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  1. 6 hours ago, Aonar Faileas said:

    Hey Kip, is there a reason you cared so much about your survival? From what I can tell, you haven't exactly been contributing to the village much, so prioritizing your survival over the information we could gain from your lynch when you're not doing much doesn't really make much sense. (Referring to your vote switch on to Ecth, which would have forced a tie prior to Rand's vote.)

    Would have commented on this earlier, but I didn't even see it until a few hours after the rollover, and yesterday was a busy night.

    Yes. I want to remain alive. That's my reason. But I think you'd be hard-pressed to say that Ecthelion's death wasn't something that a lot of people wanted, or thought that they would gain value from.


  2. 22 hours ago, Herowannabe said:

    Well, I am not as ready to let Kipper off the hook as easily as Wilson is.

    Worst case scenario- Kipper is a village thug, but since the Spiked just took out Meta who was a thug anyway, then they don't gain any extra conversion options by us lynching another thug. However, if we leave villagethug!Kipper alive, the Spiked have one more player that they can kill for a guaranteed conversion opportunity.

    Best case scenario- Kipper is the Inquisitor.

    It's worth the risk to me. So yeah, sorry Kipper (unless you are the Inquisitor. Then I'm not sorry). 

    Well, I'm not entirely ready to let Hero off the hook for this absurd tunneling.

    We've been over this multiple times, but what motivation would the Spiked have to kill me? They already have a guaranteed conversion with Meta's rotting carcass. They would only gain a conversion from me, but they would lose the distraction of the discussion/suspicion around me. That discussion/suspicion is fairly dominant in the thread right now. Even if I by some miracle survive until the late game, I'll have suspicion attached to me that the Eliminators can use to their advantage.

    Again - the village has no verifiable reason to trust Hero. But Hero is trying to make things out as if he's confirmed village.


  3. 19 hours ago, Jondesu said:

    @Ecthelion III, are you volunteering to let us try that on you? :P

    I do have to say, that looks bad for Kipper. We could have started with two Thugs, certainly (we had a Smoker and a Coppercloud, so maybe we had a Pewterarm and a Thug?), but while I still don't like the logic of those pointing at Kipper over Aonar, this certainly makes me much more suspicious of him. We'll see if a Coinshot decides to take matters into their own hands, but if he is evil, the Inquisitor will likely have Iron to save him anyways. Heck, if he's not evil, they'll probably try to save him anyways to keep us focused on him (I'm remembering a certain person who survived multiple lynches in another game, though they didn't survive this game).

    I'll just say here that I really don't understand why people are suspicious of Aonar, or why this is a Aonar vs. Kipper thing. What has Aonar done that's suspicious? Not posting because he doesn't have anything relevant to say? He's not being inactive at all, and he's promptly responded when requested to.

    15 hours ago, Herowannabe said:


    @Kipper. As has been pointed out, because he survived the lynch he is either a thug, a lucky mistborn, or the Inquisitor. Based on the circumstances I think it's likely that he's the Inquisitor. His last post (which I'll get to in a minute), which was only about an hour before rollover, at which point it was pretty obvious he would be lynched. And he didn't say anything about having pewter. And he has been online after rollover (right now it says he was on 4 hours ago, and rollover was 5 hours ago) and did not post anything at all. That increases my suspicion of him. I would expect a village thug/mistborn to say something like "there, see? I'm a thug," but staying silent feels like an eliminator in a panic and taking time to consult the evil-doc before coming up with a response. It's notable that once Cessie was discovered to be the inquisitor in LG2 she went silent in the thread, too.


    in response to Kipper's post from before rollover:

    Re: my role: maybe you missed it, but I am definitely not a seeker. I'm a Lurcher. I have publicly admitted it in the thread and we have public confirmation from the GM that a Lurcher is informed when their power blocks a kill, which mine did. Short of seeing the GM's master doc, it doesn't get any more concretely proven than that. 

    Re:role-fishing. Maybe it's just semantics, but I would call any attempt to get someone to admit their role "role-fishing." And by that definition you definitely role-fished me. Role-fishing isn't inherently bad or suspicious (after all, I role-fished you right back, but you didn't bite), but the fact that you specifically tried to get me to admit whether or not I was a seeker, and then a cycle later I was attacked, that IS suspicious. 

