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  1. Well, sorry for crashing the party. I've un-followed and removed my cookies. Have fun.
  2. Yeah. I get it. Sorry about that. I do stupid things sometimes. Let's just move on.
  3. ... It's been 2 day's and nobody has replied... *Immediately comes to the irrational conclusion that everybody is ignoring her* I'm sorry about all the otter pics! They got annoying to me too! I'LL STOP! MAKE IT STOOPPP!!! (You're... Not actually ignoring me, right? )
  4. OH. I get it! Otter part of me...
  5. Goodness gracious. I've been checking This page every day for a week. And I didn't realize there was a second page. *Slaps forehead.*
  6. STOP THE MUSIC! I, Lord Harkington of Fjordell, do extend a request of invite. Just kidding. I'm an elantrian, or WAS... I was experimenting with aeons Shao and Are. And an otter. Yes, I'm short, and furry. But at least I can speak. (Just a warning, if you ever see an elantrian floating around in a river trying to crack open a mussel, STAY FAAARR away.) Favorite way to confront a problem? Lick it. It has gotten me out of more problems (and peoples' hands,) than you could imagine. (Also, if I totally and completely blow this, I'm sorry. I'm pretty new to the site, and even MORE newer to forum RP.) Hoping I'm not too late, Sa'are
  7. You know you're a Sanderfan when you try to break an awkward silence by talking about Brandon Sanderson and the silence gets even more awkward.
  8. Hey guys. I'm new here, (Joined yesterday,) haven't read Mistborn yet... But I love COOKIES!!! Where do I go to get them??? *Slobbering*
  9. Thanks all, and thank you, I would really like a cookie right now. And an echidna. Can't wait. Time to go read Mistborn. #Man(Woman)OnAMission
  10. I have no cliue what I am doing here, as I have only read all Alcatraz books (1-4), Elantris, The Emperor's soul, and Steelheart and Firefight. Ah well. I made my username, Saonae, out of the symbols in the back of the Elantris book. "Sao", means intelligence or learning, and "nae", means sight or clarity. I look forward to posting with everybody!