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  1. The rushed ending in Calamity was my largest criticism of the series. I would highly recommend re-reading Calamity. The 2nd time around I found the pacing to flow a lot better and enjoyed the book as a whole quite a bit more.
  2. Just remembered this again... Anyone got any other questions?
  3. Tonight!
  4. Random speculation: Venli will meet up with the Listeners who refused Stormform and then escaped. They will be the other Willshapers (and possibly Rlain).
  5. We have already seen Dalinar use his Plate on screen or at least the beginning of him using Plate. In the vision that Dalinar brought Venli into after Odium starts to unravel the world Dalinar forms plate around his arm and uses it to pull himself up a rock. For that matter, we have seen Jasnah and Shallan's plate as well.
  6. This is likely the case, but as long as people believe it Silence can cash in on it. Alternately, if enough people believe it, it may actually become true. We could be seeing something similar to how Spren can change if human perception of them changes.
  7. Humans are weird.
  8. I'm pretty sure Silence outright says that pigs tend to keep Shades away. That seems like an excellent reason to keep them around on Threnody.
  9. I believe you are misinterpreting Fortune in the Cosmere. You seem to be equating it to luck. It is more like clairvoyance and seeing/knowing/predicting/interpreting the future. Think of Fortune more in terms of a "fortune teller" than "that was very fortunate". As for her having snapped, this I agree with*; I highly doubt she snapped in an Allomantic sense (I have seen some theories that suggest she is a worldhopper or Scadrian decent and whatnot). Instead I think we are seeing a constant of the Cosmere in that severe trauma can damage your Spirit Web. I think we are seeing something very similar to the screams Szeth hears when he closes his eyes when Sebruki stares at a wall blankly.
  10. I can see how the Sazed voice would be a give-away, but personally I found it obvious anyways. My first time reading HoA I had it figured out at: The structure of the speech screamed Sazed at me right away, so... @Govir you beat me to it mate.
  11. wayne jokes

    It's a bit outdated, but I suspect you'll get a kick out of this thread.
  12. I've actually been thinking about this for a couple of days now since origonally reading your post and last night I went back and re-read the scenes where Hrathen and then Sarene are in Elantris. Hrathen doesn't remark any injuries whether it be bruising, scrapes, etc. after his "fight" which he certainly would have sustained even in such a one sided fight. If you've ever punched someone in the face (which Hrathen does to one of the Elantrians that attacks him) then you know you almost certainly would bruise your knuckles if not worse. We also see him become delirious with dehydration something we do not see from the other Elantrians. We then see with Sarene that while she has normal hunger and such but she doesn't have the ravenous hunger of other Elantrians. Also we see her hair growing. If the potion had faked Connection enough to actually to actually mimic the Shaod transformation then it stands to reason they would had that same complications of the Shaod as the true Elantrians. I think it is far more likely that Forton's concoction magically-chemically mimics the appearance of post-Reod Elantrians as you had origonally assumed.
  13. Always sad to see the media trying to keep a good clown down.
  14. What are your thoughts on seeing a clown as treatment for depression?
  15. I've been re-reading the Cosmere the last few months and I just got onto my Oathbringer reread. This time around I caught something that I hadn't seen talked about so I figured I'd point it out; When Shallan is exploring Kholinar as Veil she encounters Hoid telling the story of Mishim. He recognizes her through her illusion. Shallan comments that Hoid has a white and black jar in his satchel. This is a jar of White Sand and is likely how he identified her since the Kinetic Investiture of her illusion would change the sand's color.