    Also, you insist that somebody else is feeding you info from a seeker? Don't you think it's about time you put your money where your mouth is and put a name to your informant? If you don't want to do so publicly (and you shouldn't), then PM me. Or better yet, to everyone else, if you are Kipper's informant, I invite you to PM me and say so. I'm about as confirmed-village as it is possible for a player to be, at least for the time being. 

    @Mark IV Kipper says you can confirm part/all of his claims? What do you have to say about all this? You've been notably quiet lately and you were among those that didn't vote last cycle. 

    A few things: As @Elenion pointed out, I'll likely be Smoked regardless of what I claim, so no, I'm not going to claim in thread and give the Eliminators an idea of the best to kill me tonight. The Seeker will be confounded if they try to Scan me anyway.

    Re: Inactivity. As I said before, I've been incredibly busy lately with school, relationship stuff, and work. This morning, I was sick and throwing up, but I still had to make it to a required school event that made me feel even worse. Did not have time to post. Also, what's the point of me posting and saying "See, I'm a village thug?" I wouldn't do that in any case, because I don't make a habit of public roleclaiming. Thug is one of three obvious things I could say about my role (Thug, Inquisitor, Mistborn), and I wouldn't claim any of them ever in public. Also, you're taking actions that you wouldn't normally consider suspicious, or even actions that directly conflict with someone's playstyle and personality, as things that must signify Eliminatorness. Do I really seem like the type of person to "panic" and "consult the evil-doc" before being able to post? I'm capable of defending myself, and I think you know that. I don't have anything relevant to say during the Night (except PROTECT ME), and I'm obviously not going to claim Inquisitor. It's not as if me saying "See, I'm a village Thug!" would have removed your suspicion on me. In fact, you probably would have made an entirely separate post talking about how obvious roleclaims are suspicious. #tunneling

    Re: Your power. GM confirmation that a name is revealed when a Lurcher blocks a kill is not GM confirmation that you are a Lurcher. Pretty important distinction right there. Relying on illogic to bolster your role claim isn't the best. Also, it does get proven more concretely. With a Seeker.

    Re: role fishing. Quibble over definitions all you want, but I ask for roles in PMs directly in every game with PMs, regardless of alignment. Also, relying on IKYK and possible WGG (however publicly you attack the idea of it being a WGG) for reinforcement of your suspicions of me being an Inquisitor is illogical.

    No, I don't think that it's time I put my "money where my mouth is" and publicly reveal my informant, and I'm startled that you would suggest revealing said info to you. You are not as confirmed-village as it is possible for a player to be; the tin-eye is.

    I wish I could vote for Hero during the Night, but maybe a Coinshot can do it for me.

    @Mark IV I'll agree with Hero that some confirmation would be nice.


  4. I've been quite busy lately with IRL things, like student government, school, and investing time in a pretty exciting new relationship, so there's that. (<-- all this in OOG color because it's true, but I'm not sure whether we're using blue these days)


    Re: Hero's suspicions of me. I have not been “fishing for roles.” When I want to find out someone's role, I ask them explicitly, and I don't beat around the bush. In my first or second PM to Hero (I believe it was the first), I asked him for his role explicitly. His impression of me “role-fishing” most likely comes from the way I asked for his role, which went something like this:


    “Hey Hero! Someone told me that you're a Seeker. Is that true?”


    Hero then thought, “Hmm, I already posted publicly telling people not to role reveal in PMs, and Kipper knows that (I didn't actually know that; completely missed that section of Hero’s post). Obviously he’s lying about someone telling him I'm a Seeker, and he's just fishing for roles.”


    Here's the thing though...someone did actually tell me that Hero had claimed Seeker, and I was just following my usual pattern of directly asking people about roles.


    I still don't know whether or not Hero is actually the Seeker, but I'm leaning towards not.


    Anyway, let's assume for a second that I was actually fishing for roles. Regardless of my assumed alignment, why would I do something so contrary to my normal play? Why would I role fish Hero, an experienced player who posted in thread about not revealing roles? Short answer: I wouldn't, and I didn't. I'm not disputing the words I've said in PMs, but calling them fishing is dishonest and fallacious.

