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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. They are aflame. They burn. They bring the darkness when they come, and so all you can see is that their skin is aflame. Burn, burn, burn... 

    — Collected on Palahishev 1172, 21 seconds pre-death, by the Silent Gatherers. Subject was a baker's apprentice.
  3. Can confirm that Mark was not the Tineye, and admitted to having the role that he was Seeked as to me in PM. Rae. I might have believed you over Wilson if you hadn't brought Mark into it.
  4. @AmanuensisI'd be interested, but I don't know where the details are about the game, and until I do, I have serious doubts about my activity level. I'll only be consistently available after exams in early May.
  5. Yes. I want to remain alive. That's my reason. But I think you'd be hard-pressed to say that Ecthelion's death wasn't something that a lot of people wanted, or thought that they would gain value from.
  6. I'm going to retract Hero, and vote Ecthelion instead. I want to live, thanks.
  7. Well, I'm not entirely ready to let Hero off the hook for this absurd tunneling. We've been over this multiple times, but what motivation would the Spiked have to kill me? They already have a guaranteed conversion with Meta's rotting carcass. They would only gain a conversion from me, but they would lose the distraction of the discussion/suspicion around me. That discussion/suspicion is fairly dominant in the thread right now. Even if I by some miracle survive until the late game, I'll have suspicion attached to me that the Eliminators can use to their advantage. Again - the village has no verifiable reason to trust Hero. But Hero is trying to make things out as if he's confirmed village.
  8. I'll just say here that I really don't understand why people are suspicious of Aonar, or why this is a Aonar vs. Kipper thing. What has Aonar done that's suspicious? Not posting because he doesn't have anything relevant to say? He's not being inactive at all, and he's promptly responded when requested to. A few things: As @Elenion pointed out, I'll likely be Smoked regardless of what I claim, so no, I'm not going to claim in thread and give the Eliminators an idea of the best to kill me tonight. The Seeker will be confounded if they try to Scan me anyway. Re: Inactivity. As I said before, I've been incredibly busy lately with school, relationship stuff, and work. This morning, I was sick and throwing up, but I still had to make it to a required school event that made me feel even worse. Did not have time to post. Also, what's the point of me posting and saying "See, I'm a village thug?" I wouldn't do that in any case, because I don't make a habit of public roleclaiming. Thug is one of three obvious things I could say about my role (Thug, Inquisitor, Mistborn), and I wouldn't claim any of them ever in public. Also, you're taking actions that you wouldn't normally consider suspicious, or even actions that directly conflict with someone's playstyle and personality, as things that must signify Eliminatorness. Do I really seem like the type of person to "panic" and "consult the evil-doc" before being able to post? I'm capable of defending myself, and I think you know that. I don't have anything relevant to say during the Night (except PROTECT ME), and I'm obviously not going to claim Inquisitor. It's not as if me saying "See, I'm a village Thug!" would have removed your suspicion on me. In fact, you probably would have made an entirely separate post talking about how obvious roleclaims are suspicious. #tunneling Re: Your power. GM confirmation that a name is revealed when a Lurcher blocks a kill is not GM confirmation that you are a Lurcher. Pretty important distinction right there. Relying on illogic to bolster your role claim isn't the best. Also, it does get proven more concretely. With a Seeker. Re: role fishing. Quibble over definitions all you want, but I ask for roles in PMs directly in every game with PMs, regardless of alignment. Also, relying on IKYK and possible WGG (however publicly you attack the idea of it being a WGG) for reinforcement of your suspicions of me being an Inquisitor is illogical. No, I don't think that it's time I put my "money where my mouth is" and publicly reveal my informant, and I'm startled that you would suggest revealing said info to you. You are not as confirmed-village as it is possible for a player to be; the tin-eye is. I wish I could vote for Hero during the Night, but maybe a Coinshot can do it for me. @Mark IV I'll agree with Hero that some confirmation would be nice.
