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  1. I'm not really around anymore, I just popped in becauseā€¦ reasons, but thank you!
  2. I should just listen to all of Seventh Son, it has been a while.
  3. I am momentarily present, I might check in now and then. Thanks
  4. The most eldritch of cakes!
  5. Thank you. Zath demands almonds!
  6. It's my birthday, so I figured I would grace you with my presence. Speaking of anime Boogiepop Phantom is really weird.
  7. I, being me, just say "Merry decaying day".
  8. I will definitely read the sequels, and then hunt down everything else he has written.
  9. Done with City of Stairs Read it.
  10. No I think you should do this. It will be terrible for everyone involved, but also hilarious.
  11. Cows, bigger target, easier to hit, hopefully easier to run away from.
  12. *Mumbles something about Jojo's Bizarre Adventure*
  13. Dresden Files isnt rock hard, but it does have rules. Lets go through how Butcher answered these because Im tired and too lazy to be creative. Crosses: Faith is a kind of magic that hurts vampires. It needs to be a symbol you have faith in, Harry for example uses his pentangle necklace. I would just need to pick up a guitar or throw a copy of Number of the Beast at them. A rapper could probably use the dollar sign they wear around their neck. Streaming water screws with magic. Thresholds are protective fields against magic, Harry can't use magic inside a Home (a place that has been lived in and cared for, public places are public places), magical creatures can't even enter.
  14. Read Dresden Files, Butcher answers all of these questions beautifully... except garlic, for some reason...
  15. I give up. INTP, by the way, not that it means anything.