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  1. The extent that we know of it's Feruchemical properties is that Sazed had experimented with it in Feruchemy but hadn't made any real progress. This is mentioned in either TFE or WOA. I suspect the issue is that while he knew it wasn't Feruchemically inert, he didn't know what was stored with it so he couldn't tap it as a Metalmind (As intent is a big part of the process). Post Ascension he definitely knows, but as there isn't any accessible Atium to use to make the Alloy there isn't really any practical use for the knowledge in ERA 2. Maybe we will see something about it during "The Lost Metal".
  2. To build a little bit off of the WOBs @Pathfinder posted: Specifically: The #'s that we know are associated with specific Shards: 1: Automomy 5: Endowment 9: Odium 10: Honor 16: Preservation
  3. While it isn't Allomantically inert, I doubt even a Mistborn could burn it under normal circumstances. Your saliva would make it (and presumably the Mistborn) explode. They wouldn't be able to swallow it to burn it... Relevant WOBS:
  4. horror

    High Prince Hatham, he is the most interesting character in Stormlight that we know next to nothing about; Per Sadeas we know he has a Ryshadium, he has and shown political savvy through use of his Ardents to maneuver the Natan ambassador, he has expressed interest in working with Dalinar and eventually came to Urithriu and accepted the title of Highprince of Works, and per Jasnah's notes, she found him intelligent and competent. I suspect he has a bigger role to come.
  5. When Moash kills Kaladin.
  6. It should also be noted that Timbre tells Venli that her grandfather was killed by the Recreance. Also it has been confirmed:
  7. cosmere

    I believe it is the bead of Lerasium that Hoid took from the Well of Ascension. Edit, yeah it's the Lerasium, Per WOB:
  8. On that note; The Heralds are also a very similar mechanic via Honor's Investiture.
  9. @StealthPrincess sorry to be the bearer of bad news... I suppose this could change but I suspect that it wont (Wayne has "I die at the end of the series" written all over him...).
  10. Here's one I've been mulling over for the last couple of years: The Dustbringers shattered the plains around Natanatan,
  11. There is some circumstantial evidence that the Truthwatcher Spren and therefore Glys might be the "Keenspren". For reference: While describing his life as a gardener, Wyndle lists off various types of Spren that had came to him to have gardens grown. Every type that he mentions we know to be a Radiantspren, less the Keenspren. Assuming they follow suit, then there are your Truthwatcher Spren (Or Stoneward Spren [though they seem to be a worse fit] as we know every other order's Spren).