    Also, it's honestly startling to see how many people have jumped on this bandwagon. Think for yourselves, and don't be so quick to jump on bandwagons when the person hasn't even had time to defend themself (<-- that's a word).

    TL;DR Just because Hero denies claiming Seeker does not mean someone didn't tell me that Hero claimed Seeker. I always explicitly ask for roles and that's not unusual.

    Also, the person that told me Hero claimed Seeker has given me one Seeker result that was confirmed by @Mark IV


  5. Okay, this "challenge" thing seriously ticks me off. What motive does the Inquisitor possibly have for playing in a honorable way? It's just dumb. Why not keep to the shadows with your confirmed village group and influence things from there? The Inquisitor knows that you're a Misting because the Inquisitor can see you using your power; there's no need to tell him.

    Also, the whole concept of villagers making fail-safes so they can be immediately killed if they get converted leeches a lot of the fun out of the game. Just like people were saying "It won't be fun if we kill the Inquisitor in the first cycle," it also won't be fun if the Inquisitor converts someone and we immediately know who it is and lynch that person. It doesn't make sense to me to play with the idea in my head that my alignment might change. We should play for our current alignments without sabotaging our ability to play for our alignment if that alignment changes.  @little wilson I know we have our disagreements on how alignments should play; no offense is intended.

    K. Rant over.

    All that said, I'm putting a vote on Hemalurgic_Headshot. He's been following a pattern of posting without actually contributing anything, and he (along with Arinian) did a weird sort of vote switch to Araris last Day, sheeping Wilson for no apparent reason. I still maintain my suspicion of Arinian. Note: I don't care if people just don't contribute; it's when they post without contributing anything that my gears are grinded and my suspicions are flared.


  6. 9 hours ago, OrlokTsubodai said:

    @Hemalurgic_Headshot, for any writeup related questions, ask Stink. His mind works on a level alien to most of us. I could not comment on his content with any accuracy.

    @STINK :wub:


    Jack the Ripper/

    Off the light of consciousness//

    The bell tolls because someone rung it/

    Frozen hearts remain frozen// (unless the power goes out in your shop)

    Dessert comes with an opportunity cost.


  7. @Arinian as others have mentioned, people's playstyles can change radically from game to game. I prefer to use and see in-game reasoning rather than outside-game reasoning.

    Also, I missed this post earlier (I've been on mobile a lot, and it's easier for me to miss things), but here's a classic, obvious example of what I mean by fillerposting. @Drake Marshall

    12 hours ago, Jondesu said:

    @Hemalurgic_Headshot, that sounds good, but actually discussing things like that openly can be a huge danger. Plans, sure, at least in general, but specific people likely to be attacked, converted, etc? Always just leads to the Elim(s) changing up the plans and making it harder on us. Our real work starts after the first conversion, in my mind, though of course we need to get good discussion about what's happening prior to that. I will be making a list of my own of who I would turn into a Smoker if I were the Inquisitor (don't turn me into one, please, I'd rather be a Coinshot or a Soother if you turn me :P), and who would be on the kill list instead, since anyone who's likely a Misting is better as a kill, because any non-Misting deaths provide no conversion to the Inquisitor. I might be convinced to share some of that in a PM, though I don't trust anyone this game, even though almost all of you are village at this point. 

    The strategy we should be considering is two-fold. We need to consider who was targeted by the kill and what it tells us about the Elim(s), and we need to determine who got each power that was stolen and used to convert someone. The new Smoker will not be easily discovered by a Seeker, but if they manage to match up a change in a scan from last night to after this conversion, there's a chance. Seekers, though, please do your best to scan as many people as you can, repeating some suspicions after each conversion, or get in contact with another Seeker if you're lucky enough. Just remember they could be turned if you do. Maybe try to use an intermediary, though even that's not totally safe.

    I'll also largely just be looking for changes in people's tactics and posts, which will likely be subtle, but hopefully I can catch them. Again, that work really begins after the first conversion, though it requires understanding each player now. Many players are playing just like I expect for now, like Len and Arinian, and others I don't know what to expect, but that's where I'll focus most of my attention.



