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  1. Agreed. there isn't even a point in continuing this discussion without them.
  2. Can Radiants fight without a brain? Because a Mistborn with Atium + Pewter + a big freaking hammer can make that a reality very quickly, Shardplate or no. Not to mention the good ol' .308 to the face. You guys are seriously underplaying how much Atium is an "I Win Button".
  3. I really liked this book, even though I think it could have about 200 pages less. Navani's chapters are some of my favorite in this book, even... But this criticism here... That was freaking spot on. I was IMMENSELY disappointed with Navani being the Sibling's Bondsmith instead of Dabbid or Rlain. Rlain's ending was specially bitter to me, because he got even pulled a fast one in the end and won't even get to fly with his brothers of Bridge 4, ever.
  4. I think it's something along the lines of "I will also protect myself" because 1: a dead Windrunner protects no one and 2: so they can learn to not suffer from "martyr complex" and not throw themselves in front of dangers needlessly. That, ironically, would make Teft "get" the 5th Ideal very quickly, if he had the chance and I was correct...
  5. Heh, I woke up today after finishing RoW yesterday thinking exactly this. Imagine a shardbow firing an arrow equipped with two gems, those carrying -Light and its Anti-Light, set in a way to crush into each other on impact. Voila, you have tactical nukes on Roshar. The idea came from a similar concept in D&D.
  6. People can suffer diferent emotional scars from the same torturous event.
  7. There is a reason why people don't use metal weapons in the Final Empire...
  8. Actually, that patern is all over the place. Take a good look at the maps in Way of Kings, I remember that I and some other people here finding about 10 of them in those maps. I remember one over Karbranth and one in the edge of the map near the Stormfather's face. EDIT: Seems like someone have already pointed that out.
  9. No problem, KChan. My pleasure to serve. =) And actual credits goes to user Dreamstreamer from the CraftyGames forums, he is the one who found and posted this over there. And same here, about wanting to see the new Cosmere hints! That Alloy of Law supplement must have LOTS of cool things for us to see. I'm even more excited to see descriptions of Survivorism, Sliverism and the other new religions, as well as how the characters from the trilogy became mythic personae.
  10. You don't actually "get" sick to store Health. You just get less healthy and have a more vulnerable immune system during that period. If you get a flu, for example, during that time, you'll keep it after you stop storing. At least, that's how I understand it.
  11. This quote is made of Win.
  12. Man... This. I agree entirely. Nah... I'm masochistic like that. I have this awful, AWFUL "Knight in Shining Armor" Complex that makes me want to protect and love broken girls... Also, Vin is a good person in the end, not just a broken, problematic kid. You must be an absolutely lovable person, then.=p Most people are just a little bit awful at some level or another and, by meeting someone like ourselves, we face those problems... I've being dealing with a HUGE problem lately with some friends precisely because we are too much alike.
  13. from CraftyGames forums! Take a look, guys: I know I had a little heart attack of excitement.
  14. So, you people have probably already saw this, but in the Reddit, look what Brandon said: