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  1. Taln once got bitten by a Whitespine. It died a few hours later. Taln's Scar: what happened when he got mad at the Cosmere
  2. And I will only use it whilst riding a zombie-dinosaur (now that I think of it, that's almost like a Thunderclast….)
  3. I'd name mine PWND! And then every time I would run into battle I would scream "Polka Will Never Die!"
  4. I think it works the same way as F-Iron - as you increase your weight, you get a corresponding increase in strength so that you don't fall and crush your own body. In the case of A-pewter, while you get an increase in strength, you also get the corresponding increase in sensory feedback necessary to not injure yourself with the increased strength. As proprioception involves nerves and receptors that reside in and around muscles, I believe A-pewter enhances the feedback a user gets from them
  5. Proof: Stephen Leeds seems to create an aspect whenever he needs a new skill or knowledge base; Hold always "knows" where he needs to be. Ergo, Hoid is one of those aspects. Theory: The ten gas giants of the Rosharan system were put there when Adonalsium had a bad stretch of indigestion while creating the Cosmere
  6. Jastes Lekal, for thinking he could "bribe" and command a Koloss army with fake wooden coins without any problems indefinitely
  7. Me too!! My wife refuses to try, and my sister just didn't like his style as much
  8. "THIS.IS.ROSHAR!!!!!" - Dalinar
  9. Proof: Elvis is the King. "Nuff said. Oh, but there's even more: Elvis's most famous suit of all was white, and what else is white? Shin Chickens. Also, if you took all the sequins on Elvis's suits, you would get a number with a root of 16. Theory: Cthulu is the God Beyond
  10. Wacky, wavy, inflatable arm-flailing tube man! Wacky wavy, inflatable arm-flailing tube man! Wacky, wavy inflatable arm-flailing tube man! Welcome to Hoid's Wacky, wavy inflatable arm-flailing tube man Warehouse and Emporium! These deals are truly out of this worrrlllldddd!!!"
  11. In Soviet Roshar, cremlings crush YOU underfoot In Soviet Roshar, Dysian Aimians are the Sleepy...
  12. My guess is that Ashynite surgebinding would result in a different type of manipulation of the same surges. We know that the surges are a natural expression of the laws of nature in the Cosmere, so the possibilities are certainly intriguing. How this ties back to Renarin's Glysblade, though, is beyond me now lol
  13. Well, we know that humans from Ashyn were using some form of Surgebinding, and that has something to do with the First Desolation...what we don't know is how Ashyn surgebinding manifested itself, or how it might look on Roshar...maybe they DID have Shardblades (Dawnshards, anyone?) but perhaps not spren-blades at that point.
  14. @Doomdrinker Ahh, yes, good find! I knew there was a reason I thought Tukks was dead already... Still, it's possible that Kal's flashbacks to his time in the army may give him the right insight to be able to say the 4th oath and actually mean it. Too hard to say at this point, though, I suppose.