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  1. Thank you for your reply, sorry that I didn't spot it sooner - I went AWOL from the forum whilst revising for an exam! I did manage to get the first two second hand (but in really nice condition) in the end but he's loving them and wants to use his Christmas money to buy more! So, we're searching for 3,4 and 5 at reasonable prices now. Proving a bit fruitless currently. I wonder why they are now so expensive in our regions?
  2. So, my youngest is developed the Sanderfan gene that his mother, father and two elder siblings already have! But, he's a lot younger than my others were when they got into Mistborn so he's not ready for that or Reckoners yet (he's 8!) But, he was really interested in reading the Alcatraz books which are the one set of Sanderson books that we don't have. Great, thought I, Christmas books sorted ... except, none of the UK booksellers that I've checked stock them anymore (and they aren't available to order) whilst they are hugely, hugely expensive from the main online sellers (and it's not even clear that they're new!). We want actual paper copies rather than e-books. Anyone know if there's a reason why these books have become a bit of a rarity in the UK?
  3. Nalthis - I reckon I could be a Tarachin superstar in a couple of years. Plus, I like art and, although, I don't have royal locks my hair has been many and varied interesting shades in my lifetime so I'd fit right in! Otherwise, Shadesmar. I pretty much envy Khriss her job and could intern for her (plus, Nazh seems like a laugh).
  4. Urithiru's Dental Service advise against the consumption of Horneater stew and/or ale. We, currently, only have one dentist trained in the surge of regrowth and don't want you all to have gaps in those 'radiant' smiles!
  5. Whilst it is laudable that so many of our new Radiants are eager to destroy some evil, Szeth requests that everyone thinks *very* carefully before trying to borrow his sword-nimi.
  6. Adolin: 'Dedicated Follower of Fashion' by The Kinks https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=TQAR-nx4w88
  7. My kids binge watched the whole season yesterday. Not sure what was going on but it seemed like they liked it judging by the whoops and shouts coming from the living room! I have really loved Timeless and I'm gutted that Season 2 isn't on UK Netflix but I've been enjoying the original Spanish version, El Ministerio del Tiempo.
  8. We only see Tien filtered through Kaladin's perceptions of him, in Kaladin's flashbacks. He isn't fully realised as a character independent of Kaladin's filter and we don't have much backstory to go off, so working out his truths is likely to be speculation. However, one thing that strikes me is that Kaladin appears to assume that Tien's efforts to cheer him up are wholly unconscious - that Tien just makes Kaladin brighter because that's Tien's personality. My recollection from reading WoK is an unspoken assumption that Tien doesn't know about Kaladin's depression because it rarely manifests fully around him. Perhaps, Tien's truth might be that he is entirely aware of his big brother's struggles and his efforts to cheer Kaladin up are deliberate acts on his part. Perhaps, he's not as light-hearted and sunny as Kaladin perceives him to be and it's a mask for the benefit of Kaladin. I don't know if that makes him too similar to Shallan and the way she reveals that her bright, lightness is all a front when she and Kaladin are in the chasms or whether it's plausible mirroring of the two lightweavers, since Kaladin is pretty explicit that Shallan reminds him of Tien.
  9. I voted other for Ta-ra-vange-ian! My preference for flat, not long, A again. But, I also tend to call him Mr T. because I'm old enough to giggle to myself at the unwitting homage I'm paying to the original A-Team (especially when Mr. T's catchphrase was, "I pity the fool" - which is apposite for Stormlight's Mr T on his compassionate days (though I'm significantly less pitying since he became Odium's stooge)). Otherwise, I'm with the majority consensus on these ones s-zeth and KO-lin, (hard K).
  10. I voted Alloy of Law but they're all brilliant. I think I just love the fact that AoL got written by accident! Yet, it establishes a whole new era and set of characters but there's such fun nods back to the original crew and events. I (sometimes, occasionally) find the humour in series like Stormlight to be a bit corny but, here, with the deliberate pulp fiction style it works fantastically.
  11. Nale already is. Jezrien won't be, sadly, and I think the others who abandoned the oathpact (the ones we've seen this far) probably aren't good candidates. But, I could see Taln bonding a spren, maybe? When Dalinor was noting the orders represented at Thaylinah, he counted 9 (because he's unaware of Venli as a Willshaper). That means, he was counting Taln as the current representative of the Stonewards and I could see an outcome in future books where Taln, like Nale, is both patron and member of his order.
  12. I wasn't thinking about those aspects of her being touched by Cultivation when I wrote my post. I was, as has been mentioned, thinking about the fact that she expects not to change after her visit to the Nightwatcher but it appears that she is. I wasn't really phrasing it as a theory, more just musing on whether Radiance affects what the Nightwatcher does and what that might mean for Taravangian, were he to bond a spren. However, I do acknowledge that - since we don't know Lift's boon/bane - it's mere speculation on my part. For what it's worth, I like the theory that Lift is A LOT older than she appears and Cultivation's comment about how long it has been since she last intervened directly may have a direct bearing here! In which case, maybe neither Dalinor or Lift could be said to have a true boon/bane from the Nightwear her so maybe it wouldn't be an issue for Mr. T. after all. To stick with the OP though, I still think he's an unlikely candidate for Radiance though!
  13. I, also, thought it was significant that Rlain didn't become a Windrunner Squire. I like your idea and could see the value in having a Bondsmith from amongst the Listener population. I agree with @Fatikis though; the Nightwatcher would be the more likely Spren in this case. I really don't have much of clue about the Sibling to be honest - except that I could see it being of Odium. The two lovers, Honour and Cultivation, having two of the godspren and their 'sibling' shard having another one. I also like the idea that the three Bondsmith spren embody Roshar in someway. The land is characterised by the storms (Stormfather), it's distinctive flora/fauna (Nightwatcher) and it's stone landscape (honourable exception, Shinovar) So, maybe the Sibling spren is some sort or representation of the land. (And the two could be related - an embodiment of Roshar, which is of Odium). This is not a coherent theory, just my musings about the Sibling. My own thinking about Rlain was that he believes himself to be the only Narak listener left, as does Venli. Their reunion could be interesting, due to it being Venli who returned the forms of power and Rlain who chose to throw in his lot with the humans. I was wondering if Rlain would become a Willshaper too - he seems to fit quite well.
  14. I say Kaladin to rhyme with Paladin and Jasnah, as YAZZ-nah. Shallan - I say it with two flat 'a's (as said earlier, like the name Allan). I assumed this might have to do with my own dialect. I'm from the North of England (Geordie, if anyone has a clue what one of them is!) and we say most words with 'a' in them like that, compared to American English which seems to extend vowel sounds far more often than we do. I suspect Adolin will crop up in a later poll so I'll not add much about that, except to repeat that I almost always use the 'a for apple' sound in names.
  15. I'm guessing Taravangian is probably low on most spren's list of 'people I might like to bond with' - although the Diagram do have their Radiant so, who knows? I wonder what it would do to his Nightwatcher Boon/Bane. Both Dalinor and Lift seem to have some pretty funky disjunction between their NIghtwatcher gifts and their Radiance - although, of course, Dalinor's wasn't a true one anyway. Boons/Banes are meant to be permanent but Lift's doesn't appear to be; a product of her healing abilities as a KR perhaps? What would becoming Radiant do to Mr. T's impaired cognitive functioning, his compassion or his 'capacity'? I don't think he's a candidate for Radiance but it would be interesting to see how that unfolded. And Moash - since he's now a sort of anti-Radiant anyway.