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  1. Happy Birthday!!! Come back soon!

  2. Seberal becoming king would have probably been the greatest plot twist of all of Brandon's books
  3. 1. How do people hate Moash for helping to provide us with the most shocking and powerful scene in the book? His dilemmas and actions are much more interesting than most of the cast and his views of society are a great perspective for this world. He's definitely my favorite member of Bridge Four. 2. I feel that Sanderson's prose has actually devolved from early works, notably WoK...in this book he had a tendency to repeat the same words over and over while not giving us the amount of detail on settings that he'd supplied us in earlier novels. Still, the lore in this book is above and beyond anything we've seen before, though admittedly much less tied together. 3. Dalinar's character evolved into something extremely interesting and his dilemmas throughout the book make him one of my new favorite characters. Though if he actually had become Odium's champion, his story would have been perfect in my eyes. 4. Shallan's arc, while interesting, was pretty unrelated to her development from the first book. Plus, the love triangle stuff was annoying and in most scenes unfounded. 5. Renarin's development continues to be clumsy and award in my eyes, and previous plot threads concerning him (what's in the box?) have been seemingly left behind. I also feel that Jasnah's letting him live and the consequences of his corrupted spren were completely forgotten about. 6. Some interludes, like the one with the Soulcaster, were amazing and built the lore in a fantastic way. Others felt like filler as to get the required three interludes per part. 7. Oh yeah, I forgot Teft. Every viewpoint with Teft was enthralling and emotionally charged. 8. I feel that overall, this book is being a little overrated and has a multitude of flaws that would keep it from being the best Cosmere novel. Thoughts?
  4. Thank you for this
  5. The Girl Who Looked up was a masterpiece of a chapter, Dalinar's flashbacks were unbearably tragic...and Elhokars death scene, along with the deaths of Sah and Beard and Noro, was amazing. Moash, in particular, has surpassed all expectations I had for him as a great charcter.
  6. I enjoyed the ending and Calamity as a whole, but found it slightly underwhelming as I think the first two book had more satisfying conclusions than the finale.
  7. There has never been a more vital thread resurrection in the history of the Shard, Long live the Stick!
  8. I think Taravangian will take power in Alethkar by the end of the book.
  9. 1. Stormlight 2. A Song of Ice and Fire 3. Mistborn 4. Harry Potter 5. Kingkiller Chronicles
  10. I dislike the Renarin twist at the end of WoR, as it felt added on and wasn't really foreshadowed enough.
  11. I've read both and think that Asoiaf has far better characters; the entire cast is much more dynamic and interesting than the figures from Kingslayer. Kingslayer is a beautifully interesting story both in its magic and its worldbuilding, but I find the variable characters and intrigues of Asoiaf to surpass it as a series.
  12. Thanks for the criticism; my theory wasn't really thought out as much as it should have been.