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  1. The first Sanderson work I read was The Gathering Storm the first Cosmere book I read was The Way of Kings.
  2. Not really related, but the potion Hrathen drank was invested. So yeah, you're Invested eyedrops aren't so unfeasible.
  3. Seeing as I am apparently a Dawnsinger now... "These Voidbringers know no songs. They cannot hear Roshar, and where they go, they bring silence. They look soft, with no shell, but they are hard. They have but one heart, and it cannot ever live."
  4. Aran'Gar: Mesanna:
  5. Correct. And for that matter, Aran'gar is Balthamel post-resurrection.
  6. You are born with your latent Allomantic powers. Vin for example snapped at birth due to complications and a difficult childbirth. This WOB confirms it:
  7. I believe you are mis-reading my post; I am saying that I believe Trell is Autonomy. Either way, your point is valid. My point was regardless if you think that Trell is Autonomy or Odium, you are seeing a case with Bleeder where a metal of non-Scadrian origin is being used for Hemalurgy on Scadrial.
  8. Bleeder's spike was made of "Trellium" [for lack of another term]. We can make an educated guess that Trell is Autonomy (or a less educated, but still somewhat reasonable guess that Trell is Odium). And that metal was used one Scadrial. This would indicate the metals origin isn't necessarily relevant. I believe there was a WOB that said a spike made of a gem was plausible although I can't find it. Also Vyre's dagger is Hemalurgy after a fasion. Here are a few relevent WOBs:
  9. Mate, I hardly ever need to post anymore because you type my answers for me
  10. Please disregard this post, I apparently posted it in the wrong thread, not sure how that happened...
  11. To add more to this, I need to put another point in Oathbringer's favor; The Dalinar flashbacks are the best of the three books.
  12. I tend to agree with @Calderis here. To build on this, I suspect that the Illumination surge is actually giving Shallan a brief glimpse into the Spiritual Realm here. With mastery of the Illumination surge, she may be able to do it at will. It should also be noted that assuming that she in fact is glimpsing the Spiritual realm, these things she is "seeing" and drawing are likely happening simultaneously. In the Spiritual realm all locations are one so it stands to reason she is seeing things happening in other places.
  13. I've read everything in the Cosmere several times. This is a tough question... I find it hard to separate the books, as it really is just one long story. ... I suppose I'll give multiple answers; The Way of Kings is the best written of the books. Words Of Radiance was probably the most enjoyable and best paced of the books start to finish. Oathbringer had the best scene.
  14. Personally, I would recommend the Following: Elantris The Emperor's Soul White Sand Mistborn Era 1 *Shadows For Silence in the Forests of Hell Warbreaker Stormlight Archive (Insert Edgedancer before Oathbringer) Mistborn Era 2 Mistborn: Secret History Sixth of The Dusk *The only one that is up in the air is Shadows for Silence in the Forest of Hell, I would recommend reading it before Mistborn Era 2 just because of a small thing in one of the broadsheets of Bands of Mourning.
  15. I do quoting for commercial plumbing projects like hotels, schools, historical buildings, etc. Basically I scour architectural drawings and specifications and then quote how much the material will cost for the plumbing contractors to do the job.