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  1. I had been taking a Cosmere break and stopped working on this for a few months while reading other things. This past weekend I knocked out Warbreaker for the first time in a couple of years. It brought up a Nightblood question that I don't believe I've ever seen someone ask.
  2. Smoking would not shut off your Soothing or Rioting. It only stops the Smoker themselves from Being soothed/rioted. We have seen several instances of Vin and Kelsier using Emotional Allomancy while their copper cloud is up. We also see we also see Breeze and his team using emotional allomancy while inside of a copper cloud. With all that said, I agree that claiming to be a smoker would be the play.
  3. To add to this; At the tavern where Kaladin first met Graves with Moash, Rock describes them as the "Waters of life" in his story about meeting the god of travel; Lunu'anaki (Hoid).
  4. At the island in my kitchen. Covid-19 put me in indefinite work from home as my physical presence in the office isn't necessary to do my job. I actually have an office in my house but it is more or less being used as storage and I just couldn't be bothered to make room so I just turned part of my kitchen into my office. It's quite the setup, 2 large monitors, my lap top etc.
  5. Right, this is a thing... anyone have any more questions?
  6. I tend to think you are right but I somewhat doubt she speaks English. Here a few relevant WOBs.
  7. Apologies, please disregard my post, my phone is acting up...
  8. I was really careful to answer as honestly as possible and even took the quiz a couple of times. With minor percentage changes I got the same results each time. Interestingly if you had asked me to place myself I would have probably said Elsecaller or Skybreaker as logic and order are probably my two most defining characteristics. Truthwatcher surpised me a bit.
  9. Guess I'm an Elsecaller.
  10. The extent that we know of it's Feruchemical properties is that Sazed had experimented with it in Feruchemy but hadn't made any real progress. This is mentioned in either TFE or WOA. I suspect the issue is that while he knew it wasn't Feruchemically inert, he didn't know what was stored with it so he couldn't tap it as a Metalmind (As intent is a big part of the process). Post Ascension he definitely knows, but as there isn't any accessible Atium to use to make the Alloy there isn't really any practical use for the knowledge in ERA 2. Maybe we will see something about it during "The Lost Metal".
  11. To build a little bit off of the WOBs @Pathfinder posted: Specifically: The #'s that we know are associated with specific Shards: 1: Automomy 5: Endowment 9: Odium 10: Honor 16: Preservation
  12. While it isn't Allomantically inert, I doubt even a Mistborn could burn it under normal circumstances. Your saliva would make it (and presumably the Mistborn) explode. They wouldn't be able to swallow it to burn it... Relevant WOBS:
  13. I pictured Shardblades like the Ultima Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts. The Shadeplade I more or less pictured as a very crisp and shiny Alphonse Elric