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  1. It is entirely possible that, like some people, he would be drawn in too much if he takes a step towards it. People everywhere are paying attention now. A lot of it. And sure, that's good, the message spreads and gets attention. Some people have trouble stepping away though So if he's distancing himself because getting involved at all could kill his productivity and focus, that seems reasonable. It's not optimal, but it's hardly unfair. It's also possible that, given the messages in his novels, he IS contributing in some way. He might be donating, or helping out in other manners. I haven't delved too closely into his responses to other issues, but some people just don't like drawing attention to their efforts. Volunteering to say you volunteered, donating and plastering that all over social media. Some people think of that as taking advantage of the situation for their own benefit, and are content to help without recognition. Silence does not mean inaction.
  2. Well, I enjoyed it. The Awakening was great. Awakening is normally great, but the detail put in made the difference. Hadn't really considered the details of Vasher and Shashara before, but I like your assessment of it. The characterisation certainly piqued my interest, and I'm always eager for more Vasher. Relationship Headcanon Accepted.
  3. A shard of The Stone of Ten Dawns COULD be considered a "dawnshard", but that doesn't mean it is a "Dawnshard". The names can match up, sure. But if there was a huge sword, and someone broke it, and used the fragments to make smaller swords, you could call them shard blades. Blades of a shard, but not literal Shardblades. It's a little linguistical thing. Hells, The Stone of Ten Dawns could have been named for, or after, the Dawnshards, or it may have literally no relation. Sanderson is a damnation Aes Sedai, his words may not be lies, but that doesn't mean that everything can be taken at face value. So you have enough textual references as the basis for a theory, sure, but not enough to claim it as solid fact.
  4. I don't post here much. I mainly swoop in occasionally each year when I finally get a Dragonsteel WoB. But I, where possible, read just about everything in the Cosmere section. As someone who has been a moderator on other forums, and even been an administrator, I am curious to know how you would even want this to work. Do you want mods who have no care for the material, or ones who must sacrifice their ability to interact for a volunteer position? Those are the only real options. And even if you have dedicated mods for each section, as has been said above, they're either interested in that area and active, or not interested and they'll be slow. And hell, an administrator is essentially a super mod for every board. Do you want them to go "Yeah, I'm doing a ton of work for all these fans, but I need to step back and not interact because people may be intimidated"? Mods who are interested in something are going to keep a closer eye on it, and are more likely to try and adjust things quickly. People are here because they like the same thing. Being a moderator is not easy. If something goes wrong, and you're involved, then people perceive as that being your fault. They have more incentive than anyone to ensure that their posts, and the topics they post in, run smoothly and well for everyone. I'm not directing this solely at you, I should add, but that quotation just clicks poorly with me. And a trade off? Power for freedom? That works when power is sought, and people want it to do stuff. A moderator's power is only useful for moderating. That's the point. It's not fun, it's not enjoyable, it needs to be done. Moderators take on that extra responsibility so other people can enjoy posting, without having that burden. Sure, it doesn't always work, but people try. I think I've lurked here for some stupid amount of time, probably three or four years now, but I've always felt that this was one of the calmer and more reasonable forums I have ever seen. Ah, and true to my roots, I've latched onto something and gone on a rant. So again, this is not intended as an attack, nor directed solely at you, but just a sore point. And to clarify my point further, mods are fans too. If they didn't care, if they weren't allowed to discuss what they liked about the books, then they wouldn't be here, and I guarantee that the situation would be much worse. Mods are people too. Report them if they go overboard. Report other people if you think there's a problem. No one can be everywhere, and no one can handle everything. Reporting posts brings it to the attention of the full moderation team, and if they all share the same opinions, thoughts, and logical process, then I will be very surprised. And, uh, sorry for throwing this wall of text in your face.
  5. "We’re listing that as “Secret Project” and it’s not anything you’re probably guessing. I’ll reveal it when the time is right, but for now, it’s not cosmere, and is not something I’ve talked about before." Curses and damnations.
  6. Possible, but I'm not sure if it fits how he operates. There would certainly be a far lower chance of the Atium being burned off world, though. Would be safer on many levels. The fact that trade existed makes it likely that there is SOME Atium still out there, but probably not much. If Rashek trusted anyone else with keeping the stash safe, it would probably all be off world. With most of it remaining on Scadrial, he likely wanted to keep it all where he could watch it.
