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  1. Personally, I'm wondering if any of the tones Kabsal demonstrated correspond to Honor, Cultivation, or Odium. If so, what are the other tones?
  2. If Maya is revived, it will be because of the bond with Adolin. Already we've seen her protect him. Anyone who would swap their sword for a "better" sword doesn't respect their blade enough. There are multiple orders open to most, it depends on which spren you attract most strongly. If you can reawaken a blade it will be because you have won the spren's trust. Thus it will be for an order you are compatible with.
  3. I would guess it has trapped Jezrien's soul. The heralds are being spun out, again and again, to alternately imprison or protect. This can't happen if they are killed and stopped from reforming.
  4. Yup! Ialai did it directly or had someone do it. She's as devious as her husband was, if not more so.
  5. I don't think Elhokar has to step down. Dalinar has realized his task is larger than Alethkar. I believe Elhokar needs to step up as King, and Dalinar needs to be above the Kings of the world, coordinating them. Maybe being obedient means listening to Dalinar, but also being a leader, which for Elhokar is a brave thing to do.
  6. theory

    The name of the book, Oathbringer, being the same as the shardblade Dalinar held seems entirely too coincidental.
  7. I didn't miss that point. I'm trying to point out that it seems Kaza is being pulled into Shadesmar as she approaches Akinah. This is unusual. Something about the place pulled her (further?) toward Shadesmar.
  8. I had some impressions while reading the interlude transcript: - Kaza does not go too shadesmar while soulcasting, - recently, she's been glimpsing Shadesmar, - she assumes this means she is closer to death. - as she approaches Akinah she starts to see Shadesmar and has to crawl through/past it. Seems likely Akinah is a perpendicularity with access to Shadesmar; Through Shadesmar to other worlds.
  9. Here I was wondering who the patron is...
  10. Wait - 10,000 year timeline + Roshar in the middle + 4,500 years since the last desolation = all desolations happened in a 500 year period? give or take??? Even if the desolations happened in, say, 2,000 years (still the middle-ish) and there were "only" 40 of them. That's killing most people off every 50 years. Once in every two generations or so.
  11. I think the OP is right. Taravangian was possessed by someone/something on the day of the diagram. It may have been made possible by the boon/curse of the Nightwatcher. I imagine someone with very, very low intelligence could be easier to possess. It's possible this is an Unmade version of what a Bondsmith would come up with.
  12. Darkness/Nale refers to Ishar in Edgedancer a great deal. It really makes me question what he's been doing and who he's really aligned with. Emphasis mine Seems to me like Ishar has instructed Nale and the Skybreakers to kill all other surgebinders. Worse, it wasn't a one time thing, He's been instructing Darkness all along and is a desolation denier even now.
  13. I think Eshonai was bonded to a spren - the cometlike spren she swats at in WOR. The stormspren have pushed it out. However... we don't know what happens during the highstorm/everstorm event at the end of WOR with her at the bottom of the chasm? Assuming her "cometlike" spren is hanging around during the highstorm - if the stormspren gives up on her to find a parshman? She could be a new woman.
  14. I just got my copy. It took around 9 months. I think they were working hard on the deadline items recently completed.
  15. Thank you Peter! We know how deadlines are and appreciate your work (and Adam & Kara.... and Brandon's too!)