  8. @Drake Marshall I basically said what I was doing is filler-posting, and that it was and is irrelevant to the game. Also that I was only discussing it because it involves motivations and assumptions. Because I don't have anything else of import to say, it would be a much more heinous example of filler posting to make a post that solely exists to agree with someone else. You're defining filler posting very broadly. Too broadly.

    My vote on Arinian and the reasoning attached still stands.

    Next, I'm not a Coinshot, and I would have no reason to do a long post basically abusing myself for killing Aman. And I agree with you that it's hard to understand why a Coinshot would kill him. But it's  harder to understand why an Inquisitor would do so.


  9. 16 minutes ago, randuir said:

    You are right that Aman is unlikely to pick the eliminator out of a crowd. However, he is more likely to do so than many other players, so why run the risk of getting caught by him. The village would be more likely to lynch more villagers without him than with him.

    My groups of points are all co-dependent on one another. No one point stands on its own. However, I still consider them all very strong. This one...leaving him alive, the Inquisitor would gain possible misdirection, possible suspicion from Aman, and presumably a future conversion. Killing him, the Inquisitor loses the potential of suspicion from Aman, loses the potential for conversion of a typically trusted player. Add Aman's challenge to this, and my personal opinion is that an experienced Inquisitor would leave him alive. We're basically repeating ourselves on this point, though.

    16 minutes ago, randuir said:

    I've had somewhat limited experience with Aman as a player, but he hasn't really proven to be a sneaky villager in that time (I remember him also saying something along those lines in LG31 when I accused him of trying to sneakily get people focused on Joe, but I can't find the exact quote). He has of course been quite good at analysis, but he generally hasn't been in the business of willful misdirection. This might just be a wrong impression by a rather new player though.

    Hey, don't sell yourself short! We were all new players once. To your point: Regardless of Aman's previous sneakiness, it would seem just a wee bit off for anyone to request death.

    18 minutes ago, randuir said:

    Why exactly do you think an inexperienced inquisitor wouldn't have killed Aman? A read through previous games he played in would probably show that he could be a possible threat, and if Inexperienced!elim assumed Amanuensis would honor his word, there would be no reason for him not to take the shot if he/she wasn't willing to play game.

    My primary reason why an inexperienced Inquisitor wouldn't kill Aman is the whole dare thing. Imo, an inexperienced/erratic/whatever Inquisitor's thought process on this would be largely distilled to the dare, which seems quite fishy. Why would an inexperienced Inquisitor assume that Aman would honor his word if Aman is requesting a kill on himself? That's ludicrous. Honestly, I think making the dare was a horrible, pointless move for Aman himself, though I wasn't expecting him to die. Again, we're just repeating ourselves on this point.

    18 minutes ago, randuir said:

    I'd say most inquisitors would want to recruit at least 1 or 2 fellow elims. If the elim still had the option to attack someone during the night, he'd certainly take it to increase his chances of having a misting corpse to use to convert someone the next night.

    Which brings me to the one major weakpoint in your reasoning, which relates to what the inquisitor has done instead of killing someone. 

    Possibly, he used some kind of uber-vote-manip to make sure the lynch would go through. This is unlikely though, as the lynch already looked likely, but there was no guarantee it targeted a misting. Therefore, keeping an action in reserve for a night kill almost guaranteed at least 1 kill, with the possibility of two kills, while manipulating the votes would almost guarantee one kill, with no chance of a second. In other words, saving the action for a kill is the more efficient thing to do.

    According to the LG2 master-doc, neither uber-copper nor uber-petwer needed to be activated. Though that might have changed for this game, I do not think that too likely.

    that leaves uber-versions of iron, steel, bronze and tin (and possibly atium). I've seen people warn against including the obvious use of uber-tin (spy on everything) in games because of the incredible amount of extra workload, though if it is included, this might be a distinct possibility.

    Some uber-vatiant of iron (maybe redirect the attack to someone else?) probably doesn't make much sense at this early stage.

    Depending on what uber-bronze does, it might be useful, but if it's the same as it was in LG2 (one target scanned, pierce copperclouds), an attack would be more efficient, as it procures the same information and also procures a corpse for conversion.

