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  1. YT channels I follow/watch regularly: Jelle's Marble Runs (formerly "Marblelympics") - World-class marble races; I found out about it here on the Shard years ago 1bike1world - Scottish guy biking around the world who adopted a wee kitten & became an internet celebrity TwoSetViolin - Young violinists who post funny videos about the classical music world; they have built an online community for music students similar to what we Sander-fans have Joseph Carter the Mink Man (aka Minkenry channel) - Hunting, fishing, and pest control with trained minks and dogs (Sometimes I wonder if there are "minks" in Stormlight Archives because Brandon somehow knows Joe: they are both LDS and in the SLC area. Seems unlikely, but you never know...) Dad How Do I - What a gift this man is to the world! Many people, young and not so young, didn't have a dad/parent to teach them stuff like how to change a tire or how to unclog a drain. This internet "dad" gives calm and positive instructions that meet a need in our world today. And of course Brandon's YT channel
  2. Just finished re-reading Heart of Barkness and Of Mutts and Men in preparation for the July 9th release of Tender Is the Bite, book 11 in the Chet & Bernie mystery series. I pre-ordered the new one, since they send you a free e-short story on publication day if you pre-order. Can't wait!
  3. Whenever you're boiling potatoes (like to make mashed potatoes), put a bay leaf in the water while they're cooking. (You throw the bay leaf away when you dump the water out - they're big & easy to find.) I was amazed at this trick the first time I tried it - I bet you will be too. :-)
  4. @Cyclops - IDK if you've addressed your challenge with using highlighters already, but if not, I agree with whoever suggested using colored pencils instead. You can usually buy colored pencils one at a time at art supply stores and they're not very expensive - maybe less than $1.50 apiece. That way you can have a consistent color and choose something that gives the contrast you want. How awesome that you're writing longhand! (And aren't we all glad that Brandon doesn't?! We'd be waiting decades between Stormlight books: 3 years feels like an eternity!)
  5. I always find out about different music here on the Shard! LOL, the only songs I've heard of are "Ring of Fire" and "Freebird" (yes, I am old ... but I'm cool!). Here are a few songs I thought of: Szeth - "A Whiter Shade of Pale" by Procol Harem Teft - "The Real Hero" from the Avengers Endgame soundtrack Kaladin - 2nd movement from Beethoven's 7th Symphony I'll add links here if you want, but I don't want to make it seem like I'm forcing my old-ster tastes on ya'll. Thanks for this thread @Elend Venture
  6. So happy that this thread is thriving! 2021 has been crazy-busy for me at work, which is great for our small business but bad for me keeping up here on the Shard! My latest pen purchase was a Kaweko Frosted Sport - I got the Mandarine color because it looks just like orange sherbert (yum!). It's a nice pen, but the one I bought as a gift for a friend writes smoother than mine does, with the same size nib. So it seems like the nibs do vary a bit, but it's a $30 pen not $300, so no complaints. I have decided on an ink that's "my color" (at least for the time being) - it's Jacques Herbin Bleu Austral which is similar to their Emerald of Chivor but without the glitter and sheening. (Wish I could use sparkling inks, but my fine lefty-nibs get clogged too quickly. Oh well, you can't have everything.) I don't really have a grail pen, and as a fairly new homeowner I need to save for things like a new garage door or a sofa, but I am sorely tempted to splurge on one of the Sailor Pro Gear Slim FPs from the upcoming The Sound of Rain series - they are all so pretty! Particularly the Summer Rain one ... but, garage door ...
  7. Great topic for a thread @Bridge-Four - let's get this one going again! @Spren of Kindness - I clean my glasses with dish soap too, & always shake off the rinse water, never wipe them: the key to keeping scratch-free! Here's my best LPT: To always keep your keys handy and remove any risk of dropping them, put a clip like the picture below onto your keyring. The loop (on the right side of the image) goes onto your keyring, then you use the clip to secure your keys: you can hook it to your beltloop, a zipper pull, your purse or backpack or wallet, or even a wrist wrap. This is so handy, and it's cheap and easy as well: Just buy an inexpensive keyring that has one of these clips, then transfer the clip from there to your own keyring and throw the other one away. Where I live, these are sold everywhere, like drug stores, discount stores, etc. Hope you all find this helpful!
