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  1. It is going to be Prudence.
  2. Not necessarily, Brandon actually adopted RAFO from Robert Jordan. Robert Jordan always explained RAFO with the caveat that sometimes you simply will not get all the answers.
  3. I probably enjoyed this a bit too much...
  4. Just a few predictions for the last two episodes for timestamp purposes:
  5. Here is essentially all of the info we know about Dysian Aimians
  6. Saw it last night...
  7. Cal, what part of this is supposed to be the unpopular opinion? Also, please get out of my head... it is unsettling to read someone lay out essentially my exact thoughts on something.
  8. Hmmmm....
  9. The rushed ending in Calamity was my largest criticism of the series. I would highly recommend re-reading Calamity. The 2nd time around I found the pacing to flow a lot better and enjoyed the book as a whole quite a bit more.
  10. Just remembered this again... Anyone got any other questions?
  11. Tonight!
  12. Random speculation: Venli will meet up with the Listeners who refused Stormform and then escaped. They will be the other Willshapers (and possibly Rlain).
  13. We have already seen Dalinar use his Plate on screen or at least the beginning of him using Plate. In the vision that Dalinar brought Venli into after Odium starts to unravel the world Dalinar forms plate around his arm and uses it to pull himself up a rock. For that matter, we have seen Jasnah and Shallan's plate as well.
  14. This is likely the case, but as long as people believe it Silence can cash in on it. Alternately, if enough people believe it, it may actually become true. We could be seeing something similar to how Spren can change if human perception of them changes.