    So, in conclusion, the only uber-metal that I can see a use for, apart from the kill-metal right now would be uber-tin. There could be some really out-there effects that the inquisitor could use (uber-atium, anyone?) but I don't think that is very likely. All in all, I can't really think of something the inquisitor would do instead of killing someone.

    TL;DR Kipper makes some good points, but I'm not convinced.

    I'll hopefully have some time tomorrow to do a full reread of the previous cycle to check if anyone truly stands out to me as suspicious. For now, have this vote tally:

    Well, I'd argue that what the Inquisitor did instead of killing is not a weakpoint in my reasoning, solely because I didn't even address it. Perhaps the Inquisitor was inactive; perhaps the Inquisitor made another action. I don't really care. In fact, this whole argument is rather irrelevant. It won't make a difference to the game. I'm addressing only motivations because I like to talk about them.

    In my analysis, the Inquisitor doesn't have a good motivation for killing Aman that is good enough to outweigh the drawbacks and potential drawbacks. The only type of player who does have that kind of motivation is an inexperienced Coinshot.

    Also, there's a difference in how the two of us are approaching this problem. I'm approaching a specific action that happened and addressing different roles' motivations for making that action. The reasons that I've used are objective reasons and analysis that any outside player could come up from. The conclusion I reach is subjective, but the presumptions are not. On the other hand, you're trying to prove that I'm wrong by trying to get into the Inquisitor's head; addressing actions (by the way, actions that you presumably don't know if the Inquisitor even has in this game) that may or may not have happened (which you also don't know, presumably), and coming up with the motivations for those actions.

    The conclusion of your argumentation still relies on a massive assumption, which I've already addressed elswhere.


    All that said, I'm about done arguing this. The points are all out there, and it's not going to change the game.

    Arinian. His suspicion of Aonar doesn't really seem to be based on anything but past games, and find it very suspicious when votes like that are placed. Also, I've seen quite a bit of fillerposting from Arinian.

    @Arraenae are you voting for Yitzi because of a lack of reasoning, or because you actually suspect Yitzi to be the Inquisitor, using a lack of reasoning to accomplish a nefarious goal?


  10. @randuir but the logical conclusion is not that the Inquisitor killed Aman. After all, there are quite a few reasons why the Inquisitor might refrain from wrecking him. Let's look at a few.

    -Aman would have garnered some suspicion for his "grand challenge," almost certainly, as you and others mentioned. Suspicion always leads to discussion, and Eliminators love to fly under the radar when lynch discussion is happening on an innocent. This particular case would lend itself very well to loads of filler discussion. Why remove that possibility, especially if it might lead to the village lynching Aman?

    -Aman is one of the typical movers and shakers of discussion. However, no matter how fantastic he is at analysis, it's unlikely that he'll pick the single bad guy out of a crowd in the first few Cycles. In fact, he would have likely led the village to lynch a few more innocents, with air-tight reasoning and solid conviction. Why give that potential up as an Eliminator?

    -Aman requested to be attacked. Why? While we know in hindsight that he had no protection and wasn't a Thug, we didn't know that at the time. With the potential to waste a kill, why would the Inquisitor wreck Aman?

    With the reasoning above, I'm almost positive that IF the Inquisitor killed Aman, they were not experienced. Following, I'm fairly certain that an inexperienced Inquisitor wouldn't have killed Aman. The request for death would seem like a trap to a small child with even the barest background in Star Wars.


    Who else can kill? Oh yeah, Coinshots. Why would an experienced Coinshot NOT kill Aman? Here are a few reasons, again.

    -Typically, I don't have strong suspicions this early in the game. Most people don't, in fact. Poke votes happen in the early game, not tunnels.

    -Aman didn't really do anything suspicious. Did anyone suspect him?

    -Experienced Coinshots would most likely wait and use their powers judiciously once they have solid suspicions. 

    -Even if an experienced Coinshot did suspect Aman, it seems unlikely to me that they would fall into what looked a lot like a trap.

    -Delayed consequences: If a Coinshot wanted to reveal himself later, imagine having to explain killing Aman N1. A lot of suspicion would come from that.

