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  1. When we first entered the world of Roshar, we are introduced to the world through the character of Kalak and his breaking of the Oathpack. From the little we see of Kalak we know that he is fundamentally a broken man who has suffered one too many times. This is rather similar to how we are introduced to Kaladin when he gets his own narration. He has seen his squad killed, he became a slave, and every time he fought back he made things worse. He is almost as broken as he could get and all it took were the bridgeruns to fully destroy him. From there Syl saves him and we see him rebuild his life bit by bloody bit. Not only do these two characters share nearly identical names, but they both start out in similar situations of being at their lowest possible low. My theory is that they are mirrors of each other. I feel that at some point the two will run into each other and see in the other what might have happened if they chose a different path. As to what will happen then I don't know, but to me the similarities in more than just name seem too much. Sorry if someone else has commented on this before, but I can't read everything.
  2. I don't think we can be sure until his flashback book is released. From the impression I got, he was doing research, maybe it was into Spren, and he came across evidence that the old magic and dangers were coming back. I have no idea what that might entail, but it clearly wasn't strong enough to convince the other Shen that he was right. Or if it was strong enough it was hidden by those who banished him.
  3. When Shallan meets Kaladin in the war camp in Words of Radiance she gets into a fight with him and she said a lot of really uncalled for things. First, off Kaladin is the Captain of the King's guard so he has to check everyone thoroughly and Shallan had already lied to him so he had no reason to trust her. She acts really spoiled when she feels offended when Kaladin doesn't trust her. Second, when she attacks Kaladin's parents and says that Kaladin never knew them. Seriously, what the Hell Shallan? Just, because Kaladin is a Darkeyes you assume that his home life was terrible? Also, she was no one to talk about a bad home life. While we are at the conversation, Kaladin's dig at Shallan's ancestors mating with sponges was also uncalled for, especially since he is such good friends with Rock. I know this conversation was to show these characters starting at each others' throats, but seriously what was with all of those low blows?
  4. Spoilers for those who haven't finished either Stormlight Archive books. As we all know Odium has shattered Honor's shard and killed its holder. However, as the series goes on it might be impossible for the main characters to fight against a shard holder, without another shard holder. I think that they might have to gather the shattered remnants of Honor's shard and remake it. I don't know if this is possible, but I think it would be interesting to have one of the main characters take up the shard to fight Odium. As for who would wield it, I think it either has to be Kaladin or Dalinar. Dalinar already has the Stormfather as his spren and is set to be a very powerful player in the days to come, but on the other hand there is Kaladin. He already holds an honor spren and these first five books are more or less built around him and I believe that he will be the champion that Honor hinted at in the visions he sent Dalinar. I prefer the idea of Kaladin becoming the new holder of Honor's shard since I feel that it would show the most growth of a character who went from a slave all the way to a God.
  5. Kaladin and Shallan? Really? I am Kaladin/Syl all the way! On a more serious note, they might have a chance with Adolin's..... interesting choice at the end of Words of Radiance. I still don't quite like it just, because of what Shallan is and what Kaladin is, and the views they have of each other's groups.
  6. I loved the story, but I need more. The world needs to be fleshed out more and the characters need more room to breath. I like the story regardless, but I wish the story had been released all at once.
  7. SPOILERS for Words of Radiance After Kaladin defeats Szeth he takes possession of the honorblade Szeth used so my question is can Kaladin bound to it while he is bounded to Syl? This might have been answered somewhere before, but I don't know where to find it and am interested to hear what people have to say on it.
  8. I had a thought that since Syl describes shardblades as spren who are only a live for a little while that it might be possible for them to become completely resurrected. We already know that there is something left of the spren in there so who's to say that with the proper method that we couldn't see the return of these once dead spren.
  9. Yeah that's how you can tell when a book is truly great. When it can effect your life and make it better. Most stories can't do that and the authors who write those stories can't always do it, but when it happens it can really make a difference.
  10. Kaladin and his bridge crew are obviously in Gryffindor, but as for the others that is a bit tricky. Syl would probably be in Gryffindor as well, because I think she would get along well with the Fred and George type. I would put Elhokar in Huffelpuff, because while he means well he just isn't anything special. Adolin probably deserves to be in Huffelpuff as well since while he is skilled in combat he isn't really that good at anything else. Renarin I would put in Ravenclaw, because while I don't see any combat skill in him I think we has potential. Dalinar in his youth belonged in Syltherin, but I think that if he was sorted at the time of the story he would go into Gryffindor. Shallan seems like a huge Ravenclaw to my mind for all of her planning and scheming without being completely uncaring. Sadeas and everyone he is involved with instantly belong in Syltherin for all of the stupid evil things they do. As for the rest I really can't say, but I am sure it would be interesting to see where they would go.
  11. A lot of power metal songs makes me think of the Stormlight Archive. They are usually about fantasy worlds and take me to a place somewhere far beyond my reality (have a cookie if you know the reference without having to look it up) and I usually just default to the Stormlight Archive when thinking about things like that, because it is my favorite fantasy series. In the future I would love to hear a band come out with a song based entirely on the series, but I think that I can wait for Blind Guardian to do something like that.
  12. damnation no kidding! I would love to see some of his interpretations of the Roshar. In particular I want to see the climax of WOR, because storm ridding is awesome!
  13. My opinion on the matter is that yes waiting for sequels sucks I would rather have to wait then spend 3 months finishing a 14 book series that has already ended and needed another author to finish it. Yes WOR does end on a sequel hook, but a lot of plot lines also get finished up and we get a lot of good character development. On the bright side we only have to wait for about a year until the next book comes out and considering how long it takes other writers (I'm looking at you George RR Martin and Patrick Rothfuss) that is a small miracle.
  14. I can't remember if this was covered in the books or not, but where did feruchamy come from? We know that the Terris people had it long before Allomancy and Hemalurgy became some what common in the Mistborn world, but I don't think we know anything else. The only thing that I can think of is that it is a magic system that combines the elements of Ruin and Preservation, although why it was only given to the Terris people is beyond me.
  15. Massive spoilers for Words of Radiance ahead and I don't know how to hide spoilers so be warned. At the end of Words of Radiance Kaladin sets off to his hometown to rescue his parents from the everstorm and the parshmen. I am really curious to see what will happen when he gets there. Will his family still be alive, what happened during his absence, what has Roshone done, and what has happened to Laral? I want to hear what you guys and gals think so please comment and share your thoughts.