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  1. WoT is a big investment of time & attention. And there are literally hundreds of characters that you kind of need to keep track of, to know what's going on - way beyond what Brandon has in his books, at least that's my opinion at this point. There is an online WoT encyclopedia (http://www.encyclopaedia-wot.org/) where you can look things up easily, but keep in mind that it is filled with spoilers. It does have plot summaries for each chapter of each book, & you might find that helpful. There are actually a lot of wikis and fan sites, plus Tor had Leigh Butler do a reread (https://www.tor.com/features/series/wot-reread/) with chapter-by-chapter commentary. All that being said, if you don't enjoy keeping dozens of characters straight, just know that WoT is not for everybody, and it's no shame to set it aside. HTH.
  2. Any chance this was inspired by @Goatbringer's descriptions of his wife reacting to TWoK? Those are hilarious!
  3. Hi

    This is a fantastic community, for sure! Have you read McClellan's "Gods of Blood & Powder" series yet? Near the end of the 2nd GoB&P book, I was loving Tamas even more than I did in the first trilogy, which I didn't think was possible but it was. And Mad Ben Styke! "Ride, Lancers, ride!" I find out about all kinds of great stuff here, especially in the "What are you reading/playing/watching/listening to" threads.
  4. Whenever these books come out, I will buy them (but not the leatherbound editions - I'll leave those for folks with richer pockets, LOL). Some things are worth waiting for, and that's the case with Brandon's books, IMO. That said, I may stop buying/reading SA after book 5, especially if the first 5-book arc ends with a nice sense of closure. Reason is that I'm probably a bit older than Brandon's parents, and I may not live to see book 10. So a book-5-closure would leave me at a somewhat happy point in the story (I'm thinking, who needs any extra sadness or tension when one is in one's declining years?). Then if time goes on & I am around for book 10, I can always start up again with book 6 and go forward from there. I have told myself "No more getting invested in book series by young authors!" ... and have broken that directive numerous times already, LOL! I'm very much looking forward to the preview chapters of RoW, whenever Tor starts posting them!
  5. Hi

    Welcome to the Shard! When I saw "Adran," I immediately thought "Powder Mage" (series of novels & e-novellas by Brian McClellan who was a student of Brandon's at BYU). Is your user name a reference to that? If not, & if you've never read McClellan but would like to check out the Powder Mage world, a good place to start is with the e-novella "Ghosts of the Tristan Basin" - inexpensive & short but a great story!
  6. (pre-ordered; release date is July 7th) "Of Mutts and Men" - - book 10 of the Chet & Bernie mystery series by Spencer Quinn Can't wait! Chet the Jet!!
  7. Under the heading Reading Order, is there supposed to be a hyperlink in the phrase, " For an interactive reading guide, see this page."? Maybe something got missed? (Just trying to be helpful.)
  8. Have I seen anything more appropriate yet this week? I think not. Kudos! :-)
  9. In the words of Monty Python's Flying Circus (ancient British TV show) - - "And now for something completely different..." I'm currently working my way through the Chet and Bernie mystery series by Spencer Quinn, in anticipation of the next book dropping on July 7th. The narrator for these detective stories is Chet the Dog (http://www.chetthedog.com/), and if you love dogs, you'll adore Chet! "I know the case is closed when I have the perp by the pantleg." Just FYI - these are not children's books (though the author does have a kids' series too): there's a realistic (not gratuitous) amount of swearing and some fisticuffs; romance is off-camera. Bernie is flawed but a true hero. If you (or your parents, etc.) are looking for some fun mystery stories that are a pretty quick read, you can't go wrong with Chet and Bernie!
  10. @Chaos - Have you seen this thread? Know anything about these weird words in some copies of The Emperor's Soul? I'm hoping it's not some rogue publisher trying to pirate Brandon's books. (I am NOT saying that the person who bought the book did anything wrong - quite the opposite: maybe the company who sold it to them, or maybe that company's supplier, might have been cheated by someone.) Just very weird.
  11. For real? This is extremely weird! I hope someone here on the Shard - a Moderator maybe - can answer this for you.
  12. Favorite: Hopper (the wolf) At the AMoL signing, I asked Brandon sign my book with a quote relating to Hopper & he did: "Foolish cub! ... [redacted re: spoilers]." Just love Hopper - - "To soar!"
  13. We're self-reporting with the (great!) poll at the top if this thread. Does anyone know if the results of the actual quiz are being tallied anywhere? - like, of ALL the people who took it, what percentage were Windrunners, etc.? It would be interesting to compare those 2 sets of results.
  14. Nice quiz! I got Sazed, which I kind of expected from how some of the questions went. I'm happy with it. Thanks!
  15. I didn't screenshot or write down my percentages, but I think I got: Edgedancer - 78% Windrunner - 74% Bondsmith - 73% It surprised me a little, because I feel that my values line up best with Bondsmith - I expected that to come out on top. Plus, Dalinar is my favorite SA character, though I love all of the main characters. I do wonder what my results would have been, if I had taken this quiz before reading any of the SA books. Oh well, I'll never know. What impresses me is how many different results we all got! On some of the quizzes that have been around a while, almost everyone gets Windrunner or something. This quiz has a wide distribution amongst the answers - whoever made it did a great job!