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  1. Thanks I just bought and read Legion, and I'll get to Infinity Blade after I read The Blinding Knife which comes out tomorrow. The book was really good, although open ended. I really hope that this gets picked up to be a TV show. I really want to see more of the world.
  2. So is this going to be released for Kobo Books (the e-reader) at any point? Infinity Blade: Awakening wasn't so I was not able to read that, and I would really like to read this one. I don't know why it was not on Kobo books but I am hoping that this one will be different.
  3. I just re-read the first book in anticipation for this one. Forgot how much I liked it . Why do so many people dislike the last part of the book? I really like it, and don't see any problem with it.
  4. I've always thought that Alloy of Law could be made into a really good crime drama show. It could be a mix of Person of Interest(action + continuing storyline), Castle(humour), and Heroes(just because of the powers). I would watch that in a second.
  5. I didn't see this anywhere so I thought I'd post it here. Brandon wrote a new Novella called Legion. Link to news post I hope this one comes out for Kobo so I can get it on my e-reader unlike the Infinity Blade one.
  6. I read the first one a while ago and from that book I would say Kelsier would win. The only real danger would be the ghost paper (cuts through anything and Ray can guide it with his mind) but atium would top that. I guess it would come down to if Kelsier knocks away Ray's gun in time or not.
  7. I looked him up on tvtropes, after getting to his books in the wheel of time, and saw it there before I even read any of his cosmere books. So I knew the whole time.
  8. I can't decide if I would pick steel or zinc. Zinc is much more useful in everyday life, but flying through the sky like that just seems so awesome .
  9. I'd go with zinc. You can store it to relax after a hard days work, and then tap it to make your work much easier.
  10. I saw Kaladin's power the very first mention of dun spheres, but other than that I've been surprised by almost every polt twist.
  11. Brandon has said he intendes to make the Mistborn books into a trilogy of trilogies (with the technology advancing in each one), and Alloy of Law is just something he wrote to cool off after his bigger books. He also said he will write a sequel to Alloy after one of his Stormlight books. So don't worry there will definetely be more Mistborn
  12. I think I heard that it's coming out in 2013, but don't quote me on that.
  13. So I just had this sudden theory about the Parshendi. My theory is that the Parshendi are there to train the humans. Think about it: They always fight with about the same amount of people, even though they can use larger armies if they need to. They killed Galivar, took credit, but Kaladin calls them very honorable. So I believe that kike the humans trained the Parshmen to serve, they trained the Parshendi to train them before Odium comes again.
  14. I read the Narnia books when I was younger, but what really got me into fantasy was the Inheritance series. My older brother had been trying to get me to read Eragon for a while but I never would do it. Then Eldest came out and for some reason I just had to read it. I've been hooked on ever fantasy since
  15. Hi! I just signed up to the forum although I've lurked for a week or two now. I started reading Brandon Sanderson when I got to the last few books of The Wheel of Time, and then half a year-ish later I read Mistborn, Elantris and, The Way of Kings. I'm also planning on reading Warbreaker in a week or two after I finish another book. Oh and I've got Alloy of Law on pre-order, and I'm looking forward to it a lot.