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  1. I can only second that, the Broken Earth Trilogy is probably the best non-Sanderson serie I read in a very, very long time <3
  2. Not really and there are probably more of us in the 14 who selected "others" on the poll
  3. Oh my, I did not even know that we could buy and read e-books on Google! Thanks for mentionning it, I am going to do my shopping right away
  4. Apparently, a lot of parents did the same mistake ^^'
  5. In French speaking countries, we mostly use the 24 hour clock, although in Switzerland we also often say "8 heures du soir/du matin (8 in the afternoon/in the morning" to avoid confusion And you know you're a Sanderfan when you're dead jealous because a friend has read Secret History and you cannot, because you don't have a Kindle
  6. Finished Bands of Mourning that I really enjoyed (more that Shadows of self). I just bought "The once and future king" that I've been meaning to read for a very long time and it really is enchanting (out of curiosity after some of the last posts here, I discoverd that it had been published in 1939! I knew it was a classic, but I did not know that it was that "old")
  7. You know you're an Sanderfan when you are thrilled by the possibility of equipping a sword called "fireshard" on your main character in FFIV
  8. It is a bit complicated. I think of gods and godesses as personifications of life forces, not as "superior beings" like the christian god. I consider myself a pagan because I respect and celebrate the forces that rule the universe, but I am an atheist in the sense that I do not believe in the existence of an entity that watches our every move and dictate us how we should live our lives. To me, the universe has no moral, no code and no dogma; it tends only to balance without considering what us little humans may think or want. Spirituality and religion are two very different things in my opinion; so it makes perfect sense to me to celebrate the wheel of the year and be thankful for what life brings us without believing that all that comes from gods. I am not sure that it is very clear, it is already difficult to explain in French, but I hope that you get the general meaning ^^''
  9. I find hinduism absolutely fascinating. I studied several religions these last twenty years and it is by far the most interesting in my opinion. I still have the Bhagavad-Gita and I never read a religious text as poetic as that Regarding Christmas, most witches/wiccan celebrate the winter solstice instead of christmas and as a "crossover" of pagan and atheist, I do the same
  10. At last, Bands of Mourning is mine! I will then set aside Neil Gaiman's "Trigger warning" for some time. It as very good book and I look forward to finish it, but a new Sanderson always takes priority
  11. I absolutely loved this movie, it is hilarious, full of action and even the "romance" part is great! I look forward to coming back again this week-end. I only read a dozen of the comics, but now I am sure that I will "hear" Reynolds voice when I read them, he really is the perfect choice for the role (and I love the spots for the awareness campaign against testicular cancer)
  12. Yesterday, I received a letter from my bookshop telling me that Bands of mourning - that I order last month - was not available. I went to the shop today, thinking it was a mistake, but ... there is absolutely no exemplary available in the whole Switzerland ! the providers ran out of copies the very week following its launching ... And now I know we are indeed a lot of Sanderfans in Switzerland! (and I could get my hands on the last copy of Calamity instead, which brightens my day )
  13. The OST of the game "Suikoden II"
  14. Isn't that more or less the definition of agnosticism: to not believe be open to the concept?
  15. I always imagined Wax with the look of RDJ in this movie, it fits oh so well