neither party thinks what they are doing is wrong. I think that's part of the problem here and i hope what leads to the solution. Both sides team up after they realize they are pawns in a game of god chess and really kick some serious Odium butt. And i believe they will use some of their powers both Parshendi and KR for a planet exodus cause no way the planet survives, plus it's on 1 step on the Path. Isnt this 4 or something out of 7.
  9. I dont think Preservation was referring to "The" weapon but rather the atium and the number 16 being what led to them figuring out the 1/16 pattern of people snapping and getting atuim powers not the original 16 vessels. Also when talking about the freezing and boiling points he was saying that he was going to use that as a possible clue bit was scared the units would change, so like from Celsius to Fahrenheit. So that wouldnt of worked.
  10. I'm on board with this. That whole great magic was unleashed here thing is pretty thin. Isnt crem the by product of the highstorms magic or something along those lines. Major build up over time. Picture New York City covered in just 10 stories worth of crem! You would have a pretty symmetrical city with deep chasm....central park is an Oathgate!!!!
  11. Just trying to think outside of the box a little bit on this one. On my phone and out at the moment but wanted to get this down and out there, and hope to fill in relevant quotes when home. That being said, The Outside of the box Theory! The Knight Radiants are the "Bad guys"!! This is why they abandoned their oaths. Once they found out the truth they broke their oaths and threw down their weapons. When you've been fighting for what you thought was the right side and then find out you are actually the bad guy......whats the point!!! Why are they the bad guys? They are not native to Roshar. The Parshendi are and the Desolations are cleansing of the planet of non native Rosharians (<real word?? Lol) The betrayal of the Parshendi gods was when Andolisium was shattered. Honor and Cultivation came to Roshar and picky backed off of the magic system already in place and gifted it to the beings they brought to the planet post shattering. Now Odium shows up and helps the Parshendi get their "powers" back and here we have the final Desolation. Parshendi take them out for good, down goes whats left of Honor and all of Cultivation. KR win down goes Odium and Parshendi. There you have it folks. Alil something different for ya, if its been proposed before..my Bad, If not, hope you like it. Feel free to chop it to pieces or add to the theory to make stronger. And always remember.... ..."I like twurtles"!!!!
  12. I think it will be destroyed but the inhabitants will be transported elsewhere. Ym says , "Eventually, all will be gathered back in—when the Seventh Land is attained" and right now they are in the 4th land. I like to think his story had something to it!
  13. This reply is close to mine If Hoids sDNA is that of Ando, then there should be some way to 'hot wire" each magic system
  14. Hello all! First time posting, hugh time fan of the 17th. I dont post or comment much at all but i was reading a Star Wars theory and they were talking about Ring Composition. Here’s how it works: The story is organized into a sequence of elements that progress from a beginning to a well-marked midpoint. Then, the ring turns and the first sequence of elements is repeated in reverse order until the story returns to the starting point. My first thought was the Stormlight Archive! 10 books broken up with a well-marked midpoint between 2 sets of 5 books. My question is, has anyone asked Brandon on his structuring of this epic saga. And if he did use Ring Composition, what theories could we come up with using this info. Thoughts? And thanks for reading! Sorry if this is posted incorrectly, if so please dont hesitate to move it! Thanks again!