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  1. Most of the coursework seems to be about being able to gather information from the internet for something you know nothing about; the rest is designing posters, logos, advertisements and the like. I had the same skepticism when it was presented to me. Also, thanks to everyone who filled in the survey.
  2. As part of my ICT GCSE coursework, I need to design an imaginary animal shelter, for which I picked falcons. Most of the work is finished, except for one part - I need to get at least ten people to complete a survey. The other ten people taking the GCSE in my school have already had the other students fill them out. Getting an unbiased response to a survey that the person has already filled out would be difficult at best, so I would like to request that any of you willing to do so could fill out the survey - I've got until the end of the week before I need to turn it in. Would you consider sponsoring a bird of prey? If so, how much would you pay? Have you ever seen an advertisement for an animal shelter? If so, where did you see the advertisement in question? Would you consider volunteering at an animal shelter? If there was an aviary nearby, how much would you pay for a falconry apprenticeship (if at all)?
  3. EDIT: Hadn't seen Aryanath post the same quote, sorry. Deleted.
  4. Me the last two times I tried to ask someone person out. Internal monologue: All right, you've put this off long enough. Three slow dances have gone by tonight, the last one is starting in two minutes, and you've been too scared to ask her. If you put it off any further, you'll have to wait until the next end-of-term party. It's 3 AM, put it off any further and you might fall asleep. Maybe she won't be there, if she isn't there you won't embarrass myself, please don't be there... HorraAAAHHGH, she's still there. All right, conviction, you've got nothing to lose if you go for it, but you'll lose the opportunity if you don't. Go on, it's eight steps, five words, one question. Wait, how long have you been standing here? Is your stare creepy? No, she hasn't noticed. Thirty seconds left, everyone's finding their partners, now or- Someone else already in a relationship: Hey, (her name)! Willing for a dance? I'm not looking for advice on how to ask someone out. I want to know how you convince yourself to do so. I've got the standard phobia of losing the other person's friendship, alongside a fear of awkward situations, a fear of disappointing people, a fear of saying stupid things and a fear of regretting choices. How do you motivate yourself to walk a short distance towards someone, ask a question, get an answer, and walk away?
  5. I've been getting up every night for the last week to the tune of "Oh Adonalsium, almost a quarter of my life has gone by." Midway through my exams, needing four Cs and two Bs to get into the college I want, Two problems with this ambition - I am only taking seven exams, meaning I can't fail more than one, and I have no idea what I am going to do with my life if I graduate college. I can usually ignore that particular train of thought when I'm up and about during the day, but it always hits me a few minutes after I go to bed. I only noticed it was a problem today, when it became clear to me that I was actively ruining my own sleep routine so I would fall asleep quickly before those thoughts could take hold. A 2013 statistic said that 425,0000 people aged 15-16 take their GCSEs each year, and only 150,000 or so at age 17. If I fail any of these exams, I'll be part of the 3% that got held back a year from college, sitting in an exam room surrounded by people younger than me and looking out of place. There are people at my school who weren't held back and are still staying until they're 18 entirely of their own choice, but I still don't like the idea that I'd have to re-take exams next year. Everyone keeps telling me that college isn't as important as people make it out to be, pointing out famous entrepreneurs who dropped out to focus on their companies. There's just one problem with that statement, to me - those entrepreneurs had vision. They had a plan. They knew what they wanted to work on. I, on the other hand, have no idea what I'll do if I graduate college, never mind if I drop out. Mark Zuckerberg had an original, amazing idea in the back of his head when he first went to college, I have unfinished drafts of stories that will probably never be finished.
  6. Question - is it too late for me to join? If so, here's my character submission. If not, ignore this post.
  7. My reasoning being that the most likely suspects would possibly get lynched and/or murdered, and I needed to get to sleep before the cycle concluded. I picked Ripple because I thought he was the least likely person to be killed or imprisoned, by virtue of being inactive and therefore having nothing to say which could be interpreted suspiciously. Incredibly convoluted logic summarized thus: I scanned him because he was one of the most innocent-looking players.
