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  1. I'm laughing at myself a bit because of how much I want to vote for several different movies, not just one! My actual vote went to "Black Panther," because to me it has no weak points: casting, plot, costumes, music, cinematography, everything was just excellent. OP, thanks for this poll!
  2. @StrikerEZ Don't forget that the new Unfettered III anthology will have a new, never-before-published WoT story (by Brandon & Jordan, IIRC). It's supposed to be about Perrin and the Ways.
  3. I'm told by people who know Captain Marvel from the comics (which I freely admit that I don't) that she is supposed to be the strongest superhero of them all - at least in the comics. They say the reason is that she just absorbs whatever powers an enemy throws at her, and it continually makes her stronger and stronger. No idea whether the MCU/movies will go this way, but it could happen. In her first movie, we saw her at the very beginning of her gathering power, and it did seem like she got stronger with each one of Ronan's bombs/ships that she took out. Plus, in the "CM" movie it's all very new to her; she may not have known till that fight that she could absorb energy beyond that initial dose from Mar Vell's ship. So the Carol Danvers we see in "Endgame" might be way, way beyond what we saw in "CM," since she's had time to learn and gather in power. I'm glad we don't have long to wait!!
  4. Are the Assassin's Creed novels any good? ... I mean, not Brandon-level good, but at least not bad?
  5. Most of you are probably familiar with "The Wave" rock formation in Arizona:" From the first time I saw it, I thought "Urithiru!" Some photos of Petra also look like the layered rock described in the books: I just found out about another real-world location that resembles our favorite city-above-the-clouds: it's a series of naturally-occurring marble caves in Chile. Check out pages 5 and 6 in this gallery: The caves can only be reached via boat, and it looks like the "floors" are water, so that of course reminded me of Purelake. What locations IRL remind you of places on Roshar?
  6. @StrikerEZ I applaud you! I hope your WoT journey has been enjoyable, because it is a LOT of work to read all the volumes as you've done - I myself could not do it. I had fun reading Brandon's WoT books, but surely not as much fun as many of you who read all 11 of Jordan's in sequence. (I got through book 6 and then used the WoT Encyclopedia and the Tor re-read to bridge to book 12. Cheating, I admit it, but better than not reading Brandon's books at all.) Much respect to you, and I mean that seriously. I hope 12-13-14 are everything you hope for & more.
  7. Gryffindor! But that said - it looks like there have only been 14 responses to this poll so far. Where is everyone?!?
  8. YESSSSSS!!!!! If I could give you 100 up-votes for this, I would!! I'm so glad all of you enjoyed it too! And @Steeldancer - I also teared up at the logo, which gave me mixed emotions 'cause I didn't want to miss anything, you know? I need to see the movie again, because
  9. @Winds Alight - he's beautiful! How fun that he looks so much like my JoJo!
  10. When you see the "Captain Marvel" movie, don't be late. What they did with the opening animation of the Marvel Studios logo ... you just gotta see it. It put a lump in my throat, is all I'll say. RIP Stan Lee.
  11. D.M Cornish, author of the Monster Blood Tattoo trilogy (tween lit but sooooo creative). He did publish a book with 2 short stories/novellas (which were not tween lit), and he started 2 other stories on his blog but those trailed off. I know his day job is in graphic design, and I understand that he also teaches at a college now and has a family, but I still wish he'd write more in the MBT universe. I've totally given up on Rothfuss - sold the books I had to Half Price before they lose all value. Even if he finishes, once I found out that Kvothe is an unreliable narrator and nothing in the books might really have happened ... well, I don't pay attention to fake news in the real world, so why would I want to read that? - especially when I can re-read Oathbringer again? Also, @Winds Alight - why is your avatar a picture of my cat? LOL!!
  12. I liked the movie too, though I wish they had finished the story. I'm afraid it won't do well enough at the box office for them to make a sequel, and we'll never know the ending. I hope I'm wrong - if there is a sequel, I'll definitely see it. The first cyborg body Alita had was so (I'll say it) pretty - it really made you feel the love that the Doc character had for his daughter in making it for her. I had never read the manga story or seen the anime or other versions, so the plot twists were new to me and IMO they were good. Looking back over this and other recent movies (Mortal Engines, Divergent, Maze Runner, etc.), the part I've felt was weak was the worldbuilding. But then again, Brandon spoils us. 25-30 years ago, all these stories would have seemed more amazing than they do now - our expectations especially as Sander-fans are just much higher today.
  13. Gotta agree re: Rand al'Thor in WoT ... actually, the only WoT character I didn't find irritating was the wolf Hopper ("To soar!") I didn't like either Siri or Vivenna in Warbreaker on my first read-through, nor Sarene in Elantris; after loving Vin so much in Mistborn, I guess they just paled in comparison. But on my 2nd/3rd read-throughs I do like those 3 female characters better (still not as much as Vin though). Huh ... I can't think of any other ones. I have successfully purged whoever it was from my memory!
  14. I'll say it right up front: Captain Marvel is a really good movie. Really, really good. I agree with Orlion's ranking it #3 after Black Panther & Guardians v1. I don't see enough movies or follow popular culture closely enough to know what people have against Brie Larson, nor do I care. She's a good choice for this character and plays the part well. Is she as amazingly perfect in the role as Gal Gadot is as Wonder Woman? No - miracles don't happen that frequently. But IMO Larson gives a solid performance as Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel, and this origin story for the character fits well into the Marvel universe portrayed in the movies. No spoilers - there's time enough to dissect CM later. But there's one thing I gotta say: Do NOT miss the very start!! -- the part where the "Marvel Studios" logo comes up at the beginning. If you do, sneak into another theater playing CM when your movie is done and see the beginning. You'll be glad you did.
  15. I know absolutely nothing about MTG other than that I'd probably like it a lot & that it would probably turn into a huge time-consuming habit if I ever got into it. But it's Brandon, so of course I had to read "CotN." What an amazing story! On his blog, he says you don't have to know anything about the game or the worldbuilding and he's 100% right. He also compares the story's tone to "Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell," and "CotN" did indeed remind me of that particular Cosmere piece. I'm gonna tweet about the story - I've got a bunch of professional connections who are into MTG but have never read Brandon (despite my urging!) - - fantastic opportunity to gain some new Sander-fans!