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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. @Wittless If you're curious about the experiences of plural readers and how they read Shallan and her role as representation, there's a few good threads discussing this already. The Winter System started one here that had some good responses on this topic: I am singlet (not-plural) myself, but will say I think you are getting some more brusque responses because some of the things you've said regarding the story and plurality are close to some of the more harmful ideas about it, even though I assume that was not your intent. Things like saying that you find this weird or uncomfortable, or that it's "an issue that needs to be dealt with" or that plurality is "dangerous" are harmful stereotypes, and the people who are affected by these things are understandably upset. One of the criticisms in that thread of Shallan's arc was that it ended in integration, and while some systems see integration as a goal, others prefer to find stability amongst themselves, and having Shallan persist as a stable system in a loving relationship would have been very good positive representation for plurality. I found that very interesting, as it wasn't something I'd thought about, as a singlet, but I could see the point that was made in that, it made sense. There's plenty of cheap horror portrayals of plurality where "gasp, a 'normal' person some of the time, and a crazy murderer others! how frightening and terrible!" but there's plenty of actual plural systems out there living their lives as normal people and when their only representation is as a horror monster, well... obviously that's a pretty bad thing. Anyway, I'd encourage you to read that thread, and some of the others that are around on this topic, and also just read online about the experiences of real plural systems if you want to know more. I'd encourage you to be careful about the way you phrase things and remember that there are real people out there with similar experiences to Shallan's when you talk and ask about her storyline. That's good advice anywhere, but it's especially important for things like this. I hope that helps!
  3. Happy birthday!!!

  4. I mean, the original speculation regarding Shallan being bi was because there were a lot of interactions and descriptions in WoK with Jasnah that easily read as Shallan having a crush. In all honesty, Shallan doesn't really ever express attraction to Kabsal, it's just that he expresses attraction toward her, which she finds both flattering and a bit frightening. I think, as we said, that probably wasn't Brandon's original intent, but hey authorial intent changes! And when Silver sent that tweet, Brandon acknowledged that the reading was valid and now, it seems, is moving to make that reading more explicitly canon. The bi Shallan reading started long before Veil even existed. Sure, Veil has an easier time talking about finding people attractive or flirting because she's a darkeyed, streetwise con woman. She's rough and tumble, she drinks Horneater white, she asks salacious questions about the pretty girl across the bar. Shallan the lighteyed Highprincess, as a person, is far less likely to say things like that in a public setting. She's got to be a little more reserved and refined, because that's who she is. But it doesn't change the fact that it was Shallan who was always all flustered about how gorgeous and perfect and well-endowed her mentor in Kharbranth was. The one who said that Jasnah "opened a box of storms in [her]" and all that. I will say, I really like that Shallan and Veil seem to have the kind of relationship with Adolin where they talk about former crushes or who they find attractive. Even in a light, teasing sort of way to make Adolin blush about his old girlfriends. I think it's much healthier for a relationship to be able to discuss things like that rather than acting like monogamy means you're never allowed to find anyone else attractive for the rest of your life.
  5. Jian Guo's art is just absolutely stunning. What an amazing interview! Now I realize how much I need the Chinese version of Infinity Blade... that cover is breathtaking!
