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  1. I am glad to see that someone risen out of the crowd of cremlings to try their hand at real insults. It is therefore with some regret that I must inform you that your attempt is as weak as a newborn mistwraith, being little more than a loose assemblage of quips with no structure to tie it together. Still, these quips are mildly creative; I will deign to engage you in verbal warfare after my own inimitable fashion. What you must understand, you ignorant piece of Koloss crap, is that it is not enough to point out your opponent's lack of rhetorical skill. We are agreed that the conversational acumen of Shallan's stick far exceeds that of most commenters on this thread. However, you have failed to assert your superiority over your opponents. Granted in your case (as in the case of an aluminum gnat) there is not much superiority to assert, but you can make up for that with sufficient bravado. The roar of a Highstorm will conquer the most skillful argument, and you certainly have enough air for the job. Of course I have never needed to use this method. I am as far above you as the Lord Ruler is above the ash he created. Ego sum confidens. Ego juro.
  2. Granted. You now simultaneously see into all three realms, allowing you to know the true nature and history/future/connections of everything you see. Unfortunately the Nightwatcher decides this would make you a really useful servant, and now you're compelled to act as her agent for the rest of time (on the bright side, you're also immortal now). I wish for a truly happy, satisfying life.
  3. It is sad that those who have the timerity to invoke "wit" in their comments display so little of it themselves. But that is typical of this thread, where unoriginal commenters bumble about like broken Seons, desperately trying to imitate a fictional character whose (equally fictional) boots they are unworthy to lick and whose lowest jokes they must look up to in awe. Indeed, the intellectual prowess on display here is so poor that a Koloss would not long endure it, choosing instead to return to the scintillating conversation of his fellows. Vasher's lifeless squirrel could come up with better insults than you cretins. And you cannot even stay on topic. Toastlonformers (awakened or otherwise) have no place in this most serious trading of insults. Several windspren of my acquaintance have expressed to me their shock that anything could long survive with so short an attention span. However you should not fear, my poor mad Seons. Video Nihil, Audio Nihil, Scio Nihil (or for those of you without a proper education, I'm totally a super genius) and I shall elevate the discourse of this thread out of the repetitive pile of chull dung into which it has fallen. Quidem, omnes insultus mei sunt novi. Cur quaeritis?
  4. Granted. Your account password randomly changes and cannot be reset. I wish to be a hero to someone who is not evil.
  5. One possibility is using a Coppermind to provide the cognitive aspect instead of a person. The likelihood of this depends on what the cognitive aspect actually does. If it needs to be a thinking entity, then this obviously won't work. If on the other hand the presence of a cognitive aspect is all that is needed, then this stands a good chance of working.
  6. Hmm...what about something based off the Leviathan's description in the book of Job? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leviathan Admittedly it seems like just a water-dwelling dragon, but that's all I can come up with for now. Unless you want to do some sort of steam monster. Or even better, you could do a storm-based creature (water = clouds/rain, fire = lightning). I like what you've changed/added. It adds more depth to the system and it looks like you've done some more worldbuilding. The idea of accidentally wiping out all life on a continent is awesome. In a very bad sort of way. My biggest questions at this point are: what do the other essences do if they don't create Homunculi? how do you obtain the other essences? what happens if you try to collide more than two elements or more than one essence? Does it just not take or does something Bad happen? where does a Homunculus get its body? Does the creator provide materials or does it just appear out of nowhere? If the latter is it left behind after the Homunculus is banished. If so it could make it very easy to "mine" the dead bodies of Homunculi for resources (say, if Metal Homunculi contained bits of iron or gold ore...) There are some really cool ideas here! Are you planning on writing something based on this or is it just a worldbuilding exercise?
  7. I'm new to this and I don't know how to do quotes yet. Stuff from the OP will be bolded. In this unnamed Magical system, there are: Fire, Water, Air, Metal (Mineral Aspects of Earth), and Wood (Organic Aspects of Earth). First off, I like the fact that you divided Earth into its mineral and organic components. But were is the cutoff? Is dirt considered organic or inorganic. How about fossils? Seashells? These Five Elements can be combined in a pair along with one the the Five Essences: Mind, Body, Spirit, Life and Death(Or other 5th Essence). I don't feel like I can make many comments on these without more info. Could you give more details on them? A Homunculi is an Artificial creation - a living being held together by colliding the three essences/elements together, and constantly maintaining the creation with "Life" Essences. A normal living being has an innate amount of life essences which are used up through the course of their lives. They are spiritually tied to a person - essentially a lifetimer. A person is unaware of their own essences as they are already created - not in the process of creation. That is the fundamental weakness - the need to feed them with Life, which is difficult to attain legally, but can of course be sold, shortening a persons life span, in exchange for material wealth. How are the essences/elements collided? Presumably the elements could be physically mixed, but what medium is used to transfer, say, Life? If it is something easily obtained (like blood) it could be possible for Homunculi to occur naturally. For example, the Chosen One and his party are camping in the woods when they are ambushed by the Forces of Badness. During the scuffle, some blood is spilled on the campfire, mixing life with Fire and Wood. This could presumably also happen with animals. Homunculi created this way could actually survive in outside society by forcibly taking whatever transferred the Life they need to survive (vampires anyone?). This leads to another question: do only humans contain Life? If not then every forest fire would spawn a thousand Homunculi as Wood, Fire and Life mixed. Also, butchers could sell bottles of Life along with sides of beef. Heck, farmers could live for centuries by harvesting Life along with the crops every year. The human lifespan would be expanded enormously. If on the other hand only humans have Life, or Life must be give up freely, then all of the above is moot. But I think that there are a lot of cool possibilities if it is relatively easy to extract essences from non-human sources. Combination of Fire/Fire/Spirit will create an "Elemental" as will any Duel-Element construct. These are invariably more powerful. What distinguishes an elemental from the ordinary run of Homunculi apart from the sheer amount of power? Are they made entirely of their element? Also, by what standard are they more powerful? Do they have more brute strength in element manipulation, or can they accomplish more delicate tasks than any other Homunculus? Or both? On a side note, how to you collide two of the same element? Bang two rocks together? Last thing, have you thought of how these Homunculi are controlled? If their creator is their only source of life then simply withholding Life will work for more intelligent ones. But what about Homunculi with only dog-level intelligence? A doubt a Thaumigist has the time or the means to train an unruly Metal Elemental to obey his commands without some sort of magical coercion. Hope I didn't come off as too negative, it's just that I have to ask questions like this when I find a magic system I like.
  8. I think that Wax actually says at some point (can't find exact quote) that gaining weight doesn't make him more dense. I'm guessing that means that you don't actually lose density when storing weight.
  9. Hello, first time posting. I was rereading the prologue and found this paragraph (Sorry for no page number, I have the ebook version) It sounds like Szeth's truthlessness has something to do with the voidbringers. Also it sounds like voidbringers use stormlight for something (maybe Voidbinding?). I really have too little information on this to come up with a viable theory. If this has been discussed anywhere else I would really like to know about it.