    In light of these reasons, I think the only role left that fits the profile of Aman's killer is an inexperienced Coinshot. Someone who saw the challenge, immediately suspected Aman for it, and was willing to use a kill this early in the game without thinking about future consequences.

    Quite a bit of the pro-Inquisitor kill conversation has been coming from an assumption that the Inquisitor would kill someone Night 1. We don't necessarily know that that's true, and saying that "The Inquisitor SHOULD want to kill someone N1" doesn't mean that the Inquisitor DOES want to kill someone N1. I'd challenge peeps to give reasoning aside from that assumption.

    This has been a Normative Statements Post, bois. #Microeconomics #Jargon

    @Yitzi2 @Mark IV @EveryoneWhoWhinedAboutMeHavingHomeworkAndNotSpendingEveryWakingMomentOnTheShard 



  11. 16 minutes ago, Elenion said:


    Ising the being of okay. Ising the having of precedent in many games. The only thing that you really ising the needing of avoiding ising computerized encoders and decoders.

    Take it easy comrades. I'm innocent, dangit.

    What ising it with unsubstantiated votes/threats of votes falling on me? Last game wasing Bart, then before this game wasing Kipper, and now ising Araris. I'm fine with the ising of being of votes on me, but I would like an ising of being of reasoning, at least. @Araris Valerian

    Pls. Get over it. You still have a kill coming for you @Elenion. I haven't forgiven you.

    As I've been saying in PMs, I don't think it was the Inquisitor who killed Aman. Unfortunately, Economics homework is calling me, and I'm too lazy to paraphrase my PM message at the moment. Will explain later.


  12. I can confirm that Aman didn't think Sart had a role. 

    @Herowannabe Why do you think the Inquisitor would vote? I can understand Inquisitor motivations for voting, but I can also understand Inquisitor motivations for not voting. I can understand town motivations for voting, but I can also understand town motivations for not voting. Perhaps the motivation that sticks out to me most is the Inquisitor's desire to fly under the radar and not be caught with something so simple as a vote this early in the game.



    19 minutes ago, TheMightyLopen said:

    Could someone explain what "Uber" powers are? I was already planning on doing a much more thorough read through of the rules and asking the GM's questions, but I'm not familiar with that term, so others might not be either(I'm totally not asking because I'm lazy or anything :ph34r:).

    @Drake Marshall, just in case you didn't see, I put my vote on you in my previous post and asked you some generic questions. :P I noticed you were online a little while ago, but you didn't respond.

    Praise the Ja.


    I was able to read between the lines of Stink for most of the roles, but just on a cursory reread of the thread, I've seen quite a few people refer to Uber powers with no explanation or reference to them in the rules. GM Clarification? @OrlokTsubodai @STINK


  14. Thanks all for mentioning me; I was just busy for the last 16 hours.

    A couple things:

    @Arraenae, the quality of discussion that a poke vote produces is somewhat neutered if the subject of said discussion is how you're an irrational player and shouldn't have made a poke vote, ya feel? I probably could have explained that in seven paragraphs, but I'm not @Amanuensis, ya feel?

    @little wilson most accurately represents my feelings on lynches for this game. I...don't have a standard view on D1 lynches. My opinion changes with the amount of pollen in the air. However, in this game, I believe the potential cost of lynching a Coinshot (or whatever) far outweighs the potential benefit of lynching the Inquisitor.

    Also, for all of those who idolize discussion, and say things like "But we gain so much useful DISCUSSION from poke votes and lynches," we don't. Not on Cycle 1. We gain discussion, but not useful discussion. I'd like someone to show me, even hypothetically, one "useful" piece of discussion that you'd gain from a D1 lynch. There's one evil person in the game right now, and the idea that that person will say anything majorly alignment-indicative in the first cycle is ludicrous.

    TL;DR Discussion itself is not the be-all, end-all.



  15. FINE. I'll sign up. GMs should already know what name I'm using; don't give me any osik for it.

    I won't be RP'ing. If someone tries to RP with me, $%@# you. Go jump in a lake.

    I'll have the cosmetic role of a jaded thirty-something who is disgusted by young kids that don't know how to use logic. This jaded thirty-something hates how the kids just turn to strawmen and baseless accusations. In fact, he's so ticked off about this that he'll probably defend even evil people from attacks if those attacks are illogical.