  6. I think Lady said it very well, but yeah I definitely think an over-reliance on what is explicitly canon hinders the experience. Canon is the basis, it tells us who these characters are, what they value, what they want. But I as a reader and a fandom member get to take that canon and build on it, explore it in my own ways. Shipping is about dynamics, chemistry, charisma. Regardless of whether or not I think Brandon's going to write these characters being in a relationship together in the books, do I as a reader see them as compatible? Kaladin and Adolin have great chemistry, they're opposites in many ways that fit together nicely, but they're also just very supportive of each other and care about each other. Sure, plenty of people are never going to read anything deeper into their on-screen interactions, but for those of us who resonate with that dynamic, those canon moments feel more special. Shipping is something that gets written off by a lot of communities as something silly, it's just for people who want to see characters kiss each other, or be sexy or whatever. But shipping done well is character appreciation. It's learning to explore characters in such a deep way that you start to extrapolate that character's bonds with others. Like mixing two shades of paint to see what new color results. How could these characters make each other better? How can they make each other's problems worse? What are their strengths, flaws, wishes, and how do those things interact with the other person's strengths, flaws, wishes? What would happen if they were in a different setting? What would happen if they'd met in a different way? Who are they in relation to themselves, and who are they in relation to the other person? Thinking about these sorts of extrapolations as separate or divorced from canon isn't really accurate, rather I would say they help you understand the characters in their canon state better. If we think of canon as moving in a clean line in one direction, theorizing is trying to guess where that line is going next. If it's not on the line or not going to be on the line, the theorizing side doesn't care. Shipping and other creative fandom endeavors is more like exploring all the other angles the line could have taken, filling in the empty spaces around. We appreciate canon more deeply because we can keep coming back to it as a starting place, playing with its implications, using Brandon's story and set-up as the clay to sculpt whatever we want to see. I am driven by characters in the books, it's why I read cosmere. Realmatic theory, WoBs, those aren't what get me excited about reading Brandon's books. It's his rich characters, who are people I like and people I'm interested in reading about. I want to dig into the motivations and struggles and all that nitty gritty of what makes each character themselves, and how that drives them through the plot. There's plenty of fans who don't think this way, who are fine sticking to the line Brandon gives and taking the books and characters at face value and being satisfied with that. But for those of us who love the story and character's potential to be more, who show our love of the cosmere by exploring possibilities rather than staying fixed on the set canon, well... most of us end up as shippers. I hope that maybe helps clarify some of the mindset? It really saddens me that 17s doesn't really have the same rich shipping communities that I've loved in other fandoms or other cosmere groups. I think the more people are used to the idea of shipping and speculative creativity as an expression of fandom and the way those conversations can be valuable and engaging—even if they don't really get into those discussions themselves—I think the 17s fandom side would be a richer, more interesting place.
  7. Sorry OP, but unfortunately, I cannot be the Shalladin friend you search for. Shalladin is a hard nOTP for me, and I was very relieved at the end of OB when they decided they weren't right for each other. That topic's been talked to death and I feel like it's rude to talk about why you don't like someone else's ship to them, so I won't go into all the reasons I didn't like it, but I definitely felt like the story had dodged a bullet when she chose Adolin at the end. In terms of my own Stormlight ships, Kadolin is waaaaay up there. Kaladin and Adolin have such a magnetic, addictive chemistry and it feels like their relationship has just grown stronger and stronger as the books progress. Is it going to be canon? Probably not. But it's amazing regardless. The only correct solution to the "love triangle" is with Adolin in the middle, if you ask me, ha. A diagram, for reference: Shadolin is... fine, I guess? It's better than Shalladin for me but also I don't really get excited about it. Probably wouldn't ever really make content for them. In terms of canon ships, it's decent. No complaints, at least. After Kadolin, Kalarin (Kaladin/Renarin) would probably be my next favorite ship. Much as I love Kadolin, I've probably written more stuff for Kalarin, though I blame the fact that I hung out with lots of Kalarin shippers for a while and they rubbed off on me. It's just such a different dynamic. Kadolin has that great rivals-to-lovers, bonded-in-combat-together kind of vibe, and Adolin is just so good at looking out for Kaladin's mental health too; but every so often you just want a ship that's fluffy and gentle, and that's Kalarin all the way. The scene where Renarin works up the courage to ask to join Bridge Four and Kaladin just... immediately understands how hard it was for him, and how much he just really needs a place to belong, ohh my heart just melts. I have a reputation around the fandom for Renarin being my favorite character of all time and I just get teary when people are nice to him and think he's a valuable person, and Kaladin was so great about that. I have written some things for Shasnah, though those were more for friends than necessarily it being my own ship. Personally, I think Jasnah is definitely Shallan's type (and that she absolutely had a baby bi crush on Jasnah in WoK), but Shallan doesn't really strike me as Jasnah's type. For Jasnah ships, I feel like Khriss would be my pick for her. Two fierce, noble scholar ladies discovering the secrets of the Cosmere together, who wouldn't want that? Finally, my terrible, dumpster-fire unhealthy ship: Mraize/Veil. I absolutely love a good charismatic, manipulative villain, and I especially love it when two very smart characters are trying to outwit and outplay one another from behind the guise of sharp smiles and paper-thin politeness. Tack onto it that Mraize is very well-dressed and well-spoken and he's absolutely my villain-crush type. The strength of emotions between enmity and attraction, the intimacy of trying to get inside your opponent's head, the manipulative mix of wanting the approval of someone you're trying to beat in a very dangerous game, its all just *chef kiss.* It's definitely not the kind of ship for everyone but it hits all the shipping buttons I love.
