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  1. Whole lotta worldbuilding in there! Regals, etc. Can it all fit in one book with the voidbringers?
  2. Thought I might start a thread on dilemmas. I have to hire someone and was interviewing people. I have one dilemma:- One candidate was quite lovely, but she had a big issue. BO/bad breath. As soon as the interview was over, I had to run out of the room due to the stink. I rechecked with the co-interviewer and she also confirmed that it was a bad breath issue from the candidate. How should I pass this on to the recruitment agency, if at all. PS she is not going to be selected anyway, because the other candidate was much better than her in a quite a few matters.
  3. 1. Magic/sci-fi has been corrupted by something or someone. There’s mystery to it, as to why. Takes about 3-4 books to get to the reason.
  4. Was referencing this...
  5. Assuming he takes the weekends off, that still works out to 20 working days / month ie 40,000 words per month assuming he doesn’t work on anything else or travel, etc. On a 400,000 words target, it will take him 10 months, which makes it challenging to hit the 1 Jan target as he started in April.
  6. I’d be more happy to be wrong on this one, but Brandon’s previously mentioned that he writes about 30k words a month. At that speed, it’s mathematically impossible to meet the 1 Jan deadline. Here’s to hoping that Brandon can turbo charge with vol. 4. But, I am thinking late September 2021 release at this rate.
  7. Found out today that my best friend from college days has had a brain stroke and is bed ridden. He’s 38 and has 2 kids life is not fair
  8. Finished The Umbrella Academy season 1 on netflix today...
  9. Finished the broken earth trilogy. Good writing, a bit melancholy and a truly alien experience.
  10. I can recommend Instant Family if you are into inoffensive comedies that everyone can watch....
  11. Disney is coming out with their streaming service soon. Might look into it at some point
  12. I had the same issue with Rotten Tomatoes. Reading actual reviews of the reviewers I like, it is nowhere like the rating rotten tomatoes give the movie.
  13. You have it in you... you are probably the most prolific reader in the thread!