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  1. Enjoy reading!
  2. By "Mistborn," do you mean all 6 novels? If not - if you only meant the first 1 or 3 Mistborn books - that my recommendation would be to continue with the delightful Wax & Wayne series (Mistborn 4-6). BTW I sincerely recommend that you do NOT read the Mistborn: Secret History novella until after you read The Bands of Mourning - - that was e.p.i.c., & I'd love for you to have the same amazed reaction that we all did. Then again, if you want to read Stormlight Archives #4 when it's released, you'll need to get through 3300 pages before November 17th - it goes fast but it is quite a bit. So it just depends on your reading speed & how you'll get the most enjoyment out ot the books. There are no bad choices!! Happy reading!
  3. Does it look like the glyph characters are glowing/on fire? Matching the spren hovering around Taln? Maybe these portraits tell us more about Vorin beliefs regarding the Heralds than providing information about the Heralds themselves? As the Heralds slink back out of their hiding places, it could be interesting to watch how that dissonance/mismatch impacts their relationships with the humans (Vorin or not) on Roshar.
  4. At this point, it would have to be Urithuru for me - - somewhere that I could help the "good guys" win.
  5. That is IMO kind of insane - sounds like a bunch of retailers are trying to make as much money off people as they can; kind of like lots of them do with Christmas these days, when the shops start trying to sell stuff in early October. EVERY day is a good day to tell your loved ones how you feel - no cards or trinkets required.
  6. Welcome to the Shard! I agree this site is active & good re: discussions. To me, it's also more manageable than Reddit/sub-Reddits - - I can mentally keep track of who's proposing what theories & not feel like I might slide down the proverbial rabbit hole & get lost for hours. One other aspect about these forums (no idea if it's also true re: Reddit) is that Peter and a bunch of Dragonsteel folks prowl around here and are active. Many of Brandon's beta readers are active here too. It's a terrific resource, and IMO people are positive and encouraging here, sometimes amazingly so. Glad you're joining us!
  7. In Mistborn: Secret History, Part 5 "Ire" Chapter 2, the Elantrians are concerned that Threnodites are there in Scadrial's CR; the Ire group's leader Alonoe says, "The powers of Threnody wish to join the main stage." So I'm guessing that these "powers" are maybe the "Deepest Ones" being discussed in this thread? [Edit: I see that @teknopathetic posted something like this above - credit where credit's due.] Gotta love the Cosmere! So many secrets!
  8. The absolute craziest "musical instrument" ever - the Floppotron. Amazing! So creative.
  9. This is "To-Be-Read," as it's not out till September, but I'm pre-ordering it today & wanted to share with my fellow Shard-ers: Nala's World - If you don't already follow this Scottish guy & his cat, check them out on Insta: [*** Note: There is some slightly spicy language occasionally, but not much; IMO it's not offensive, but I want to respect all of you.] The book should be a good distraction leading up to SA4 in November.
  10. Agree! I re-read the first Powdermage trilogy before I read Blood of Empire because I didn't remember the backstory on well enough to get the most out of the latest/last book. I was really glad I did. McClellan has definitely improved as an author - the pacing and characterizations are better in the newer trilogy. You're in for a treat, whenever you do get hold of the book. As much as I love the Field Marshall Tamas character, Mad Ben Styke is one of my all-time favorites, & that despite the fact that all of my guesses were wrong re: how the story would end, LOL!
  11. A couple albums by fabulous pianist Daniil Trifonov - here are some examples you can listen to online for free. The joy on his face says it all! Here's his NPR "Tiny Desk" concert - the last few minutes (start at 11:45) are stunningly awesome Here's a very familiar (short) Bach piece Here's an actual music video - very creative! He's only in his 20s but some experts say he's the best they ever heard. And folks here in Cleveland who know him (he studied here) say he's a genuinely nice person - not arrogant at all. What a pleasure to support artists who, like Brandon, care about both their craft and their fans.
  12. "Not you, son." - - WoR, Dalinar to Kaladin when he was confronting Amaram about all his lies & duplicity & taking away his position as head of the KR. I know this isn't a wise saying like we're looking for in this thread, but Oh, the Feels!!! I need to look back through the books for more; just finished rereading Mistborn Era 2 (what we have so far) & there are a bunch of good ones from Wax & Wayne, and Harmony too. Speaking of Mistborn, ... "There's always another secret..." - - Kelsier
  13. Love Love Love this thread!! There are too many to list, but I'm surprised no one has mentioned this one yet: "He is mine! I claim him!" - Syl, WoR
  14. Thanks for bringing this video to the forefront again - it is sooooooo excellent! I've been using it (with some successes!) to convince my non-reading/video-only friends to give Brandon's books a try, & the GraphicAudio version seems to appeal best to them. If you view it on YouTube and read through the comments, it's amusing how easily you can tell whether the person is a Sander-fan or not, LOL! The animator has another video where he tells how he & his team created it. You can really tell that he wanted to make it longer, but he was a student & had to meet a deadline for his class assignment. I can't imagine the amount of time & effort that went into it, and at the end he just got a grade, not any money! I hope he has gone on to a successful career.
  15. Ep. 1 of "Star Trek: Picard" is available FREE on YouTube, at least for a while: [you know what goes here] (Sorry - it wouldn't let me post the actual URL.) Also, Wil Wheaton is hosting an interview show on "Picard" - seems like it's an ep-by-ep behind-the-scenes thing. Here's ep 1: [###]