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  1. should be gold spikes in elbow area
  2. So I cant figure out how you would copy investiture , but it probably can be done or at least with memory . The coin wax gets the vision from ,im pretty sure is not the only one and there's a way to make a master metal mind . if there is is a way to copy from or allow many people to access the same unkeyed metalmind at the same time ... unkeyed metalminds could act as servers and relays . so network of feruchemical metal wires . SA:OB
  3. My fellow hemalurgist i suggest we move on to greater work . we have a blue print hopefully one day we will uncover the mystery to bodily transformation
  4. Coppermind/unkeyed metalmind computers , a unkeyed metalmind is already like human USB . i would call em Keeputers. as long as you can copy memory or just the investiture Now add in internet and you could share a memory or thought instantly ,from there it scales .
  5. Oathbringer:
  6. That looks like one lucky hat , trade ya for it .
  7. darn it, i forgot about that bit about spikes for a min there
  8. I think itll be someone related to era 2 set gone rogue maybe even some sort of surviverist radical . maybe they got a hold of spooks book or maybe the info about the sovereign and hemalurgy and decided to become a mistborn and needs to steal powers the same way bleeder did .Maybe its an agent of kels .
  9. So a few things from that here are my theory's Oathbringer spoilers removed per OB Spoiler Policy. What we know a little bit about hemalergy it creates a tear in your soul, stamping a new piece to the host. What we also know about soul tears is that people have them naturally , crazy people. Tears also seem to be affected by allomancy at least we know spiked individuals are . Too many and you can be controlled or talked too . So senario 1 I propose is Kel convinces Marsh to let him take controller of him too help the people in the South or maybe for other kel reasons . Marsh maybe agrees, for the idea of him returning being related to the fused he'd have to be willing . that's not likely as we know how Marsh feels about being controlled . But we're dealing with hemalergy and realmantics we don't comprehend, also Kel is Kel , he'll get his way . He hacks the magic anyway to controller Marsh to spiske himself with a kel spike or Kell gets his Lord Mistborn friend to get Marsh to spike himself with a kel spike . Or maybe he just slips right into Marsh because of all those tears in Marsh's soul . His scars return as they are an aspect of himself his identity. He looks like himself because Marsh and him looked the same. Maybe Kel spike maybe is harmonium or atium .
  10. . The Set is toying with hemalergy just takes one mad scientist time to figure out spiking an animal then taking control of it you could use it to spy . If you could give the animal alomantic powers and use those powers while controlling the animal you have a secret assassin. Could you spike say a Couple of lab rats with alomantic powers and breed them to harvest alomantic powers (hemalergy granted powers passdown in sdna right?) Could you turn a primate into a steel Inquisitor ?
  11. Ok so what if it's not Kell himself but the result of him teaching someone hemalergy . Kells student then goes on a murder spree collecting powers
  12. This made me smile
  13. My theory he has has or rather yosish people could use furochemy without metal minds .
  14. I've also seen in other threads that's there's is a WoB of it also being related to hemalergy , I think instead of the blade just severing his body And soul sending him back to braiz , his soul or the oathpackt itself is what was sucked into the sapphire instead of being sucked into the metal . A combo shardblade healergy spike .