  8. I used the term Conspirator because in most online games of mafia I've played this far the eliminator faction is usually termed some variant of Conspirator. As we don't have proper Eliminators this time, Conspirator seemed like the best generic option. My argument still stands that for now, as far as we can tell with our evidence thus far, the dagger is in the hands of a villager. Do we want to risk it getting into the hands of an eliminator? As Alvron is most likely going to be lynched, I'll leave the results of that as my argument for my own innocence. I look forward to conspiracy theories about how him being an innocent and me trying to defend him proves my guilt; for now, please hold off drugging or murdering me tonight, and let my name be cleared on the morrow.
  9. I was going to wait for more information before posting, but keeping information hidden from your own team seems like it would cause far more harm than good. So, here goes. Ripplygylf was a conspirator. According to Alvron, he has a dagger and a ledger. The ledger came from me - I scanned Ripplygylf the same night he was murdered, getting the guilty verdict via my scan. If you believe me we can assume that Alvron is innocent not a conspirator, just a homicidally insane vigilante. The wounded gazelle gambit exists, but with regards to murdering one of your own, with no actual way to prove that they were a conspirator, it seems like a bit of a stretch. Now for my two reasons why we shouldn't lynch Alvron. One, the evidence I put forwards suggests he is a villager. And two, far more importantly, should it look like an unavoidable lynch, everyone is going to bandwagon it in the hopes of getting the dagger and ledger.. Villagers to keep them out of eliminator hands and use them themselves, but more important, eliminators in the hopes of preventing scans and gaining a kill action. If we assume a quarter of our number are eliminators, that's a 1/4 chance of them getting the kill action, and a 3/4 chance of nothing significant changing except for our faction shrinking by one member.
  10. Mythology
  11. Some very unambitious woodwork in my spare time; wooden weapons to take to D&D sessions, the occasional bookshelf, and one bow that snapped when I was trying to bend it into shape. Planning on making a second bow when I have a proper plan and schematics, as well as flexible wood I'll have to bring from outside my nearby area, where the only trees are oak and pine.
  12. While it's based around a different character, as someone who hasn't played any of the Witcher games I always saw Vin in my head listening to Miracle of Sound's Lady of Worlds.
  13. I'd been running four Generator Servants (1Gen, 1R 2/2, sacrifice for two mana) and two copies of Liliana of the Dark Realms (+1 tutors swamps, -6 gives swamps five times their normal value). The plan here was to use one of my four copies of Secure the Wastes (1W XGen, summon X 1/1 warrior tokens) on Turn 5 with 8 mana to drop seven 1/1 tokens, then buff them over the next two turns with various stat bonuses from Spear of Heliod and Dictate of Heliod (+1/+1 and +2/+2 respectively), as well as give them Menace with Blood-Chin Rager (all other warrior creatures you control have Menace whenever Blood-Chin Rager attacks) to finish the game by Turn 8. The entire purpose of this strategy is to catch the enemy off guard; a strong early game defense gears them up for a long game of attrition against what they think is a control deck, which is supposed to transform into a rush deck inside the space of two turns when they've decided to concentrate on long-term advantage. It's gotten me the first victory in eight out of twelve decks I've played against, but drops in effectiveness when playing against the same person more than once. Took your advice and focused entirely on b/w warriors, with a strong emphasis on mid-combat adjustments; instants and flash enchantments to boost my creatures' stats before combat resolves but after blocks are declared. With a focus on Herald of Dromoka to give all my warriors vigilance, I can declare attacks every turn and force my opponent to choose between the high chance that I am going to drop an instant or Dictate of Heliod mid-combat and the damage they would otherwise take, while still being able to hold up a solid defense. I don't have as much of an advantage against people who haven't played against me before, but my overall w/l ratio has improved since I adjusted the deck.