    Also, I'll never say anything remotely suspicious in thread, so don't bother using my activity there as a reason to lynch me. Catch me a in a blatant lie first; thanks. 

    Also, I'd appreciate it if the Eliminators kill @Elenion the first night. Just do it for me. Wilson's not worth your time. Neither is Meta or any other people with god-level rep. Just get Elenion.

    I like it when people are logical lol

    It's great lol




  16. @Elbereth Disappointed that you wouldn't put me on the list of people who wouldn't kill Wilson N1. I thought we were friends. I thought we understood each other?!

    Also, about this whole Wilson DOESN'T MATTER. And for anyone who thinks that it's "more likely" for Wilson to be a villager or an Eliminator-  no, it's not.

    We are in D1. Nothing substantial was said in the Night. We do not know who Wilson PMd, or what was said in that PM. We do know that most people consider Wilson a dangerous person who is likely to be killed (she's really just a teddy bear you guys), so that creates equal motivations for 1. A villager saving her, 2. Her fellow Eliminators doing a WGG to try and clear her, or my favorite strategy, 3. The Eliminators doing the attack/save actions with her as a villager, so when their Lurcher dies later on, she receives suspicion #timebomb (Which, @Elbereth, is totally something an experienced players would consider amusing so pls reconsider your list).

    TL;DR: We can't gain any new information from that save, or use it to analyze old information. The save makes sense from both alignments. Wilson remains of neutral suspicion.


  17.      I'm wise now. Well...more wise. That first bit was my ego talking again. It's interesting (at least to me) to note that the original intent of my journey to Tyrian Falls had absolutely nothing to do with Koloss or Ruin. I was simply looking for an elusive dye made of pulverized ash, noted in Luthadel high-fashion as the most expensive, stylish coloring available. Being not as well endowed with boxings as some of my peers, I made up my mind to take a trip to a small village known in some circles as a primary source. Buying the dye cheap, straight from the source wasn't, perhaps, the most refined thing to do, but then this went back to my key rule of style: "Wear; do not be worn. If the particular garment fits well and is of the same high-quality design and material as the popular seller's offering, it will almost always be a better choice. Although designer apparel is quite nice, don't fall into the trap of buying it just to have the brand. Then your outfits become a statement about how in touch you are with current trends, rather than how good your taste is. Anyway, I'm rambling. The day it all fell apart was...ah, when I woke up for the first time in that oddly charming manor house. Rust, is it "more wise" or "wiser?"

    - Welf Pikker

    Kip Pikker woke with a start and immediately deduced that Something was wrong. The wrongness could have stemmed from one of two things.

    First, although Kip had his eyes open, and could feel the cool breeze through the open window and the morning sun shining on his bare legs, he COULD NOT SEE. Yet, by a pinch on the meaty part of his left thigh, Kip determined that he was not in a dream. Still in a prone position, he brought his hands hesitantly up to his face - and remembered the boutique accessory shop on the outskirts of Luthadel. The proprietor had had a case of fine velvet sleep masks, fully equipped with eye outsets for "less botherance to the eye and a one-of-a-kind haute look." Despite the totally non-high fashion eyewear being billed as high fashion (Relevant: "#17 One can always tell a phony by the accents left out of words"), Kip had ponied up the boxings. It's not every day that something expensive and relatively stylish could also be useful.

    Second, some annoying people outside his window were yelling and screaming about something. But this wasn't a street fight. This particular disturbance sounded serious. It seemed to be a Something, worth investigating.

    Rolling out of bed in the morning was easy now that Kip had a bed, and not his traditional mattress inset in the floor. He stretched, ripping off the sleep mask, then went to the closet and pulled out blue trousers, a gray undershirt, and a maroon tunic. Topping off his outfit with dark brown ash boots, Kip strode to the door, ready for breakfast. 

    Let's hope that Herywnna-whatever is better with matching food to my tastebuds than he is matching his belt with his outfit...


    I spent all my available time at present writing this RP (my newest one in quite a while, and my first real attempt at a story), and I haven't really done any serious analysis of the thread. I hope you guys enjoy, and I'll be posting some real analysis later. It's party time.