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  1. ~Obligatory Necropost~ Wyrmhero wins this topic. The only thing I can think to add to what you said is for Zinc; if we're talking "rioting emotions" other than anger, I suppose we could stretch out a bit... "Milling" could represent "sadness" to me, and perhaps "envy/greed" represented by "extort" or somesuch... "pride" by "exalted", and mayhaps "intimidate/shadow/etc" for "fear" (on attacking creatures, rather than on target enemy creatures)? This is a great idea!
  2. Ha. Clever little pun there. On-topic, I wonder this myself quite ardently, as my wife (and somewhat secretly myself) are considering becoming authors (join the club!), and I harbor significant fears that it will not work out.
  3. Latin, I believe. Most all the spells are just Latin roots, prefixes and subjunctives (ha, making it up as I go along) smattered together. "Wingardium Leviosa", etc.
  4. I don't think I ever admitted it, but I definitely recognized it, now that you mention it. Nice.
  5. Posting to subscribe... Will have to post more later. However, I've been constantly impressed by what Brandon has done in this regard (a little less heavy-handed than Orson Scott Card's blatant plot-ripping for a couple of his books), and see it in all sorts of places. The biggest thing to me, though, is not any one specific situation, but the general feel and (if you will) "theme" of almost each and every book he has (at least among the major, often-Cosmere-related ones)... That of diety. Think about it. Elantris with it's fallen gods & why they fell, Mistborn with its interactive gods (& in the Lord Emperor, god-on-earth), Warbreaker with it's pantheon of living, breathing gods & what kind of affect they'd have on society, Way of Kings with it's god-like men (& as the series continues, god-like conflicts). I have always wondered about those kinds of things, and it is diety that really excites me in a fantasy sense, which is part of why I have been so drawn to his books. How that's related to the LDS faith; well, let's just say 'diety' is an hallmark & extensive subject for our faith. Much has been written (with much more yet to understand).
  6. So I'm not sure this is the right place to say something, but I felt it overly-aggrandizing to make my own topic about it... But I'm actually in a position to meet this great man (really feels weird; I've never had anyone I was so anxious & excited to see... almost like a celebrity), as he's coming to my home-town (not more than 15 minutes away, actually) to do a book signing. I have no money to buy the book, but will take Elantris & see if he does it. More importantly, I'm not really up-to-date on the Cosmere, but I've gotten the feeling that there are tons of questions you guys have for him at these things. If I am correct in that assumption & someone has a question they want answered, I'd offer my services in that regard. What kind(s) of question(s) would people want answered at this point in our collective Cosmere knowledge?
  7. INB4 Prophecy fulfilled: "Rejoice! Again I say, re-joice!"
  8. It's weird, you're the second person I know who I've run into here. XD And definitely agree on him being 'awexome', as you say. ;D

    If anything, I'm surprised he's not here. If he is, he must be hiding from us. ;D

  9. Hey! What a strange place to hear from you again! I suppose the name should've tipped me off...

    Yeah, I guess I should be more surprised, but I'm not. Brandon Sanderson is awexome. Honestly I think that cosmicat should've beat both of us here; if possible, he was more obsessed with Mistborn than I was (he had a whole cool Mistborn race-scheme planned).


  10. Kyrbi0? Dude, it's me, RenegadeMushroom from WC3C. I never expected to run into anyone I knew on here. XD

    How's that custom race project of yours coming along, by the way?

  11. ^That has some merit... While I'd like to think you would have direct control over Iron/Steel, as a player that might turn out a bit overwhelming. Something similar to the (PS2) Spiderman's web-slinging ability (basically able to go all over town; however, the game had to be able to find a building or something to connect to), except in reverse (pushing off metal) sounds like it would both make sense and be intuitive. Next poster up... Wow. Rather impressive.
  12. 1) I think as much as I enjoy the Mistborn series/story, I'd want to see a unique take on the world (i.e. before or after the events of the books). That way you don't have any "book-ruining game/movie" syndrome. 2) Also, while I'm probably too influenced by games like Assassin's Creed, Infamous, and the like; I think this game should have a sort of 3rd-person, over-the-shoulder RPG feel, personally. A Preservation/Ruin scale, though strikingly similar to Infamous' Karmic scale, also sounds pretty cool.
  13. The poll is "Yes/No: Should there be a MLP:FiM Topic in 17S". I'm so proud of you. Currently [Youtube] is the channel du jour. As far as I know, the Hub (the channel which hosts MLP) hasn't shut down the Youtube uploads, so it's kosher. Moreover, each new episode (currently mid-Season2, every Saturday at 10am Eastern) is uploaded within hours, usually in glorious 1080p. I would highly suggest starting with the first two (Part1 - Mare in the Moon, Part2 - Elements of Harmony). Huh. Definitely sounds like a win/win situation right there.
  14. Hmm, alright. (I'm actually somewhat surprised, but I guess I shouldn't be; MLP tends to be a catalyst for either great hate or love in most forums (much like religion. )). Well, I don't know if I have the guts/reason to do so, but I'll keep this in mind for future reference. Might be good to have a nice clean forum to meet on. Then again, I could be the only one interested, and after 3 posts it would fade into painful obscurity... Meh.
  15. TRIUMVIRATE - tri-um-vir-ate (try-UHM-vr-it) Funny story. Another flip of the coin, and you all would've known me as "Kyrbi0", my username for... just about everything else, pre-Mission. I'm a big believer in unique or creative usernames, and avoiding letter-swapping or numbers (*cough* XxNarut0xX1689 *cough*)... And yet I did both. Constantly. Mostly for the comfort of it all. However, I decided to 're-invent' a bit once I got home. The word itself... Well, I'm a big history-buff and language-buff. I love esoteric vocabulary (<-- self-referential, ha). To make a long story short, it involves a fantasy idea I hope to work up someday. Has nothing to do with my having Multiple Personality Disorder, no siree... But just look at it... Ah, it's so beautiful. It's nice and long (can be abbreviated as a nickname), carries with it a lot of historical and linguistic meaning, is fairly archaic (so it's not likely to be taken as a username already)... BTW, that game where you make words out of other words (i.e. forming "lend" and "car" from "calendar")? Yeah, I'm still doing that for this word. It's over 9000 almost to 100, last I checked. Ridiculous. : )