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  1. OK, now I'm not confused anymore - I thought you meant Jane Seymour the actress...
  2. @Emi a lot of designers are switching to the Affinity toolset, so you might be ahead of the curve! (I'm a business writer but I have a ton of friends & colleagues who do graphics & animation, & that's how I found out.) I love the otherworldly style of your drawing - it really seems Cosmere!
  3. @Orlion the Platypus, @Dunkum, & @Ammanas - - You are making me very happy because I have more confidence that, after my generation of Tolkien fans has passed beyond the confines of this world, the lore of Middle Earth will live on in good hands!
  4. Oh that is horrible! The story deserves better - I really enjoyed all the Powder Mage books, and Mad Ben Styke is one of my heroes! I hope you can read the actual book (if you haven't already) - totally worthwhile & some great plot resolutions that were not what I expected but better!
  5. Huh. I bought The Silmarillion (& read it, of course) when it was first published in 1977, and I had it open in front of me when I wrote my post. So maybe something got revised in a later edition, to align better with the numerous books published later? Because Sauron is clearly a Maia (equal to Gandalf and the balrog) in my copy, while Melkor and Manwe are Ainur and Valar. That made sense to me, since Sauron was "the lieutenant of Morgoth" - i.e., a lesser being. Not arguing with you - just describing my reasoning. At any rate, I had fun observing Manwe's influence on the events in the Rings, & I still intend to look for the other Valar on my next read-through.
  6. Per The Silmarillion, Manwe is one of the Ainur who are Valar - he is both those things, but not a Maia which is a lesser being. To keep them straight, I think of the Ainur as major-angels and the Maiar as minor-angels. My theory has always been that Tom Bombadil and the River Woman (Goldberry's mother) were among the "many spirits both greater and less" who "came down into the fields of Arda [i.e., the Earth] and aided Manwe" (in my copy of The Silmarillion, this is on pg 21), but that's just a theory. Also, I realize that there are multiple versions of the same stories in the many books of Tolkien's mythology that have been published posthumously, & admittedly my knowledge ends where I stopped at the first Unfinished Tales. Such rich worldbuilding!
  7. I just finished TLotR last night (19th time through). To me, all of western civilization could have existed to produce this one book - that's how much I love it. What I noticed new this time: the implied influence of Manwe (from The Silmarillion) at most or all points in the story where something important happened. (Manwe is an Ainu ((a step above Maiar like Gandalf and Sauron in power)), King of the Valar, and lord of air, wind, and clouds.) Next time, I want to watch for the influence of the other Valar throughout the story - especially Varda (queen of stars) and Ulmo (lord of waters). But that will be next year - right now, I need to begin my Stormlight re-read to get ready for Rhythm of War!
  8. I agree with what many others have said - here are some that weren't listed when I started reading this thread: Shallan's date with Adolin where she asks him about his shardplate (you know the part). The story of Moash's grandparents, that explains why he hates Elhokar; this also tells how Dalinar sent Roshone to Hearthstone, "where he couldn't do any more harm" The interlude with Rysn, since her story is important later on. I also think she'll enjoy hearing about that "island" where people have different ideas about modesty. ;-) Explain to her how Dalinar puts Amaram in charge of the KRs, then read the part right before the army heads off and he takes that position away from Amaram - especially where Dalinar tells Kaladin "Not you, son." That was a real moment, for me - and since Tay hates Amaram, I think what happens will resonate with her. Kaladin swearing the 3rd oath, where Syl's voice is heard "He is Mine - I claim him!" and "Kaladin stretch forth thy hand!" And - I am really looking forward to Tay meeting Lift!!!
  9. (My opinion) I would definitely NOT read "Secret History" before reading Mistborn Era 2, Bands of Mourning. At least, I would not want to have deprived myself of the insanely intense reaction I had to doing it in that sequence (trying hard to avoid any spoilers here). To me, this is a no-brainer - when Brandon himself waited till after Bands of Mourning was published, and said he had been waiting 10 years to share what's in "Secret History," at that point, I would follow the author's lead there. But, you probably can read the rest of Arcanum Unbounded right away without spoiling too much for yourself. If you don't mind spoilers, you can read pretty much anything. Personally I detest spoilers, but not everyone is like me. Maybe think about it this way: If you had just started reading Way of Kings, and someone told you what happened at the Battle of the Tower, how would you have felt? Would it have lowered your enjoyment in reading the book? If so, maybe use this as an opportunity to gain a little patience ... or to read a lot really fast. Hope this helps!
  10. This is excellent! I love that you included your pen in the photo too.
  11. My favorites were always about "Spaceman Spiff."
  12. @Goatbringer this recent post https://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/89882-peeps-before-death/ (stunningly brilliant dirama! + tasty!) reminded me of this excellent LEGO creation https://www.tor.com/2014/03/21/the-way-of-kings-as-interpreted-through-lego/ When you get to the Battle of the Tower, maybe share these with your dear wife? [Now I want some Peeps, but the shops are all closed...]
  13. This.Is.AMAZING!!!! The detail - Kaladin's slave brand, the marbling on the skin of the Parshendi, the colored foil for Adolin's shardplate ... It's posts like this that make me love the 17th Shard even more! Thank you @Aerim - this was a lot of hard work! Well done! Downside: Now I want some Peeps & the stores are all closed, LOL!!
  14. Picture it with a wooden spoon in one hand and a ladle (for stew!) in the other!
  15. Maybe - I have no idea what's traditional re: movie posters. I understand that the listing order refers to screentime, but does that always translate to where figures are on the poster, and/or their size? (Thinking of Thanos in the A4:Endgame poster...) That said, Moash would not have had a shardblade until late in WoR, whereas Renarin definitely would. And the figure holding the shardblade in the upper image is definitely not in the lower clifftop image, but Moash should be. I don't think we ever saw Renarin with a regular sword - he was training with the spear, same as the others. Moderators, please ask someone to check with Isaac and/or Zack & clarify this for us. Inquiring minds want to know!