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  1. I suppose I should ask you something as well... Who is your favorite character in the Cosmere? Who are your favorite Brandon and non-Brandon, non-Cosmere characters? Why to each?
  2. A few things I will say in favor of Lift; I really did enjoy the adventures of Lift and Szeth, there is excellent juxtaposition between them. Admittedly though, I enjoy the Szeth half of the pair significantly more than the Lift half. Also while I find Lift annoying I find Wyndle delightful. It's not his fault his Radiant can be so grating. He wouldn't have even picked her if given a choice.
  3. My least favorite book is Well of Ascension, it is fine, but I feel like it doesn't flow nearly as well as his others. Least favorite character is a bit tougher; there are characters I don't like but that I appreciate for what they are. Straff Venture or Sadeas would fall into this category, I think they are well written but obviously distasteful. As for general dislike for a character I'm not sure anyone really sticks out. I think Lift is slightly annoying and I'm not particularly excited about her being a main point of view character though I think she is somewhat funny and enjoyable in small doses. Raoden is another, he sort of falls more into a "Shrug, meh" situation for me though where I just don't think he adds his fair weight to the story in the same way that Hrathen and Sarene do.
  4. Been a while... time to resurrect this thread...
  5. Made some changes per recent WOBs.
  6. Alas, it is not, this is from the Wheel of Time (Book 12: The Gathering Storm). It is referring to Rand standing on top of Dragonmount and awakening from his madness.
  7. From Gavilar's death until the events of WoR it has been approximately 7 years. When Amaram sees Hoid in WOR he makes a comment along the lines of "So this is the new Wit..." that would indicate that Hoid has been the Wit for at most 7 years. Judging by how Dalinar and Adolin initially react to him I would guess it is much less time than that. That doesn't rule out the possibly that Hoid was on Roshar longer doing other things but still the implication is he hasn't been there that long. Edit: @RShara beat me to the same point regarding the letters. Removed.
  8. Would you call it a "cutting accusation"? With that said, when I was like 17 or 18 I was told that I "radiate boy-pretty".
  9. nightwatcher

    At Jordancon '16 Brandon confirmed that the Nightwatcher is on the same level as the Stormfather:
  10. I have a few favorites from Sanderson:
  11. 8/23:Updated the list per a new WOB on the Celebrant Chain. 10/23: Updated the Bavadin question per a new WOB.
  12. @Nathrangking I just answered your poll but my answer was based on an assumption I had made. I figured I should verify it... Ms. Devlin isn't really a she is it? More like the face that entity wore at that the time, no? Assuming that is the case the I would say yes to more appearances but not necessarily in that particular form.
  13. It's an annoying song wouldn't you say?