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  1. Oh, as in one active RP thread? Or one active planning thread? Weren't the "question" threads always the norm? Oh, cool! She'd fit right in with the rest of the girls in my school
  2. Well, maybe I laid the self-cringe a little too thick, huh? I don't really remember a "Red" character from the past, but I think I at least knew of you back when I was active. That white wolf pic of yours definitely looks familiar. And sure, I'd love to join this thread and contribute in whatever way I can. I'd just have to do some catch-up reading first, All the RP's are miles ahead of where I left them off... I get what you mean though, and I get that outright trying to burn my replies is defeatist, but I think Substance's misadventures fall smack in the middle of a good-intentioned concept, and really poor execution. Not really interesting enough to reinvent or re-explore, but just right to throw into the fire and burn into ashes. If characters aren't allowed to be erased from a roleplay's history, then so be it. Maybe I'll rework everything so that it at least doesn't make my toenails turn inwards. But if the option is out there, I'm taking it.
  3. Hey everyone! Haven't been here in a while, jeez... A couple years ago, I frequented this place a bunch. I had the very, uh...particular name of "RandomIlluminati" (MLG culture should have never been a thing). So, what do you know, one day I decide that, hey, whatever happened to that one Brandon Sanderson forum, anyway? I log back into this account, eager to reread the amazing literary contributions that I remember writing so fondly to the site, maybe chuckle a little at the occasional careless mistake I would inevitably have made... And oh, Stormfather. I hereby place forth a request to demolish, burn and bleach all of the posts I wrote to the Salem thread. Can I do that? Can we do that? For the good of everyone? Looking at the stuff I used to write in here through more, uh, rational-person-not-the-embodiement-of-cringe lenses, I realize that the old me was a LOT less cooler and wacky than he thought himself to be. Also, that the human eyeball can cringe itself inward a pretty remarkable deal. So, what do we say? Can we all just forget RandomIlluminati ever existed? Randomilluminati who? Randomilluminati when? Can Substance's responses be voided?
  4. I see that you have made a question 14.... I honestly don't know if I'm supposed to be angry, glad, surprised, or posting a pokemon picture....
  5. Really? Nighthound gets a backpack full of camping equipment? Its like the forces of the universe conspire against us just to annoy us.
  6. via Imgflip Meme Maker
  7. I must...enjoy...the ponies.... You are right! What was i thinking this whole time! From now on i am a changed illuminati.
  8. Battle a wild Ekans, perhaps? Get captured by a trainer?
  9. Sorry to break it up to you, Twi and Kobold...BUT..Hypno is actually the evolved form of drowsee, (Evolving at level 26) both pokemon introduced in the first ever pokemon games, Red and Blue. Hypno is a psychic type pokemon that is based of your typical hipnotist. It can learn a variety of attacks but none of them are particular to him. He posseses a pendulum like thingy presumably used to hypnotize his victims, and is apparently never seen without it. He is pretty common and not so powerful and or helpful to a team, yet this pokemon is famous and REALLY creepy. Its his Pokedex that made him Nightmare Fuel amongst the pokemon comunity. His pokedex entries always mention his habit of sleeping foes, and his inmense hypnotic powers, but on several others it is stated that "There once was an incident in which he took a child he hypnotized." Charming little fellow right? Stealing hypnotized children is harmless! (There is actual gameplay in Fire-Red, Leaf-Green where you have to rescue a child from a hypno) Here is a link to a pic of him. Im sure you wil find him adorable! P.S: Its okay if you got confused Kobold, its just your pokemon side taking over your mind. Don't try and fight it Also, hum...pokemon based epics....
  10. via Imgflip Meme Maker
  11. Hum....wise words Voidus, wise words indeed.
  12. Kobold King, It seems you enjoy talking about what could and couldn't have been, of the tomorrow and of the past. Now, although It might sound crazy, im going to ask of you to recreate an entire life. Your life. Tell us Kobold... Had you not been born, what do you think would have happened to your family, to your city, or heck, Even your state? If right now some strange force sent your mind back in time to when you were 4 years old, what do you think you could accomplish? (Meaning: If you could somehow transmit your entire life time of thoughts, feelings and consciousness into the body you had when you were 4 years old, what would you do with the knowledge of the future, and all the extra time you would get worry-free as a child? Would you take some invention of the future and claim It as your own? Would you prevent catastrophes? Would you Rewrite the reckoners books and become a child writing prodigy?) If you could go back in time and protect your younger self from something...what would It be? Why? Or would you rather choose to leave your life untouched? Would you rather be born in a universe where pokemon exist, to train one as your friend and maybe become a legend and champion, or would you rather be born in a universe where ponies roam free, being able to talk and fly? (As a human, of course) How do you think being born in Either universe would have afected your entire life? What do you think you would have done? (Leaving Jokes aside, this is probably one of the most difficult questions, given you have to Rewrite your entire life in an entirely different universe from the one you are acostumed to. Do you think you would have become a pokemon legend, with you and your pokemon having formed an unbreakable bond, or do you think you would have died climbing a mountain/ facing a wild pokemon/ getting killed by an evil organization/etc. Do you think humans would have hunted ponies to extinction? Or do you think they would live side by side with them?) Ponder deeply about these questions, King of Kobolds, ponder very deeply about them.
  13. Maybe Even add a "Recipe of the day section"
  14. Its just that we tend to cover as much a LOT of space in conversations, while stuff like the Atrophy post get lost deep in the middle of the thread, and if this is a conversation between 3 or 2 people who just didn't happen to see the post at hand, the chances are the rest of the people won't see It, taking into account most of us don't really read all the posts here, as they can sometimes be meaning less. 0~0
  15. Question time: Would his powers afect epics like Nighthound and Deathwish? Can his power affect mussels as well as muscles? Just how strong was he when he became an epic? Doesn't anyone else find It extremely heart breaking that masterpieces like this get buried deep in the thread thanks to pug pictures and shipping? For the sake of his name, could he carry around a trophy he won in a muscle related contest?