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  1. In addition Timbre is female (Venli), Glys is male (Renarin), Tumi is male (Rlain), I'm sure there are others. Edit: removed most of the stuff from this post as @yulyulk covered it.
  2. Haha fair enough. Neither of them appear until Book 8 "The Path of Daggers" (although Silviana is mentioned in book 5 "The Fires Of Heaven" 's prologue).
  3. The man is a treasure. He is up there with Furyk Karede and Silviana Brehon for my favorite secondary characters.
  4. 1/2 Correct. ^Correct. A full explanation, this is a spoiler, though not a particularly relevant one storywise. With good detective work this can be figured out by roughly the end of Book 4:
  5. Brown followed closely by the White.
  6. Yes, he died in a hunting "accident" but it is strongly implied there was foul-play.
  7. Taringail was Moiraine's half-brother. Did you figure out who killed him yet?
  8. We actually have some contextual clues that she may be in Urithiru. In Oathbringer when Veil is giving her team lessons about being a spy in the breakaway she details a women at the bar who is Alethi but dressed in a Thaylen style dress. This may well be Tarah as her preference for Thaylen style dresses is noted in one of Kaladin's flashbacks.
  9. Nightblood killed Rayse so Szeth w/Nightblood already avenged her
  10. I've been rocking the same Venture Bros playmat since ~2008, needless to say with heavy play over the years it has seen better days... With much sadness, I am officially retiring it. On a positive note, I just ordered a new one:
  11. Mostly because I know this will rustle some peoples jimmies... RIP to Moash's eyesight, the true loss of the RoW.
  12. You don't need to be in the board to see the subject if it is the most recently posted in topic.
  13. @Ookla The Frustrated Could you change your subject line since that is a major spoiler for people who haven't read RoW yet...