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  1. I believe the wording is: I believe this means the contest has no physical limit (like a boxing ring) and no time limit. I am guessing this wording is going to allow for the contest of champions to have some form of a draw. Whether that means both champions just turn around and leave Urithiru and the war continues or some other trick I do not know.
  2. I was actually quite surprised by how much I enjoyed the book. After part 1 I was a bit annoyed at the timeskip and the references to events in Aimia/the west. However, I thought this book did more for furthering cosmere knowledge than any previous book while still maintaining a good story. I also think this had multiple major cosmere scenes: It sounds like your issue is that the ending wasn't as flashy as the battle of Thaylen Fields.
  3. Hello, I noticed that in warbreaker when Vasher uses nightblood he is able to discard Nightblood before all of his investiture is consumed by just throwing him away. However, in Oathbringer when Szeth uses Nightblood he is not able to drop him without the sheath and nearly dies from having all of his investiture drained (Lift has to use healing on him iirc). So my question is why can Vasher drop Nightblood but Szeth cannot? I have a few theories and am curious what other poeple think: Is this a sign of Nightblood growing stronger from having consumed more investiture? If so will he become harder and harder to resist/sheath in the future? Was Vasher able to drop him because he understands how Nightblood works and has a better cognitive understanding of how the investiture is being used Is there an inherent difference in using breaths to fuel Nightblood compared to using Stormlight? My personal opinion is that it is a combination of 2 and 3 where Vasher is able to separate the breaths/investiture he is holding from himself and view them as individual pieces that Nightblood is consuming and then discard the investiture as a separate entity whereas Szeth views the stormlight as a single entity (not a combination of many parts) as well as the stormlight becoming a part of himself, so once Nightblood started feasting on the investiture he had a hold on all of Szeth. Thoughts anyone?
  4. This question has small spoilers for both Warbreaker and Stormlight so I am putting it in a spoiler tag just in case someone hasn't read both Not sure the best way to check if this has been asked and would appreciate some help. Thank you!
  5. My personal theory is that he and Vivenna see nightblood used in full force in Warbreakers sequel. They then disagree on what to do with nightblood. Vasher has the idea that they should take it somewhere far away and give to a power that is unlikely to use it for large scale destruction. In this case Cultivation. Vasher steals nightblood from Vivenna (nightblood mentions Vivenna had him for a time but never used him) and comes to Roshar to give Cultivation Nightblood. The only evidence I have for this is when Dalinar goes to see the nightwatcher he is offered a sword that sounds exactly like nightblood and I don't see the nightwatcher going out and getting nightblood on her own I think it must have been given to her. But this is all speculation.
  6. At the end of OB Odium tells one of the thunderclasts to breakdown the oathgate and as long as the spren of the oathgate are not harmed they will be able to remake the oathgate. My question is if you had to move 1 oathgate anywhere else on Roshar where would you move it? They seem to be fairly spread out as they are and allow access to most of Roshar, but I am curious which one you would move and where you would move it. Personally I would move Vedenar to the north coast by the Reshi Isles (maybe Northgrip). that whole northeastern area seems to be very far from any oathgate while the are near Vedenar is kinda close to Urithiru, Thaylen city, and kholinar.
  7. Another option that I didn't see mentioned is the we could refer to Odium and Cultivation. By the time Honor was splintered and Tanavast died he seemed to be acting strangely. The stormfather mentions that near his end he started only caring about the words of an oath and not the meaning behind the oath. I think it's possible that Cultivation saw/predicted she and Honor were going to be destroyed struck a deal with Odium that lead to his imprisonment and Honors death, but that seems unlikely because I thought Honor and Cultivation got along about as well as 2 shards can. Also, I don't think Odium ever acted alone against Honor. He has an army that gets reborn every desolation and multiple very powerful spren on his side. I don't know how Honor was ultimately destroyed but I wouldn't be surprised (but I would be a little disappointed) if a contest of champions had occurred or someone played turncoat and helped Odium by weakening Honor. Either way I don't think we know enough to come to any conclusion on who Odium saw in Dalinar or who the "we" he referred to was.
  8. I feel like the "power creep" is going to continue because everything points toward both radiants becoming more numerous and more powerful as we have only seen the 3rd ideal (confirmed on screen) and roughly 7 of the 10 (stonewards, willshapers, and dustbringers have only been hinted at) orders in depth as well as Odiums forces are going to have more fused, more unmade, and likely heralds joining their side. I think part of the point of desolations is that "regular people" are completely outclassed and have to rely on radiants/heralds/gods/technology for survival. I understand that "shardbearers can't hold ground" but eventually if Adolin wants to be relevant in battle he will need some way to access investiture and Maya seems the most logical option. looking at past desolations in Dalinars visions we see that anyone who wanted to be a radiant could just apply. Yes it currently isn't the norm but their is no reason to assume that humans and spren working together has to be a rare thing especially in a time of war. My personal hope is a reverse nahel bond where instead of the human having the flaws the spren has the flaws. I have no idea what the consequences of such a bond will be, but I think this will be a more interesting viewpoint than the normal person viewpoint. Also, if Maya is revived I think it will have major consequences for all high spren and could be the single largest game changer for team honor in gaining more radiants. P.S. I also really dislike Malata and want to see her spren realize hating humans for killing spren was wrong.
