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  1. Sorry if asked already, but I was re-reading Rhythym of War, and the parts where certain Chars can see into shardesmar made me wonder what would they see if they looked into shadesmar/cognitive realm to see what an Honorblade looks like there.
  2. I have re-read the Stormlight books multiple times at this point: TWoK - 5 WoR - 4 Oathbringer - 3 RoW - 1 I never want to leave them because there is always something more I can find out, or just purely enjoying the books themselves. Has anyone ever talked about, or even thought about a different way to re-read them? I was thinking the other night of taking all the scenes for one character and making a cut of the books focused solely on them. (including scenes where the might not be the POV but are still in the scene. There could be a Kaladin Cut, a Dalinar Cut, even a Shallan Cut for those who would enjoy that. Just as a different way to re-read and see things in a slightly different perspective. Might be a terrible idea as you would lose a lot of what makes the books great from experience the whole world from multiple people.
  3. Now a new question arises. Do you have to be moving in order to store speed? Do you have to be moving in order to tap speed?
  4. Yeah I guess I was just thinking how speed is measured in our universe, and seeing how that applied to Steelrunning. It lead me to these questions. I think I am leaning towards the third option. Storing time for themselves only, not a bubble Storing distance, which doesn't really make sense unless someone They store Distance over time which is speed (so both) Now that I think about it, when someone is storing speed, they have to be moving, right? So it does involve distance in the sense that you have to change your position in space. So when you are storing speed, you have to move and its going to take more time to do it. I think I convinced myself out of my own theory, ha!
  5. You get my point exactly. My question re-phrased: when they are storing/taping their power, are the storing/tapping Time or Distance or Both? Can they choose?
  6. So speed is a measurement of distance over time. Take 1 regular person and 1 steel Ferring, put them against each other in a 50 meter dash. Obviously the Steelrunner will win, but why? They won because they got a faster time, not because they traveled more distance. In that scenario the distance is 50 meters for both people. That doesn't change. The only thing that changes is the time it takes them. Steelrunners store personal time. on the flip side, I cannot picture in my head how someone would store distance, but idk I could be convinced. I am guessing there is someone smarter than me that can tell me why I am wrong about this
  7. One of my favorite Sanderson works. I thought it would be cool if Sanderson was bored on a long flight, he could write the same exact book, but from Vathi's perspective. The interactions between Vathi and Sixth are so alien to each other, I always wondered what was going on in Vathi's head.
  8. I'm sure this has been mentioned, but I just realized that if perfect invocation draws more color, shouldn't it turn black...since black is the absence of color, and white is all colors?
  9. Could it be music spren because they have rhythms like the parshendi?
  10. Hey folks, I usually get a signed copy from Brandon's website (, but I am not seeing it. I went to his other website ( and read the latest update about the release party at BYU. It mentioned ordering it from the BYU book store, but I am uncertain if I can just get it shipped to my house or if I have to go to Utah to pick it up (not happening). It also mentioned that Weller Books was going to ship signed copies, but the link is broken. So my question is, how do I get a signed, hardcover copy of Oathbringer???
  11. For a massive book like Oathrbringer, I read them. For smaller books like the Wax and Wayne novels, I avoid. Purely because they are so short that don't want to read 1/5 of the book before it even comes out.
  12. It's Hoid
  13. People people people...Haven't you realized yet that Hoid's real name is Taneleer Tivan?