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  1. Hi

    Hi, Hemalurgist! Welcome to the 17th Shard, I'm new here too. Which of Brandon's books is your favorite?
  2. Thanks, Nathaniel!
  3. Hello everyone, my name is Rashek and I'm a huge fan of Sanderson's works. I discovered the Cosmere and this site a while back after reading Stormlight. Since then, I have read all of Sanderson's cosmere novels as well as Reckoners. (As you can probably tell from my username, the Mistborn trilogy is currently my favorite). Some tidbits about me from my Coppermind article: I am incredibly tall and handsome, I have a swivel chair, and I am fond of playing and listening to music. (These aren't from my edits, I promise... well not all of them, anyway ) I look forward to discussing and speculating with all of you!