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  1. Updated the list per a new WOB on the Celebrant Chain.
  2. @Nathrangking I just answered your poll but my answer was based on an assumption I had made. I figured I should verify it... Ms. Devlin isn't really a she is it? More like the face that entity wore at that the time, no? Assuming that is the case the I would say yes to more appearances but not necessarily in that particular form.
  3. It's an annoying song wouldn't you say?
  4. ...Every Chekhov's gun is foreshadowing when you look at it backwards.Want another example? Hrathen sends Fyorn off to study at a new Monastery so he can serve the empire and Shu Dereth again in the future. He later comes back and assassinates Hrathen as he first task in the Rathbore Monastery. ...Or the Silver crossbow bolt in SFSitFoH. The point is Brandon uses Chekhov's gun as a writing tool in his works.
  5. Actually, the Hemalurgic bullet that Wax shoots at Bleeder was made from his Pathian Earring and was originally stamped with the 10 interlocking rings of the Path, they aren't identical at all. Ranette just melted it down and made it into a bullet. The earring he is given at the end of SOS is described as "Just a stud with the back bent over" which is exactly how Vin's earring is described all throughout Era 1. I suspect that we will see this "yet to fire gun" fire in The Lost Metal. @Karger, it may well just be an earring that was made from an Inquisitor spike, but the specific description and the fact that there are a couple of scenes showing Wax almost put it in and then not lead me to believe there is something more here. Anyways, Want another example of a Sanderson Chekhov's Gun? In the prologue of Warbreaker, Vasher offhandedly comments to himself that he could have the 5th Heightening at any time but it wasn't worth the cost. At the end of the story he reveals himself to be a Returned.
  6. Go back and read the descriptions of the Spike that is left for Wax at the end of Shadows of Self and then the later description on the train in Bands of Mourning along with the multiple scenes when Wax almost puts it in his ear but then doesn't.. If that isn't Chekhov's Hemaluric Spike, then I don't know what is. SOS Epilogue
  7. I don't know man, sometimes you just gotta Burninate.
  8. @Truthwatcher_17.5 there is a decent chance that Wax has Vin's earring.
  9. @Nathrangking, I just got a chance to read it. I enjoyed it. There are some grammar issues that others have noted so I'll just skip past them . A few notes on the story itself; I very much enjoyed the vagueness of the story overall, with that said, I think you over-described the man and his dog at the beginning. I suspect you were doing it to contrast with the lack of details as to what was actually going on, but you may have overdone it a bit. In a longer short story I would approve of the contrast as you can bring it full circle, but in something so brief I think sticking with the bare bones descriptions would be more thematically appropriate. If anything I would probably go for a more detailed description of Ms. Lil and use that for a contrast of shadowed half life the Vet lives. With that said, your Mephistopheles woman's name is a little, well, "meh" I would probably go in one of two directions with it. Either be much more direct with it or change it to something completely inconsequential. For me the subtle nod in her name just didn't work. Her diatribe and macabre bargain both did work well though.
  10. I'm just going to address this part as @RShara's post actually hits everything else in your question... Had Sazed ingested Lerasium he would not have been able to Ascend as he did. He would have been too connected to Preservation to become the vessel of Ruin.
  11. Right, this is a thing... Anyone got any other questions?
  12. I added a question I thought of while re-reading Warbreaker. This one is mostly just me wanting confirmation of what I realized this read through was my head canon despite having no supporting evidence... 8/1: Added a few more Warbreaker questions.