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  1. I don’t think the Cosmere is getting out of control. It’s more of the writing direction where the narration choices, ie who gets screen time and how much is variable. Too much fabriel mechanics and Shadesmar, meant the book was just seriously bloated. All of us sit there wishing for the current book to be like the last. And it isn’t. Sometimes it’s better, and sometimes it is the Well of Ascension. (Still haven’t finished it, despite reading Hero of Ages) The book was about raising stakes which it did. It also sets up the back 5 with new magic system of Honor/Odium combo and potentially Cultivation/Odium combo.
  2. Ok... I skim read a lot of the book mixed in with part audio. My reactions.
  3. As the title says, just post all your theories here - so that you can come and gloat here later or have a laugh at yourself. Mine have been:- - Book 5 prologue is Gavilar (posted this after WoR came out). - After reading tWoK I thought Rysn was a willshaper. Just thought her trying to get Reshi to trade was pretty forceful - so willshaper it is. It doesn't look likely, but I haven't been proven wrong yet - Kaladin at the final path would be able to lock up people in shardplates. So, in a crazy battle in book 5, he can stop Leshwi or someone else in a shardplate cell. - Jasnah’s flashbacks in book 10, would involve a lot scenes that she didn’t have in the books from the first arc. Somehow, I feel that Jasnah knows about Shallan and the Ghostbloods. This is my shakiest theory as it is purely based on a gut feel. - RoW is going to be about capturing Dawnshards. This is based on the description of an arms war on the outside cover. I thought it would be about a hoard of shard blades in the caves under Aimia. But now, Dawnshards make more sense. - Somehow I think Adolin is going to die maybe in RoW. But with Brandon’s resurrection trope, who knows. Adolin gives me the Ellend vibe, if you know what I mean. - This is not a prediction, but a scene I wish to see - Pattern reading the diagram and going all nuts. - everyone is now already thinking Navani to bond with Sibling given the released prologue and chapters up to 7. - Somehow the “main” characters will become the new heralds for some, eg Dalinar replaces Ishar. Ash and Taln though stay as Heralds as they have books in the back 5. What are your theories that you haven’t had to voice anywhere else. Put them down here so you can come back and have a laugh or have the glory!
  4. Part 3.... I don’t mind it. Skimmed a lot of flashbacks though. The Sibling seems more human than something like Honor or Cultivation. It is like a sanderlanche action novel with a lot of flashbacks and side plots thrown in. Very different pacing. Kaladin doing the mission impossible sequences, and Navani with the dialogue. It’s good though. I have abandoned the audiobook in favour of Kindle for part 3, just to get through it quicker.
  5. I do want to discuss. But still not done with part 2 yet. The whole day went by with work. Will peek back in when part 2 is done to post in that thread.
  6. At OB release, it took 2-4 hours between kindle and audible. So, this time, I am keeping my expectations from audible lower. You can listen to Part One from audible book on YouTube on Brandon’s channel if you haven’t already (up to Chapter 19).
  7. Got email... reading kindle. Audible pre order is still “processing”...
  8. I think it is Szeth who will have the critical role again in helping save Urithiru. While Kaladin might have a command type role. Szeth is likely to use Nightblood a lot in the end, setting him up for Book 5.
  9. Remember at the end of Oathbringer, the singers/fused were searching for something in the walls? They were searching for any hidden Dawnshard Commands. What about the other photo that no one could figure out from Shallan's discoveries at the start of OB? PS - doesn't it all sound like Dawnshard is like a nuclear button?
  10. What about the musical tone of the captain’s voice? World hopper?
  11. I am shocked myself when people don’t try The Curse of Chalion despite my recommending it a million times. Oh well, people will always have personal preferences
  12. Firstly, the Goodreads ratings are very generous. 3 stars means that it is ok, when at other places, a 3 star means it's passable. Secondly, for any sequel, you need to discount the rating somewhat, as most people go to the sequel only if they liked the first book. So, it is a bit of preaching to the choir. You would be better off looking at the rating of the first book to get an idea of it. And finally, people will have different opinions. Other fans including this forum respect your opinion in not liking WoR so much. I have other popular books I never got to sequels to because I never liked the first book:- Dresden Gentlemen Bastards It happens. I love WoR. Excellent scenes. I have heard the audiobook over & over 10 times or more. Is it the best ever fantasy book that I have ever read? No. It will be somewhere in the top 10 though.
  13. What are all the possible spoilers in RoW for the Dawnshard novella? One I picked up was Navani mentioning the soulcaster cache discovered in Aimia earlier in the year - chapter 9.
  14. Just reading after the release of RoW chapter 16, and I am thinking about Dalinar boosting radiant powers. Dalinar boosting :- Shallan:- 3D virtual map projections. I wonder what Dalinar boosting Hoid will do... Kaladin - the entire army becomes squires temporarily. Lift:-??? Renarin :- crazy number of visions Malata :- the bomb/flamethrower Jasnah:- soulcast the wall of China Szeth:- a million lashings Stoneward:-??
  15. Well, Wit is a unlikable (old) man with a pointy nose. That’s what I got as Navani’s viewpoint there. I know there are people hanging out for 1-1 girl talks (Overlady). Looks like that’s not happening here. Did anyone think that Wit’s taking of a Cryptic affected how he appeared to Navani as well?
  16. So it appears she won her own shardplate in Aimia, but doesn't carry a blade I think she carries a shard bow?
  17. Chapter 16 predictions? I am guessing Shallan now. Second likely is Venli
  18. BS has mentioned that chapter 15 has a scientist who acknowledges his mistakes.
  19. Particularly, Shallan mentions memory loss as something she hasn't felt yet in the same chapter. It's so tropey that I struggle with the idea that BS would implement it.
  20. I think Shallan has a hidden persona who is the mole
  21. The Sulkstorm returns...!
  22. My impression of Jasnah came from a big 5 personality traits theory which one of the most reliable personality theories going around. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Five_personality_traits The question than is what kind of person is Jasnah. I think of her as neurotic, ambivert/extravert, disagreeable, open to new experiences and highly motivated/conscientious. Extraverted people are generally more inclined to dress up regularly because of the need to seek external stimuli. They like bling and material things (note that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate books, etc.). As the below link also explains, there is higher likelihood of sexual activity for extraverted people tempered by neuroticism going the other way. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29878796/ So, I am not discounting her sexuality being repressed by childhood events, alluded multiple times in the books. http://www.tpof-thepsychologyoffashion.com/features/fashion-psychology/personality-traits See multiple quotes where Jasnah is described as perfect in her appearance So, overall, an intimidating fashion presentation. And, this lines up here http://www.tpof-thepsychologyoffashion.com/features/fashion-psychology/personality-traits So, in my eyes, her ambiversion is tempered by high neuroticism, and this is making her come across as disinterested.
  23. Vyre/Moash. Refer the end of OB.
  24. Yeah, over time, I don't like this chapter. More neurotic behaviour by Shallan and Kaladin. Gone are the days when Shallan sketched and Kaladin trained. It would be interesting to see from a story perspective how they break out of the funk.
  25. If Craig Alanson wrote Stormlight, it would start off as a trilogy but quickly spin out into 10+ books with no end in sight. Everyone would hate it but still keep buying it hoping for an end. The books would be complete rubbish where most of the screen time be spent on silly jokes, doing nothing and war gaming of little side quests.