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  1. Found out today that my best friend from college days has had a brain stroke and is bed ridden. He’s 38 and has 2 kids life is not fair
  2. Finished The Umbrella Academy season 1 on netflix today...
  3. Finished the broken earth trilogy. Good writing, a bit melancholy and a truly alien experience.
  4. I can recommend Instant Family if you are into inoffensive comedies that everyone can watch....
  5. Disney is coming out with their streaming service soon. Might look into it at some point
  6. I had the same issue with Rotten Tomatoes. Reading actual reviews of the reviewers I like, it is nowhere like the rating rotten tomatoes give the movie.
  7. You have it in you... you are probably the most prolific reader in the thread!
  8. Probably why they wouldn’t put ratings on their stuff. So hard to pick without researching everything
  9. Saw 20 minutes of Polar... such a terrible D grade movie on netflix. Honestly why did anyone bother to make it. Truly a waste... I want my 20 minutes back
  10. Listened to Phil in the blanks (podcast) with Dr Phil McGraw and Steve Harvey. Steve was brilliant and very open in the interview.
  11. I am nearly at the end of book 1, and I couldn’t do it anymore, ie deal with the suspense. So, I went to wikipedia and read all the plot summaries to book 3. I had figured who the three women were quite early. Overall, the Broken Earth is a good book. The melancholy/factual tone of the narrator reminds me of the Ancillary series that came out a few years aho.
  12. Thanks. Even I am concerned about making unreasonable requests taking up too much time. Hence, the bookmarks idea. I acknowledge that the shardcast at times jumps around with topics. But, I am happy even if I am getting 80% of the discussion. It doesn’t have to be perfect.
  13. Even if there a list posted:- (Made up timings below) 15:00 cosmere 35:00 reckoners 55:00 mistborn 1:10 Other long term projects 1:20 funny bits All books have an index, so all I am asking is some way to skip to the sections I am interested in.
  14. Guys ... you really need. 15-20 minute version of this. Like a shardcast highlights reel. With kids running around the house and other stuff, it’s tricky to find the whole 1.5 hours to listen to it (and I was really only into cosmere... having read the SoS). or just post the bookmarks (yes, I am lazy), so I can just drag the slider to it
  15. See, the problems with comparisons is that unless they fit exactly, they end up confusing. The fall of hyperion resolved the original characters of Hyperion, but the next two books were clearly enjoyable and did bring it things to a close eg So, I wouldn’t call star wars a good comparison. I think we’ll have to agree to disagree that book 3 and 4 are worth reading or not.