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  1. Talanel Fan Club?? Where do I sign up?? He's just so amazing. That scene with Ash made me tear up. He doesn't blame them. He was the last to break. And it took them four thousand years to break him. Will somebody give this man a storming medal?
  2. Ordered it through Amazon and it's saying Tomorrow 8pm. I have no idea what timezone that is
  3. Is anyone watching Koutetsujou no Kabaneri? It's basically set in samurai meets steampunk world with ironman zombies and vampire zombies. That is one of the weirdest sentences I've ever written but man, it works. The MC can be a bit annoying (think Eren from SnK. I wanna slap him several times) but the other characters are great. Mumei, Yukina and Ayame especially. Mumei's my precious daughter and Yukina and Ayame's my wives. Plus the soundtrack is super nice. Also Boku no Hero Academia!! The anime is staying with the manga so I'm really happy. Plus AllMight is such a big ham XD Also watching Bungou Stray Dogs. It's okay, I guess.
  4. Thank you for all the advice. My cousin knows about it and I told her I'll tell my father if it happens again. A Creeper Diary seems great. I'll make one.
  5. Unfortunately no. I'm the eldest child and we're all girls. And if I do tell my Uncle or my Father I'm pretty sure their gonna go march to tht guy's house and punch him or something and I really don't want that mess. Even if I do want to punch him. The only good thing with this is that I go home only during weekends. Still, two days of seeing this guy is two days too many.
  6. My neighbor, probably mid20's to 30's confessed to me months ago and ever since he's been trying to get my attention everytime I step out of our house. A few minutes ago, I was going out of our subdivision, he saw me and invited me to ride with him. He said he was going out and I might as well ride with him to safe time. IDK but I've always gotten bad vibes from this guy. I said no, he kept on insisting, I kept saying no. Alarms were ringing in my head and there was no way I'll get inside a car with him. Then he asked me to help him with a problem on his car brake and I just. I'm just so creeped out. I made some excuses and it took all my willpower not to actually run away.He's ten, twenty years my senior. He's always with a kid who could be his son for all I know. The worst it, I'm 19. I don't look nineteen. People think I'm 15. Heck I could pass off as a first year high school if I want to and this guy is just... uuuuuggghhh
  7. I like it. The CGs were good or at least better than most series I've watched. The costuming part was so funny. So that's why they need capes! XD I am currently in love with the sister. That zip-down-a-helicopter-and-pull-helmet-off scene made my heart skip a bit. The Badass Normal trope is high on my favorite list.
  8. I still haven't finished rereading everything but I do have to wonder why the skaa killed Sart. I don't know much about the players of SE but aren't there other better targets for the Skaa to kill? The only thing I could think of is: a. It was completely random b. Sart suspected someone that is a Skaa or said something c. An experienced player is a Skaa and it's not like they can kill themself right? d. The Skaa wants us to think of © Am I completely running in circles here?
  9. The best ship will always be ArthurxTree though XD
  10. Oh. Vote Tally Me&books (3): Sart, Araris, Ripple Sart (1): Clanky Lopen (1): Maill Phatt (2): Alfa, STINK Ripple (4): Alv, Joe, Creccio DeathCluth (1): Lopen Maill (2): Wyrm Alv (1): Kas So, Ripple's on the lynch table because of a simple typo? That's too simple of a reason... Edit: Ninjaed. Removed Orlok's vote Edit: html is hard on phone Edit: why isn't the ul thingy not working?? Edit: Removed Kas' vote from Mailliw. Place it on Alv.
  11. Okay, first off, you all live in wonky timezones compared to me. I just slept for a few hours and you all already generated four pages od discussion. Second, I'm fine with going with Joe's plan? I mean at the very least, it's a plan. I'd rather we do something other than killing ourselves. As for the limited use of metals, well, we were given them to use. Not using the metals is also wasting it. At the very least, give it one cycle, I think. Of course, if anyone has a better plan then go. The possibilities: A. Joe uses tin, lurcher lurches him: - Joe finds out who the lurcher is and finally tells us his whole 47 steps plan B. Someone soothes him. - We learn that the Skaa has a Soother C. If Joe is evil - Uuuh. IDK how we'll find out, but we lynch him? Or a coinshot kills him. D. If Joe and Lurcher is evil and this is one of their convulted plans - ??? Well, those are the only things in my mind. Anyone care to fill in the blanks? Would these kamojis do the job? (^▽^)(‐^▽^‐)(^~^)( ̄ー ̄)(v^_^)v
  12. Oh man. That episode was my favorite one. It feels so gratifying seeing Uther so lovestruck with a honest to goodness troll. He deserves it. He deserves it so much. I remembered shipping Morgana/Merlin so badly during the early seasons. I mean, I get Arthur/Merlin, I see their chemistry and understand why people would ship them, I just liked Morgana/Merlin better.
  13. Maybe he's just tired? Or sleepy? Or something like that?