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  1. Like what’s possible there...? Here’s my key questions:- * Is there a Larkin colony on Aimia that Rysn’s Larkin can lead to? * Will the Aimians stop Rysn? Or how will the Larkin interact with the Aimians, or stop them from forming shapes or stop their other powers? * Are the Island Aimians in a similar delusion like the people of Uvara? * Or will Rysn’s trip lead to that island from Uvara leading to a new land mass being identified on the map??
  2. Is anybody going to talk about Wandersail here? Couldn’t find a thread post announcement about this. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/413/#e13618
  3. I think the U might make it next time. Arcanum Unbound / the unweaving of the thread, etc. make me think it might be Gods unleashed or Gods of Roshar
  4. All 3 books came highly recommended to me, I was disappointed with all of them. So, good luck!
  5. Reading Mobituaries (non fiction) - a collection of micro biographies/obituaries of lesser known /well known people. Pretty good to read any time of the and is a breezy read.
  6. .......
  7. Finished the book yesterday. Good book. The YA part was a bit underdone, IMO. I felt underwhelmed by Spensa (hides in cover), as she came across as a two dimensional (as do a lot of characters). I liked it that the AI took issue with being left out. And the way to get around the subroutine was cool. Also, the exile - feels like shadesmar.
  8. Yay!!! Long live 2020! so much of the Empire strikes Back in that summary!
  9. IKR!? While my preference is for Wandersail, you are right probably in saying the Rock novella. Wandersail might be heading towards Aimia, and I don’t think BS is ready to give up on the goodies at this juncture of the SA arc.
  10. I would prefer a spring 2021 release - just so that we can read Wandersail...
  11. Whole lotta worldbuilding in there! Regals, etc. Can it all fit in one book with the voidbringers?
  12. horror

    Thought I might start a thread on dilemmas. I have to hire someone and was interviewing people. I have one dilemma:- One candidate was quite lovely, but she had a big issue. BO/bad breath. As soon as the interview was over, I had to run out of the room due to the stink. I rechecked with the co-interviewer and she also confirmed that it was a bad breath issue from the candidate. How should I pass this on to the recruitment agency, if at all. PS she is not going to be selected anyway, because the other candidate was much better than her in a quite a few matters.
  13. 1. Magic/sci-fi has been corrupted by something or someone. There’s mystery to it, as to why. Takes about 3-4 books to get to the reason.