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  1. Further back than I thought! I've been binge-rereading, so I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised. Edit: Thanks, re: offset rows. That was half the reason I did this. Various tables that all had keys to one another. It's a great way to set up an application database, not so much for getting the big picture
  2. 1. Done 2. Maybe... I'm not sure we know enough to make this worthwhile, yet. 3. Didn't realize there was as much contention on this. With all three of the ones where we don't know the actual spren name but have seen an example (Dalinar, Jasnah, Lift) I included the name in faded text. I'll make sure it's faded more for godspren, and I think I'll add comments on those cells for some detail. 4. I picked the color only from the prototypical color of the associated gem. I say prototypical because there's lot of variation--ruby and sapphire are both corundum with different trace elements that cause the color--chromium and iron, respectively. It's actually kind of funny because in the books they refer several times to the purity of the gems, whereas it's actually the impurities that impart the color in our world. Maybe it's different on Roshar! (5. Thanks for the cookie!) Done. Ishar as Herald of Luck is in the entry at Coppermind, and I read it pretty recently which means it's probably within the first 500 pages of WoR. I think it was in an epigraph, but not sure. Column of curses... hmm. Sure, I guess. I know we have seen a few of those, and you're right that they're usually quite intentional. I put Jezrien as Herald of Kings in faded text. Thanks!
  3. Hi folks! I went hunting for a table that connected all of the info from the various tables and known associations that exist in The Stormlight Archive. I found one awesome piece of art where someone here on 17th Shard overlaid more info onto the double-eye Knights Radiant and Surges diagram (thanks libdragon!), which was most of what I wanted, but I was really looking for a table format where I could include even more information that would make the picture awfully crowded So I put one together in a Google Spreadsheet. Here's the link: For now I'm only opening it to viewing but I'm very much open to corrections or suggested additions. I might open it for editing if people are interested. I'm willing to include some speculation as long as it serves a purpose or is based in known information. For example: in faded text, I included 'godspren' for Bondsmiths because it conveys some established concepts, even though the details aren't known. I recognize that nothing here is new information, but I figured I would share it since I was making it for myself anyway. I hope some folks find it useful!
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome! That's difficult. For the sheer scale of it I'm loving the Stormlight Archives, but magic system-wise (which is always one of the biggest selling points in fantasy for me) the metallic arts win out, with the AonDor close behind. Single novel I think I'd have to go with The Well of Ascension. All of them have their excellent points, though!
  5. Hello everyone, I'm Andrew aka CuriousWolf, I've been popping in and lurking as a visitor now and then for a while now but have only now gotten around to creating an account. I'm one of those who discovered my love for Brandon's writing through Wheel of Time, after which he's become my favorite author and I've gone on to read everything of his that I can get my hands on (still haven't requested the unpublished works, and haven't read any Alcatraz). I imagine that's probably a pretty common story around here. The cosmere concept excites me like no other aspect of fiction has since... I don't know, probably Lost. And they squandered it (Abrams, Lindelhof, Cuse, all I can say is ಠ_ಠ). But Brandon has already proven that he has so much more planning in place that I'm not worried. The details we've gotten so far are delicious and I get giddy when I make a connection while reading--be it an intended one or wild supposition. I may contribute to some theories eventually but for now I'll probably just continue to soak it all in. I met Brandon once here in Austin, TX. I was too starstruck to make a good impression I'm sure, plus being one of the last people there at the end of the day, but he was still totally good-natured about everything. His interactions with his fans are part of why I am one, even beyond his impressive quality and quantity of work. A little about me, in case anyone cares: I'm 33, I do software QA, and in addition to fantasy literature I love video games and board games and am an animal lover (household has a bassett-terrier mix, a black cat, and two sugar gliders, plus whatever less welcome critters make their way in out of the Texas heat). See you on the forums!