  9. I've been quite busy lately with IRL things, like student government, school, and investing time in a pretty exciting new relationship, so there's that. (<-- all this in OOG color because it's true, but I'm not sure whether we're using blue these days) Re: Hero's suspicions of me. I have not been “fishing for roles.” When I want to find out someone's role, I ask them explicitly, and I don't beat around the bush. In my first or second PM to Hero (I believe it was the first), I asked him for his role explicitly. His impression of me “role-fishing” most likely comes from the way I asked for his role, which went something like this: “Hey Hero! Someone told me that you're a Seeker. Is that true?” Hero then thought, “Hmm, I already posted publicly telling people not to role reveal in PMs, and Kipper knows that (I didn't actually know that; completely missed that section of Hero’s post). Obviously he’s lying about someone telling him I'm a Seeker, and he's just fishing for roles.” Here's the thing though...someone did actually tell me that Hero had claimed Seeker, and I was just following my usual pattern of directly asking people about roles. I still don't know whether or not Hero is actually the Seeker, but I'm leaning towards not. Anyway, let's assume for a second that I was actually fishing for roles. Regardless of my assumed alignment, why would I do something so contrary to my normal play? Why would I role fish Hero, an experienced player who posted in thread about not revealing roles? Short answer: I wouldn't, and I didn't. I'm not disputing the words I've said in PMs, but calling them fishing is dishonest and fallacious. Also, it's honestly startling to see how many people have jumped on this bandwagon. Think for yourselves, and don't be so quick to jump on bandwagons when the person hasn't even had time to defend themself (<-- that's a word). TL;DR Just because Hero denies claiming Seeker does not mean someone didn't tell me that Hero claimed Seeker. I always explicitly ask for roles and that's not unusual. Also, the person that told me Hero claimed Seeker has given me one Seeker result that was confirmed by @Mark IV.
  10. Okay, this "challenge" thing seriously ticks me off. What motive does the Inquisitor possibly have for playing in a honorable way? It's just dumb. Why not keep to the shadows with your confirmed village group and influence things from there? The Inquisitor knows that you're a Misting because the Inquisitor can see you using your power; there's no need to tell him. Also, the whole concept of villagers making fail-safes so they can be immediately killed if they get converted leeches a lot of the fun out of the game. Just like people were saying "It won't be fun if we kill the Inquisitor in the first cycle," it also won't be fun if the Inquisitor converts someone and we immediately know who it is and lynch that person. It doesn't make sense to me to play with the idea in my head that my alignment might change. We should play for our current alignments without sabotaging our ability to play for our alignment if that alignment changes. @little wilson I know we have our disagreements on how alignments should play; no offense is intended. K. Rant over. All that said, I'm putting a vote on Hemalurgic_Headshot. He's been following a pattern of posting without actually contributing anything, and he (along with Arinian) did a weird sort of vote switch to Araris last Day, sheeping Wilson for no apparent reason. I still maintain my suspicion of Arinian. Note: I don't care if people just don't contribute; it's when they post without contributing anything that my gears are grinded and my suspicions are flared.
  11. @STINK A LOVE LETTER TO STINK Jack the Ripper/ Off the light of consciousness// The bell tolls because someone rung it/ Frozen hearts remain frozen// (unless the power goes out in your shop) Dessert comes with an opportunity cost.
  12. @Arinian as others have mentioned, people's playstyles can change radically from game to game. I prefer to use and see in-game reasoning rather than outside-game reasoning. Also, I missed this post earlier (I've been on mobile a lot, and it's easier for me to miss things), but here's a classic, obvious example of what I mean by fillerposting. @Drake Marshall
  13. @Drake Marshall I basically said what I was doing is filler-posting, and that it was and is irrelevant to the game. Also that I was only discussing it because it involves motivations and assumptions. Because I don't have anything else of import to say, it would be a much more heinous example of filler posting to make a post that solely exists to agree with someone else. You're defining filler posting very broadly. Too broadly. My vote on Arinian and the reasoning attached still stands. Next, I'm not a Coinshot, and I would have no reason to do a long post basically abusing myself for killing Aman. And I agree with you that it's hard to understand why a Coinshot would kill him. But it's harder to understand why an Inquisitor would do so.