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  1. Aleksiel, I HAVE read them all, and I still find myself having to look things up. But I'd encourage you to start reading the other stories you haven't. The cross references are a real treat.
  2. I took it as Odium had help to shatter Honor from another Shard.
  3. I would like to think that if you knew you could feel no pain, your fighting style would change drastically to an opponent who still thinks he can feel pain. For instance, no dodging would be necessary. Fighters feign attacks to get into a better position for another attack, Hoid wouldn't need to fall for those any longer. So no matter how superior an opponent could potentially be in fighting, they would be at a distinct disadvantage no matter what. While Hoid MAY have been the superior fighter, I don't think it would have really mattered. His superior understanding of that realm gave him every advantage he needed.
  4. I don't think Spook could (if he is actually dead) because he never held one of the shards, even temporarily. Remember Kelsier couldn't stop himself from going to the "beyond" until he was trapped in the Well with Ruin.
  5. I believe this little bit of information should help expand some of our understanding of Hoid's actual intentions. I can now buy into the idea that Hoid is passively working against ALL shard holders in a form, but only actively working against the ones who are a more immediate threat. Coupled with the knowledge that Yolen is essentially hidden, I think we are getting a bigger glimpse into the actual "war" going on.
  6. This is referenced in Bands of Mourning.
  7. I'm not sure if this is common knowledge, or has been discussed yet so far (didn't see it, but could have missed it), but something I found very interesting in the discussion with Khriss. The original shard holders did indeed kill Adonalsium. Now forgive me if that was already confirmed previously, but I didn't know that was for certain!
  8. I've always looked at the story of Fleet as being quite interesting, and possibly spoiler to the actual ending.
  9. What ever happened to the stone Gavilar gave to Szeth? He could have been setting himself up to be Odiums unknowing champion. With that in mind, I like the idea of Elhokar being setup for that. He's got this hole self brooding mentality and paranoid fear that his Uncle is setting himself up to be King. Now that Dalinar is the impromptu Radiant leader as a Bondsmith, we probably will see Elhokar's paranoia take a hold of him even more. He'll strive for that power to confirm himself as the actual king, which maybe that black stone is Odium's way of making his own "radiant." At that point in time, we have Odium's champion being the King, which will be a huge hit against Dalinar as his love for his nephew is great. But, this is all too predictable so probably won't happen. All just a tangent.
  10. Not sure if this was said previously, but an interesting thought...Oudeis you set off this thinking with your above post... We have an example of Preservation and Ruin working together previously in the creation of humans. Ruin temporarily going against his "intent" because in due time his intent would be fulfilled. The key to this is the temporary selection to create instead of ruin, with the knowledge that one can ruin at another time. Could Harmony get both intents to make another compromise? Preservation to compromise to "ruin" Odium, and Ruin to compromise to "preserve" life. Both would be able to satisfy an intent at the same time as compromising to the others's kind of harmonious? And is this just a matter of Sazed getting to this point?
  11. Another theory, but the more I think about it doesnt sound likely.... His boon was the ability to protect his family via his battle prowess. Truly become "blackthorn." The thrill overtakes him so much that he almost has a supernatural ability that no other man possesses. Shows when he matches muscles with the chasmfiend...etc. But the curse was him forgetting his wife completely. So in his effort to wanting to protect his family...he loses complete memory of his wife. Again -- I know he was the blackthorn before his wife died, but what if he truly wanted to live up to the hype... Feel free to tear this apart!!!
  12. Now I'm realizing that I need to do a heck of a lot more research before jumping into posting theories. Thanks for the information though. This stuff is so interesting.
  13. Ah, thanks for that link. Definitely seems to contradict that theory quite a bit then.
  14. Hi All, First time poster here. Think I've read through all the Cosmere books at this point. Love reading through all the theories of whats actually happening. So I've been a quiet stalker the past year or so here. Been searching to see if anyone has confirmed where the Seon's have originated from, but so far I haven't had any luck finding that information. Did see that the Aons inside are splinters of devotion, but that's about it. Got thinking of this while reading the theories of where Elantris original inhabitants actually went/were. So forgive me if my theory has already been discussed, or seems ludicrous. But could Seons be the original inhabitants? Maybe that's was Odium did to them? Tried turning their "devotion" into a curse by making them "slaves" as Sarene thought originally as a child (you know, the whole foreshadowing thing Sanderson loves to do). And if wrong, could someone please enlighten me?