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  1. Agreed. My point was that turning the pages might be more physical effort than carrying the blackbane and she might not have been previously been able to turn the pages. That said, I think the point of the scene was definitely more to point out how she can now read, further demonstrating her "humanlike" development.
  2. At the end of the book, Syl is able to smell Kaladin. That stood out to me. As if she was manifesting a physical form through some sort of progression. I just think that smell is something that's really of the physical realm, so its something that Syl will start to sense more strongly as she manifests in the physical realm. Also, turning pages of the medical book, that seemed like something a bit extra to what Syl was previously able to do. I think there's a subtle progression of Syl being more able to physically influence the world on her own accord i.e. lifting things as a spren rather than as a shard implement.
  3. No disagreement here, Odium more or less mentions that he failed to Dalinar. I think Kaladin swearing the 4th oath was a really big step in his management of his depression/anxiety. It means he's not going see peoples' deaths as a failure. Also his bond with Syl, it has strengthened so that they're more able to use each other as support. Its almost turning into a healthy marriage, with good communication/sharing of feelings. Odium's pathway to "converting" Kaladin was through his depression. With what we saw in RoW, I would be surprised if that path ever opens again. Sure Kaladin will always have his ups and downs (he mentions as much), but not to the extent to be exploited by Odium.
  4. I agree with others, Odium was looking at Kaladin as his next champion. At the very least he was converting Kaladin to his side. This quote, which I haven't seen mentioned in this thread is, almost states it:
  5. I'm also thinking that the fifth ideal could be related the the fourth ideal. Similar to how the 2nd and 3rd ideal are both affirmative statements to protecting. the Fourth and Fifth ideal might both be statements towards not protecting. It quite devastating to think about, but the fifth ideal might be along the lines of self-sacrifice in order to protect. This is something that Kaladin has always done, but I think it now has particular meaning given that he has started to actually learn to love himself. There is honor in sacrifice. A parallel would be how the US military awards the Medal of Honor.
  6. Its clear we all sit somewhere on a spectrum; some of us find more enjoyment in characterisation/character interaction and others lean towards world-building/lore etc. The Stormlight books also fit on the spectrum. For TWoK and WoR, being the first books, there was more character work as the characters had to be fleshed out by necessity. With the characters established, the pendulum has swung more towards world building and lore. Some of the character stuff is clearly stated rather than shown eg. We know Kaladin and Jasnah don't get along, but we've only had a short interaction between the two in OB, other than that we get a few sentences throughout RoW stating the fact. On the other hand we had a more space dedicated to fabrials, callouts to the greater cosmere etc compared to previous entries in the series. That's said, we're still getting good character work, for example chapter 12 spent time establishing the Kaladin-Adolin-Shallan friendship. Personally, I also prefer a balance more towards characterisation (more chapters like chapter 12) but I can understand how RoW is some peoples' favourite entry in the series. In fact, even though I don't read other series in the cosmere, I've found myself researching on coppermind because, give i'm invested in the characters, I also care about the world they live in.
  7. I immediately thought: "likely cool scene where listeners save the day, entering the battle with chasmfiends".
  8. The Stormfather does say something along of the lines of Honor loving humans and sacrificing himself for their sake. At face value, that statement doesn't really fit with Honor wishing for endless cycle of warfare. There have been various warrior cultures that have a strong honor system, so I understand the theory. That said, soldiers also value honor (at least in an army with a good culture). The distinction between a soldier and a warrior being the former fights to live/protect, the latter lives to fight. Soldiers wish for the end of conflict, warriors don't.
  9. I doubt this will turn out to be the main focus of Kaladin's arc in book 5, it will almost certainly evolve into something larger in scope. With Kaladin going with Szeth, their two arcs will be related and placing Kaladin in contact with Ishar who has been there from the "beginning" as well as the Shin (who also seem to know a lot) is perfect to finally reveal questions that have been around since book 1.
  10. Overall enjoyed the book. Was better than OB for me, but not up to TWoK and WoR. Definitely agree that the cosmere info dumps are often too convenient. I'm often wiling to give a pass when an ally is passing info to an ally e.g. when Zahel was speaking to Kaladin, but i don't find it believable when an adversary info dumps eg. Odium telling Dalinar that he wants to make him a space faring conqueror. I enjoyed the fact that Kaladin has more time compared to OB, even though I'd admit the pacing was slow in the middle portion of the book (still enjoyed it though). I think in contrast with the cosmere info dumps, the continual strengthening of his bond with Syl and the way Syl is becoming more human-like has been quite organic so far. This coupled with fact that there's a lot of setup for Kaladin having a long lifespan in the cosmere (cognitive shadow) makes me excited for the possibility that they could eventually be some sort of power couple in the greater cosmere.
  11. youtube

    Personally, I love hyping myself up. I find the expectation fun. Sure disappointment sucks, but afterwards its also enjoyable to discuss critically what was enjoyable and what wasn't. Journey before destination.
  12. Lopen alone in S-tier.
  13. I think there was no mention of him this chapter because he's a bit more of major character in Kaladin's life compared to Sigzil and Skar so a conversation with him would be too important to handle "off screen". My guess is that Teft will be promoted to a position above Sigzil and Skar. I've always seen Moash, Rock and Teft as the "Big 3" Bridge 4 members in Kaladin's life and Teft is really the only one remaining in a sense.
  14. Kaladin not speaking to Teft was a noticeable omission to me and I assume its because there will be separate conversation between Teft and Kaladin in a later chapter that covers Kaladin's change in role. Given Sigzil and Skar received promotions to cover Kaladin's duties, I'm guessing that Teft will be asked to do the same.
  15. I, like others, love @DimChatz's theory, just thought I would share some personal thoughts relating to the theory. Firstly, if a divorce scenario was to occur (not sure if it even exists in Alethi culture) I think it would have to be Adolin that instigates because he see that Shallan prefers Kaladin and is selfless enough to sacrifice his own happiness for that of Shallan's. I just don't see a compelling scenario where Shallan can't stand Adolin to the point where she seeks divorce; my impression is that divorce is not really seen as an option in Alethi culture so I can see Shalln sticking it out despite been unsatisfied deep down. On the other hand it works for me from a narrative sense if Adolin is the party more to drastically break societal norms and seek divorce. He ends up alone but at least he comes out of the situation looking cool. EDIT: I can also imagine the Veil aspect of Shallan not letting anything get in the way, so that's another angle. That said the idea of navigating through a groundbreaking divorce in the storyline doesn't sound compelling to me (although BS could probably make it work). It hurts to comprehend but I think BS could write a break up of Shallan/Adolin through tragic circumstances with a lot of impact despite it mirroring the Gavilar/Navani relationship and I think this is the more likely scenario.