  7. I'm relatively sure this hasn't been asked before. Rashek knew about the trade through The Pits of Hathsin. So, in a glorious display of competence, I went to add it to the Arcanum, and cannot seem to connect the source, the uploaded image, to the entry I created. But they're both there. Separately. Half points?
  8. There's a little "Personalisation" segment on the page. It defaults to "Signed Only". Make sure you select the option for it to be personalised, not just signed, and the box is just beneath those. That's where you lob your question, if it is 90 characters or less. Should your question require more than that, the "Additional Notes" section also seems to work. I've used Personalisation, and then both Personalisation and Additional Notes, so from past experience, both of those work.
  9. What in the abyss was that gods damned pretzel of a rollercoaster. It was enough to cease lurking for. It was all good, but Dalinar and Szeth... Ah hells, I need to reread it. Well... It should be interesting to see the aftershocks here. So many theories, casually shattered or confirmed. What shall be forged from them now. It'll be one hell of a wait until the next book.
  10. Bit late to the party, but the internet was done for a while. Question: If Rashek had been in a position to claim Preservation and Ruin simultaneously, as Sazed did, would he have been able to to Ascend to Harmony, another combination of the two Shards, or just one? Answer: All three are possible So... interesting. If I wasn't in quite so much of a hurry, I'd theorise more, but it's interesting to know that Preservation's Champion, albeit an earlier one, had enough of a connection to Ruin to take up that Shard alone, or in combination with Preservation itself. More interesting is that he could have gone to Harmony OR another combination of the two. Whether that is telling something of note, or just Brandon saying he could have gone by a different name, I have no idea.
  11. Oh, excellent. A quiz where the answers are not blatant mimicry of canon character's actions. Nicely done, this was a good one. 94% Elsecaller 59% Lightweaver 33% Truthwatcher 24% Bondsmith 17% Dustbringer 16% Windrunner 11% Willshaper 6% Edgedancer 6% Skybreaker 6% Stoneward
  12. Aye, as I said, I do not consider it particularly likely. But the wording, and this includes "Radiant without Shards", is open enough that a sufficiently pedantic individual could wriggle around the situation. Shards is a plural, and could mean that he will only get one, while sounding as if he won't get any. Had the wording been "any Shards", well, that is more absolute. Realistically, given how short that scene was, the next book is going to be needed for any reinforcing or obliteration of this theory, at least to me. Not really expecting to convince many people by picking at some word choices, with virtually no evidence.
  13. Weee, random theory time. I've been in the mood for a reread recently, and though I have not yet gotten around to going through WoK and WoR, I have been thinking about a few things that I wanted to keep an eye out for. That carried me through to thinking about the ending of WoR, and the scene where the Stormfather bonds with Dalinar. ...[We don't need to tag WoR spoilers, it being the last released book and all, do we? I would have posted this later, but the quote I was after was actually brought up in another topic by Moogle. In particular, I was focusing on the underlined parts below. And while it is highly likely that I am merely seeing what I wish to see here, I think the wording does leave the Stormfather with some wriggle room, in terms of alternate interpretations. From how I am reading it, there are two possible interpretations, excluding the "I'm not gonna be a Shardblade, deal with it" one. First, the Stormfather could be saying that, if he becomes a Shardblade, it will not be a "normal" variant, and while he can take sword form, it would be his choice, not Dalinar's, though I deem this one somewhat unlikely. Second, a more likely variant, is that his Shardblade form is normal, but again, he will take it on his terms. So I am hoping, though I think it may be unlikely, that we will get another "Stretch forth thy hand" moment, albeit with less awkward Old English, and the full dramatic effect of the Stormfather entering the fray, rather than merely hurling Stormlight from the sidelines. ... It would appear that there is a similar topic in existence, though it has a slightly different spin on it. Not sure if I should have created a new one, or Necro'd the old one, but it is a good time to find out.
  14. I was half convinced that I was going to get a RAFO, but couldn't think of any other relevant questions. But hey, more abstract uses for Investiture, one can seriously do some crazy witchcraft with AonDor.
  15. I haven't seen any particular place to chuck the Personalised Pages of books, but I have seen individuals requesting photos of the actual writing. The actual question was chosen due to it linking in with my username, so it makes for a good first post after almost a year of lurking here. So, to skip a few steps, here it is. "If an Elantrian drew Aon Kii, what effect would it have?" "In the presence of Aon Kii, the guilty feel pain."