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  1. I feel like Taravangian setting himself up as a double agent can only go badly. One mistake, one day where he is too smart, and it all falls apart. It's a high risk/high reward strategy. The only reason you would go for that if you were as smart as he was on that day is if it really is the only option, which means either he is wrong, or the radiants are going to fall again.
  2. Maybe VenDell has managed to figure out a complicated process to allow him to turn breath into another form of innate investiture, and is using that.
  3. I was like "Kandra!!! Oh, Hoid!!!!! MORE KANDRA!!! TENSOON!!!
  4. 21 days is not a necro where i come from.
  5. Just some advice, use Magic Set Editor to make your cards, it is much more powerful. Also, Kaladin is too weak, the Hazekiller is too strong (3/3 for 3 colourless is way too good.). Vin is insane and wayyy off colour.
  6. i believe in kaladin/shallan, but even if it doesn't happen, having a good relationship with someone could pull him out of his depression.
  7. Enteri, after what seems like endless time says these words: Books before friends 17th shard before real word release dates before birthdays and the final words: i will read that which has not been read
  8. Or just a forum native. or just a person who knows how to use the search bar.
  9. Hello.
  10. (creating my RP char here.) Enteri walks through the door, staring at a book. "oh, im here" he says nevously "can i join?"
  11. When you compulsivly check the forums, even though no-one is on.
  12. you can. you focus alot on things you like and get easily distracted on things you don't.
  13. I certainly agree. Also, hello to the forums.
  14. Renarin. I have Aspergers (and ADHD, but he doesnt).
  15. This supports the Theory a lot.