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  1. Not all of the Cosmere is from Tor: The Emperor's Soul was originally published by Tachyon, and White Sand is being published by Dynamite.
  2. Science-Fiction era Cosmere YA. That's literally all we know about it, as far as I can tell.
  3. Brandon's Bio on Penguin Random House, September 9th: Brandon's Bio on Penguin Random House, today: So I'm guessing we're getting Skyward.
  4. The Kriss theory is really good, but I was assuming it was because this was just the first volume, and the "book" hasn't ended yet - so we'll get one in volume 3 (and 6 and 9 if the sequels get made)
  5. The main question is if "current" Trell is the same as pre-Lord Ruler Trell. I also really want to know if the thousand eyes of Trell are the stars as a whole or just the Starbelt. And if any of the shardworlds are located in the starbelt. I might be completely off base there though.
  6. Era 2 takes place during the break between book 5 and 6 of Stormlight. I think. So unless something terrible happens at the end of book 5...
  7. I'm so excited for the graphic novel. I really hope it comes out this year (Dynamite had their graphic novels through November, so it's either coming in December or 2016, we'll find out later this month, I guess.)