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  1. Or she could be with an Envisager. She noticed Shallan's powers and tried to kill her to push her over the edge to become a Radiant.
  2. There is not enough detail to determine if it was indeed Iyatil. All the description stated was that the assassin was wearing a "half mask".
  3. Toaster Retribution and Calderis, I don't think you guys are going to convince each other to either of your sides haha. But I am siding with Calderis on this. As he mentioned, Amaram knows that he is doing what he shouldn't, at least subconsciously which would stop him from becoming a Radiant. That's exactly what happened with Kaladin and losing his powers. Even though he convinced himself that what he was doing was right when assisting in elhokar's assassination, deep down he knew it was wrong. I believe Amaram is in a similar situation where he has also convinced himself that what he is doing is right but deep down, he knows its wrong.
  4. That's exactly it. I believe that the secret does indeed undermine his goals.
  5. That's not what I meant. Its not that he is wrong about the way his going about it but the prize itself is a delusion. I mean he still believes that honor is still alive and that light eyes are above dark eyes (or at least closer to honor): "The man was enormous, as tall as Amaram but built like a wall. The dark brown skin had surprised him the first time he’d seen the man—Amaram had, somewhat foolishly, expected that all of the Heralds would look Alethi. The Herald’s dark eyes were, of course, some kind of disguise." Unless Amaram comes to realize that everything he did was for nothing and may have possibly caused the destruction of the world, he will never become a Radiant.
  6. I kind of agree and disagree. In all honesty, I do not believe Taravangian can become a Radiant because he knows what made all the Knights break their oaths. That knowledge is what will keep him from becoming a Radiant (if he didn't have that information, I would agree that there could be a small possibility for this). Amaram on the other hand seems deluded. From all the orders we have seen so far, all of the knights have been pretty self aware. Only way I can see Amaram possibly becoming a Knight is if he realizes that his actions so far (not the betrayal of Kaladin, but the actions that brought the desolation) have been wrong. So yes, I agree that anyone can still be a Radiant but Amaram and Taravangian will most likely never join the order.
  7. I dont think that the number of Radiants from one family really matters. Brandon has hinted that the shardblades can be revived and the only one who has treated a shardblade as a living entity (before the secret to shardblades is revealed at the end of WoR) is Adolin. If shardblades can be revived, then Adolin is definitely going to be a Radiant.
  8. Also, dead shardblades require a gemstone to be summoned. I believe the oaths were not broken until they disarmed themselves.
  9. But out of all of the house Kholin, Adolin is the most likely person to be a Radiant. In the way of kings, Syl mentioned that the spren could be revived if their owners were still alive. I agree with the people who believe Adolin is the most likely person to be able to do this. Also, theres the fact that Jasnah deployed an assassin and has killed many times (ghost bloods also add onto that) and is still a Radiant. Not all orders follow the honorable method of Bondsmiths/Windrunners. There are also orders like the skybreakers that follow blind justice and Elsecallers who are more practical.
  10. No, I do not believe Shallan's mother was with the skybreakers. If anything, her mother's friend may have been an Envisagers, which would explain why Shallan's mother tried to kill her.
  11. Just because Iyatil isn't from Roshar doesn't mean she cant be Inadara. don't forget, there are other world hoppers who have an identity as someone from Roshar. But even if Iyatil isnt Inadara, I still feel there's a connection. If Inadara isn't Iyatil, she may still be a ghostblood.
  12. There is no reference in the books directly linking the two but I got a feeling that these might be the same person. Am I alone in this?
  13. I always assumed that Shallan;s surgebinding powers were noticed by her mother which lead to her trying to kill Shallan. In The Way of Kings, Syl mentioned that she followed Kaladin before Amaram's betrayal, though their bond was not as strong back then. I was under the impression that Shallan summoned the shardblade for the first time when she killed her mother.
  14. I can understand that but then how were Parshmen originaly created? well, perhaps brandon will enlighten us on that topic within the next few books, though he may wait till the 2nd quintet(maybe Jasnah's book?).
  15. Yea, I left that out because i thought it was too obvious. I actualy went back to check on that;She saw Gavilar talking to Amaram. Though she did spot Nale speaking with someone, Im not certain who that was. I suspect that "my lord" refers to Jezrien. "That creature carries my lord's own blade" would then refer to Szeth and the honorblade he carries. "we werent supposed to get worse. Am I getting worse?" shows that he is probably a herald. for my hypothesis to be correct, he cannot be Jezrien nor Nale. He also cannot be Talenel because he did not appear until the end of WoK. So this man can only be Kalak or Ishar. Ishar is suppose to be an old man, and not as...winey as this man seems to be. So with the process of elemination, this man can only be Kalak. Also, he does sound similar to kalak from WoK.