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  1. I find that writing those awesome parts - even though I haven't quite reached that point yet - helps me get the will to continue on in the not-so-interesting parts. It also helps me with character development, plot solidification (i.e. finding glaring plot holes), and it also helps in being more able to foreshadow future events in the story. Another idea - perhaps you can try writing the story after Riem escapes and crashes the ship, and you reveal how he got to that point with Stormlight-esque flashback sequences or by dropping the details as time progresses?
  2. He's been in the El Salvador East Mission. Which is great, because my dad and I both served in Mexico, another one of my brothers has been studying Spanish in school, and my mother can understand the majority of it. Maybe we should find some Sanderson books that were translated into Spanish... And congrats to your brother!
  3. I'll be gone - my brother gets back from his mission that day. I'll be sure to make it in May, though! For once.
  4. Maybe once spring term starts and I don't actually have any classes bogging me down, I can actually show up once. Back to finishing my last CS project... (CS 236, in case anyone else here is in that class)
  5. I love all the different styles that are beginning to show up here in the Guild. Which reminds me - I drew a picture of Vin a few weeks back that I still need to post. But seriously though, good job everyone!
  6. I got some Prismacolor markers recently... and I'm loving them. This is only one of my examples. And I must say, I really love the flow of these things. I just need to learn how to master them.
  7. Here's something that I've been working on for quite a while, and I don't think that I've posted anything about it here. It's about a girl that wakes up with few memories in the middle of literally nothing - not space, just nothing. Of course, that's pretty well established at the beginning, and of course, there's a lot going on in the background. It's called Planeswept, and has to do with (almost) literally rebuilding their world. I guess that's meta-worldbuilding?
  8. I predict yes. And this time, I'll tell my aunt so then she drags me there (because I really need to socialize) (with people) (in real life) (or so they tell me).
  9. Vin. So much Vin. I love Dalinar and all, but... Vin would still win.
  10. Imma place my vote for Vasher, because Mistborn's already in the top three, and it'd be cool to see Stormlight, Warbreaker, and Mistborn all in the top three. (Though in other circumstances I'd say Kelsier. But I'm voting for Vasher.)
  11. ...I forgot. AGAIN. (Though in my defense, my computer science class, though I love it, has been killing me recently... I should make a program to remind me about this.)
  12. I agree that Wayne would end up winning - though Dalinar's a far superior swordsman, Wayne's combo of abilities would probably confuse Dalinar just enough for Wayne to win.
  13. Okay, I like this 10 random facts thing too much not to do one of my own (and nothing too spoilery, I think): 1. The Galaxy of Athesia is a ring galaxy formed from two galaxies colliding with each other. The collision occurred as a part of a war a couple millennia ago. 2. Many planets, both inhabited or uninhabited, are connected to a vast network that allows travel between worlds. The access to these planets is in the form of a spherical gate, known as a Planet Gate. 3. The human race began on a planet called Syranda, and from there, spread to many other planets via these gates, including Earth and another called Sudir. 4. Sudir was also inhabited by some exiles of the aggressors in the aforementioned war. This has led to interesting developments in human civilization on that planet. 5. Earth's continents each have at least one Planet Gate. There's one in Wales, Jerusalem, on the northern island of Japan, somewhere in Mexico, and one on the South Pole. 6. For the most part, Planet Gates have been forgotten, but FTL travel has allowed many races to communicate with each other. 7. The most common race in Athesia is known as the Jij. 8. The aforementioned war was called the Embodiment War. It literally broke the universe. Into 273 distinct pieces. 9. Death used to be a pretty nice guy. He'd buy you ice cream right before harvesting your spirit. Now he just shows up, swipes up your consciousness with his scythe, growls at you, then brings you to the underworld. 10. Death is currently fighting a civil war. It's him versus all the souls he's ever harvested. It is also considered one of the most imbalanced wars of all time, in Death's favor, for very obvious reasons. ...okay, so maybe there was some spoiler-y content here, but I never specified which story this was for, and it's going to be about... what, 10 years before I actually get around to talking about any of these parts? Maybe?
  14. Well, would you look at that. I actually got around to doing Cosmere fan art. Not the best fan art, mind you, but still fan art. I drew it in less than five minutes, just wanting to get my practice in for the day.
  15. I'm actually trying to have a social life, so I'll plan on going. Also, what's Cards against the Cosmere?