  9. I just reread Oathbringer and noticed that when Dalinar goes to see the Nightwatcher he has a guide named Felt whose physical description is; "Had to have some Shin blood in him, judging by those eyes". Felt helps guide Dalinar to the Valley and the Nightwatcher. He says that he came to see the nightwatcher, but she didn't show up. His reason is "she doesn't like foreigners" and when Dalinar mentions he is from Alethkar Felt says, "You're a little less foreign". Given that he doesn't look like a full Rosharan and he consideres himself an outsider I am guessing he is a world hopper. What I don't know is what his purpose is. Does anyone know if Felt shows up in anything other scene in SA? He might just be a random character, but I wonder if behind the scenes a secret society (ghostbloods maybe?) was guiding Dalinar toward the nightwatcher. I'm curious if anyone else has a crazy theory.
  10. I am expecting Moelach does have more than just death rattles up his sleeve because: 1) Moelach is said to grant visions at the transition points between realms. This may let him know when people travel between the physical and cognitive realm and possibly interact with them. However he is still described as one of the mindless unmade so his influence is limited. 2) Second Moelach took up residence at the horneater peaks which is where cultivations perpendicularity exists. I expected that he is part of the force holding that under Odiums control, and because he is most potent when people travel between realms he is exactly the unmade Odium wants there. 3) Crazy drunk Jezrien mentions he can hear/feel Moelach nearby indicating Moelach can influence people who are alive and healthy. Although this could be a herald thing. If you want more information the coppermind has a page for him.
  11. I also think that Moash gave the salute as a sign of respect because Moash does not fight Kaladin. Moash had chosen the parsh side in this fight and knows that Kaladin is one of, if not the, biggest enemy the parsh have in Kholinar at the time, but moash sees Kaladin gives the salute and chooses not to fight him. As such I believe the salute was as much a I fulfilled my goal of revenge as it was Moash still showing respect to Kaladin.
  12. This is my own theory and has little backing it up but I think the Sibling could be in Aimia. Little is known about the Sibling, but it is presumably one of the most powerful spren in existence and currently missing with people knowledgeable on the subject (the Stormfather) wanting to keep it that way. To the best of my knowledge the other two spren for bondsmiths are the stormfather (honor) and the nightwatcher (cultivation). While the name sibling makes it seem like it will be part honor and part cultivation it could also be solely associated with Odium. If it is associated with Odium it could be one of the main forms of investiture holding him to Roshar and be a connection between Roshar and Braize making him incredibly important. Even if the Sibling isn't associated with Odium it still seems like one of very few things that could potentially be powerful enough to lead to the destruction of worlds. However, this theory has some major holes because the Sibling has been bonded in the past and no one seems to remember a bondsmith using investiture from Odium or worlds being destroyed because of it, so while I personally want the Sibling to be what is hidden in Aimia I think Dawnshards are the current best candidate. Other than those two options though I can think of only one other in world thing powerful enough to lead to the end of worlds, the source of soulcasting.
  13. An alternate take on opinion 1 is Odium is weakening Taln who is definitely still upholding the oathpact. Each Herald is connected and can share pain which helped them through their time on Braize. However, I doubt Odium really cared about what Jezrien offered humanity and was more concerned with acquiring Jezriens investiture. If I remember correctly the stormfather mentions that Heralds could do surgebinding because it was part of what they were and they did not receive it through the honorblades. I am guessing Odium took that ability and made an Odiumblade with it. Additionally, because Odium made the blade I am guessing it will work off of the same investiture as fused and not necessarily stormlight. Side thought/theory do the honorblades get their power from their herald, and if so will Jezriens honorblade be affected by his death? Guess I'll have to wait and see what Mr. T and Odium do with it.
  14. Wow, I completely forgot that happened. That kinda ruins my entire assessment of that fight. So I guess I do not really know who would win in any of the fights. I guess the only thing I know for certain is if Sanderson wrote one of those fights it would be amazing.
  15. 67% Truthwatcher 59% Elsecaller 47% Lightweaver 35% Bondsmith I've always pictured myself as an Elsecaller with Truthwatcher as a close second so this is just about what I expected. Good quiz I especially liked all of the descriptions of each order at the end.