  8. I am SCREAMING, this is everything I pictured. I love the excerpts from the logbook too, like mmmm yes. A+, 10/10, S-tier fanfic. Long live Rashendi.
  9. Funnily enough, despite having never played Halo, my mental picture for shardblades was that they were ethereal and translucent like the energy swords from Halo. I was quite confused when I started my first reread of WoK and finally noticed the description that they were metal. Also @The Deity wooo fellow Guardian. I definitely have a post floating around about how Destiny and Stormlight are actually really similar!
  10. Hey Lerasium, I don't want to sound like another person disagreeing, but I think I might have an idea of where your interpretation has differed from most other people's in regards to that WoB. It seems like you had a different intention with your question than you actually asked. I think you were hoping to ask something on the verge of: What is Dalinar's role in all future Stormlight books? When Brandon only talked about 4 & 5, you took that as confirmation that Dalinar would not appear in any other books. However, Brandon was not trying to answer that question. When he answered you, he was only talking about Dalinars immediate future. He very intentionally only told you about the next two books, no further. That's what Brandon's second message is trying to make clear: Whether Dalinar is in the back five or not, Brandon is not revealing anything. Dalinar could be in every chapter in the back five, or he could be in none of them, and Brandon's answer would be the same. That's what he's trying to convey. This is why he said he's "very, very intentionally not saying anything about any of the characters after book five." Now as you mentioned, we've seen with Lift that he's let a few things slip here and there, like you pointed out, but I think he is trying to be very careful now to not let anything else slip out. And you may have other reasons for thinking Dalinar will die (it's a possibility, sure!) but I think what people are trying to show you is that this WoB shouldn't be taken as proof that Dalinar only has two books left. That's not what Brandon is saying to you in this WoB at all. And that's why Brandon himself told you you were "reading a lot more into [his] reply than what [he] said." That's Brandon's way of saying that him not talking about Dalinar in the back five is not mean Dalinar can't be in them. Brandon's saying it could be either way, he won't confirm.
  11. theory

    I don't really have a dog in the race on Adolin becoming a Radiant or not. If it happens, cool, if not, cool. But in terms of the oath interpretation, I don't even necessarily think it's something that would come down to an Order's interpretation. I think it really might just be between the Radiant and their spren. I think the higher spren really are more individual than that. Sure, within an Order, you're going to share some ideology and ways of thinking, but beyond broad strokes, I bet each Honorspren has their own idea of what it means to be a Windrunner and each Cultivationspren has their own idea what it means to be an Edgedancer, so on and so forth. It's hard to know for sure right now, because we haven't really gotten to interact with multiple spren from within the same order, but I think we'll definitely see more of it come Book 4, from the Windrunners certainly, but hopefully from some other Orders too.
  12. Welcome aboard! And don't worry... we'll have a podcast that's aaaaall about pronunciations here soon. All kinds of fun with that one too.
  13. Those of y'all who said Renarin was your beef? My assassins will be with you shortly. Defense of my baby aside, I have been known to toss a y'all or two around and even some all y'alls. I don't have much of the accent but you don't live in Texas your whole life without picking up the lingo.
  14. Fun story about "hell" as a filtered word. It used to be in the filter, and then Brandon published "Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell" and we can't very well filter a word that's in the title of one of the books...