  8. Agree with @Spren of Kindness : I prefer print versions. I don't do audiobooks at all, so I hope the Skyward 3 e-books will be released in multiple formats, like the Dawnshard novella was - that way, I can just read them on my laptop. If they're only produced/published for e-reader devices, I'll have to wait for the print versions. Time will tell. But at least we now have all 3 titles! I'm hoping Evershore will be Jorgen's POV - I want to know what happened in that last scene with his group in Starsight!
  9. So many great answers here! I'm going to choose Renarin, especially if I could "see" one of his visions from Glys - that just sounds so interesting. My second choice would be the Sibling because [they] seem to have had a different experience from the Stormfather after the Recreance and maybe [they] have some intact memories of ancient times that give insights into the mysteries we theorize about. Thanks for this thread @Maddie The Succulent !
  10. Great topic @BenduLuke! Fantasy: Tolkien, Brandon, C.S. Lewis (he wrote more than just Narnia), D.M. Cornish (he was inspired by Mervyn Peake), Brian McClellan (he was a student of Brandon's) [Wish I could put Stephen Lawhead on this list, but he (IMO) does not finish his series well: the final book always disappoints me.] Sci-Fi: Mark Van Name, Jack McDevitt, Andy Weir, John Scalzi I've also enjoyed some of Toby Buckell's writing in both genres: his eco-themed near-future novels are good, and his 2 novellas about a world infested by "the Bramble" were thought-provoking: If it was absolutely proven that using magic caused something extremely harmful in nature, would people give up using magic to save their own lives and the world itself? A few years back I branched out beyond the genre and found a couple mystery writers that I like almost as much as Brandon: Spencer Quinn and Christopher Fowler. Both have new releases this year - and with Skyward 3 also coming up, 2021 looks to be a great year of reading for me!
  11. What a great question @caramel_!!! My answer is Becca Nightshade (Gran-Gran), because I bet she has forgotten things from her childhood that could (will?) lead to solutions to the whole situation. It would be cool to see some of those memories re-emerge. Another good option would be M-Bot's (long-ago) pilot. I'm sure he would be able to answer a lot of questions. I guess I'm wanting to get to the root of all the mysteries.
  12. Very nice! I can also picture it as a military uniform from one of Brian McClellan's Powder Mage books - maybe Adran cavalry. If you're looking towards a career in costuming, IMO you're gonna crush it!
  13. You are totally right. Some of the information points aren't in sequence (i.e., skip back and forth between books) - - it is/was just a wiki, so volunteers added whatever & whenever they could. I was using it before Brandon's books came out, so spoilers were OK for me. Have you tried the re-read that Leigh Butler did for Tor.com? https://www.tor.com/features/series/wot-reread/ If you just read the chapter summaries and skip any "commentary," and of course don't read the Comments, it might suit your needs. Maybe start by reading a couple of the chapter summaries from books you've read that you remember what happened, to gauge whether it will work for you? Hope this helps
  14. You probably already know about the online WoT Encyclopedia, but that's what I used when I was skipping books. I liked that character and place names are linked which made it easy to remind myself who's who and where's where [is that even an expression? guess it is now, LOL].
  15. I'm guessing the same things as a lot of you for Wednesday's announcement. For Thursday's, I wish it was Alcatraz 6; Rithmatist 2 would also be welcome news. Btu since he said it "came from out of nowhere," and hinted we'd be unlikely to guess, I'm gonna go with something entirely off-the-wall: Guess 1: What if one of the online "masterclass" organizations has hired Brandon to teach a series of classes on writing fiction? Guess 2: What if the WoT people found some more manuscripts from Jordan and want Brandon to work on them? (REALLY hoping it's not this - IMO we lost too much time already to WoT: Stormlight shouldn't be postponed again! My feelings - ymmv of course.) Guess 3: Rothfuss has asked Brandon to help him finish the Kingkiller Chronicles, or to just write it for him altogether (again, hoping this is NOT it!). Guess 4: It's a TV or video game deal, but not for Mistborn ... maybe for Skyward? I know - these are crazy / goofy guesses! It's fun to think up ideas of what the big announcement will be!